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Transcorp PLC 2012 Annual Report

Transcorp PLC 2012 Annual Report

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2012 Annual Report of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria PLC.

Transcorp is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
2012 Annual Report of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria PLC.

Transcorp is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Transnational Corporation of Nigeria PLC on Jun 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Transnational Corporationo Nigeria Plc AnnualReport andFinancial Statements
For the year ended 31 December 2012
Creating successful businesses
    T   r   a   n   s   n   a   t    i   o   n   a    l    C   o   r   p   o   r   a   t    i   o   n    o    f    N    i   g   e   r    i   a    P    l   c    A   n   n   u   a    l    R   e   p   o   r   t    2    0    1    2
4Group Overview5Our Businesses8Results at a Glance9List o Directors, Of cers and Proessional Advisers10Board oDirectors12Executive Management13Chairmans Statement18President/ChieExecutive Of cer’s Report21Corporate Governance Report28DirectorsReport31Statement oDirectorsResponsibilities32Report othe Audit Committee33Report othe Independent Auditors35Statement oFinancial Position36Statement oComprehensive Income37Statement oChanges in Equity38Statement oCash Flows39Notes to the Financial Statements391General inormation392Summary osignicant accounting policies392.1Basis opreparation402.1.1Going concern402.1.2Changes in accounting policy and disclosures402.2Consolidation422.3Segment reporting422.4Foreign currency translation422.5Property, plant and equipment432.6Intangible assets442.7Investment properties442.8Impairment onon-nancial assets452.9Financial instruments452.9.1Classication452.9.2Recognition and measurement462.10Osetting nancial instruments462.11Impairment onancial assets472.12Inventories472.13Trade receivables472.14Cash, cash equivalents and bank overdrats472.15Borrowings472.16Trade payables482.17Current and deerred income tax482.18Employee benets492.19Revenue recognition492.20Leases502.21Dividend distribution502.22Share capital502.23Treasury shares503Financial risk management
    T   r   a   n   s   n   a   t    i   o   n   a    l    C   o   r   p   o   r   a   t    i   o   n    o    f    N    i   g   e   r    i   a    P    l   c    A   n   n   u   a    l    R   e   p   o   r   t    2    0    1    2
503.1Financial risk actors533.2Capital risk management534Critical accounting estimates and judgements545Segment analysis566Property, plant and equipment577Intangible asset598Investment property599Investment in subsidiaries6210Deerred tax6211Pre-paid lease rental6312Inventories6313Trade and other receivables6414Debt and equity securities6415Cash and cash equivalents6416Trade and other payables6517Taxation6618Borrowings6719Financial instruments and air values6820Advance deposits6921Retirement benet obligation7022Revenue7023Cost osales7024Other operating income7125Administrative and general expenses7126Particulars odirectors and sta 7327Finance income and costs7328Earnings per share7329Share capital7430Cash generated rom operations7431Ownership o Capital Leisure and Hospitality Limited7432Capital commitments and contingent liabilities7433Subsequent events7534Related parties7635Explanation otransition to IFRS83Value-added Statement84Five-year Financial Summary85Notice oannual general meeting86Notice o electronic publication oAnnual ReportsAttachedProxy ormAttachedShareholders data ormAttachedE-share allotment mandate ormIBCCorporate inormation

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