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Unclassified Published Sequestration Final

Unclassified Published Sequestration Final

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Published by samlagrone
Unclassified Published Sequestration Final
Unclassified Published Sequestration Final

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Published by: samlagrone on Jun 14, 2013
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June 2013Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
Department of Defense Report on the Joint Committee Sequestration forFiscal Year 2013
Department of Defense Report on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013This report summarizes the financial impact on the Department of Defense discretionary budget authority inFiscal Year (FY) 2013 as a result of the Joint Committee Sequestration directed in the Presidential Order of March1, 2013. For consistency, the report is summarized in thousands of dollars at the program, project and activity(PPA) level of detail laid out in the Department’s December 2013 Continuing Resolution (CR) Spend Plan, asmodified by congressional action. For Defense, the sequestration is generally applied to budgetary resources,including new budget authority and unexpended, unobligated balances carried forward from prior years. These budgetary resource values were estimated in developing the Office of Management And Budget (OMB) “Report tothe Congress on the Joint Committee Sequestration For Fiscal Year 2013” based on the Continuing AppropriationResolution, 2013 and estimates of the Department’s March 1, 2013 unobligated balances. This report shows thenew budget authority from the enacted FY 2013 Department of Defense and Military Construction AppropriationBills and from the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 as adjusted by various provisions contained in those bills and the actual unexpired, unobligated balances as of March 1, 2013 at the PPA level of detail. The differencein budget authority between estimated for the OMB report to actual in this report results in different sequestration percentages between accounts and, in accordance with the Balance Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act(BBEDCA) as amended, in changes in the amount sequestered.For presentation purposes the amounts in this report are rounded to thousands of dollars. This rounding processcreates some instances where columns and rows of the report do not total exactly, thus this report is illustrative,rather than precise. The exact values for sequestration are accounted for in the Department’s funds controlsystem.
Preparation of this report cost the Department of Defense a total of approximately $38,000 in FY 2013.
Department of Defense
FY 2014 President's Budget
Department of Defense Report on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013
Department of Defense Summary
Total Obligational Authority
 Jun 2013
(Dollars in Thousands)
FY 2013 FY 2013 GP Adds FY 2013 FY 2013 Approps Approps and ATB Enactment EnactmentPL Title (Base) (OCO) Reductions PY Rescission Reductions * Base OCO Military Personnel 135,558,306 14,388,494 -127,200 -168,303 135,390,003 14,261,294Operation and Maintenance 210,144,565 63,604,701 249,667 -1,021,000 -277,626 210,095,606 62,604,701Procurement 101,652,500 10,602,052 15,000 -2,367,039 -134,188 99,849,125 9,919,200Research, Development, Test and Evaluation 69,928,477 247,716 -4,385 -487,260 -92,282 69,394,550 197,716 Military Construction 9,102,251 150,768 -303,281 -12,025 8,937,713Family Housing 1,650,781 -2,186 1,648,595Revolving and Management Funds 2,465,024 243,600 -2,924 2,462,100 243,600Trust Funds 25,999 25,999Grand Total Department of Defense 530,527,903 89,237,331 260,282 -4,305,780 -689,534 527,803,691 87,226,511
* Combines the reductions of budget authority required by section 3001 (0.1%) and section 3004 (0.032%) of Division G of PL 113-6.
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