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The Owlet - June '13

The Owlet - June '13

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Published by washingtonmemo

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Published by: washingtonmemo on Jun 14, 2013
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The Owlet
Volume XXIII Number 2 June 17,, 2013 Washington School
TO President’s Letter
Maureen Alvidrez Volunteers are paid in six figures S-M-I-L-E-S
--Gayla LeMaire
 How fortunate we parents are to be involved in
our children’s school. Such engagement is a
piece of what makes the Washington SchoolCommunity truly special. When parents getinvolved they see many smiles. The childrenare delighted, teachers and staff memberswelcome us into classrooms appreciating whatwe bring, and we also make connections withother parents. Participation in PTO-sponsoredprograms and classroom activities truly doesmake a difference.What a
it was! There wereplenty of opportunities throughout this schoolyear for parental participation. I am verygrateful for the parents who visited classroomsfor read-alouds and celebrations, Art in theClassroom lessons, and special activities. I amfortunate to have had -- and truly appreciativeof --
the parents who said, “yes” to chairing
PTO fundraisers and programs or acting asliaisons and serving as class parents. In manycases, the programs would not have been
possible without other parents “pl
aying a
supporting role” in various capacities. Our ideas of how to honor Washington’s Centennial
came to fruition beautifully because of Mrs.
Banker’s vision and because of all of the
parents who committed to the planning andexecution of what we hoped would be amemorable school year.
The reviews I’ve heard are that it certainly was
a special and unforgettable year.It was a privilege to serve as PTO President,especially in our Centennial year. I enjoyedthe opportunity and I am glad to havecontributed in this capacity. Parents, thestudents, the teachers and staff, all made it aworthwhile experience for me. I am sincerelygrateful for any and all that each of you did tomake it so.I encourage you to seize opportunities to beinvolved in our schools and in our community.They can be enriching for you and can make adifference for countless other people.Best wishes for a wonderful summer!
 As our school-year-long celebration honoring
Washington School’s Centennial comes to a
close, let’s recap ...
Historical Research & Displays
worked tirelessly over many
months to gather information and materials.Then, the research was used to createpresentations on the lobby bulletin board andin the display cabinets there. Parentvolunteers changed the display each month!The first
event, a RibbonCutting Ceremony for the
Centennial RockWall
took place on Friday, September 21,2012. Following the ceremony, students tookthe opportunity to climb the wall for the firsttime.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awfullot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” This
quote from The Lorax was the theme of the
. The goalwas for the students to see that they are nottoo young to care and do something good for others, beyond the Washington SchoolCommunity. Additionally, teachers were ableto work the projects into math and writinglessons. Every student at Washington Schoolparticipated in this initiative with stupendousresults:
Graders kicked off the project byassembling brown bag lunches for Bridges Outreach. The lunches weredelivered to homeless residents of Newark and Irvington. They provided147 lunches!
Graders and 3
Graders donatedsnack items for the Community Food
Bank of NJ’s Backpack Program. Those
items are sent home with children whomay not have food to eat on theweekends. Together, the two gradesbrought in almost 2,000 items.
Graders provided needed toiletriesfor people who are homeless. Theycollected over 800 items that theyassembled into kits for BridgesOutreach to distribute to men, women,and children.
Graders supported our troopsthrough donations to Bonds of Courage.Each one wrote a letter for a soldier andthey collected over 100 pounds of snacks to be sent overseas.The
100 Books for 100 Years
drive amassedmore than 200 books for classroom libraries!Just over 100 were brand new and roughly 90were gently-used. More than 65 familiescontributed to the book drive.The 100-foot
Centennial Mural
in the LibraryCorridor tells a story of Washington School inits first 100 years. The muralist, Caren FrostOlmsted, http://cfodesign.com/inspired by the historical research, designed a panel for each
of Washington’
s first 10 decades. Each panelis a painting of an actual photograph from a
decade in time. Starting at the school’s
opening in 1913 with a picture of Washingtonthat is not so different from what the buildinglooks like today, it moves on into the 1920s,1930s, etc. showing how the classroom, andhow education and technology has changedover the past 100 years. Every single studentand more than 80 parent, teacher, and staff volunteers painted on the mural during the 3-week project which was completed on the lastday before the Holiday Break! Check out thisfeature story on the SEF website under,
“Grants Too Cool To Miss”
Centennial Day
, the 100th anniversary -- tothe day -- of the dedication of WashingtonSchool, was celebrated on Monday, March 25,2013. The entire building was decorated for abirthday party! The day opened with a Kick-Off  Assembly during which the students sang twodifferent versions of a Washington School songfrom years past and Mrs. Banker presentedabout the number 100. Students thenproceeded to their lessons for the day and anentertaining Math Assembly. The lessons,written by Mrs. Banker and a team of teacherswere: Video/Dance Party thru the Decades,School Then & Now, Letter Writing to FutureWashington School Students, Games thru theDecades, Maps of Summit Study, andTechnology Timeline.
100 years!
he day concluded with a Birthday Party Assembly made complete with a presentationby Principal Lauren Banker and former Principal Carol Friend. Parent volunteersprepared a slideshow that highlighted all that
the school had done to celebrate Washington’s
 100th Birthday. The Assembly quicklytransformed to a party as the DJ, alum MikeFusco, played the tunes that got everyone upand dancing. Following dismissal on that day,an Open House was held for the communityand alumni. The DJ continued to rock the gym,students, their siblings, and alumni climbed onthe Centennial Rock Wall, and cupcakes wereserved in the cafeteria while present and pastfamilies mingled and toured the building.Finally, a
Centennial Time Capsule
wasburied on Field Day on the Morris Avenue sideof the building. Inside the Time Capsule areartifacts of this time in history including, amongother items: an iPhone, Lego, a Summit teeshirt, a stuffed toy owl, writings from 3rdgraders, photos of our school from 4th graders,the book, Wonder, a
tee shirt,
a Nintendo DS, DVDs of the school play, “Oh,The Places Owls Go!” and the Memorial Day
Celebration as well as CDs of popular musicand photos of Centennial Day. As it goes down as a truly memorable schoolyear, particularly for the students, thank you toall of the parents, teachers, and staff memberswho ensured the success of 
Letter From The Editor
Debbie Regan
I have truly enjoyed serving as editor of 
over the past three years. It was a greatway to stay informed of all of the activitiesgoing on at Washington School, both insideand outside the classrooms. As you probably noticed, this is only thesecond
of the year. Due to the changingnature of communications,
The Owlet 
hasslowly been phased out. The Loop, regular email blasts and the Washington Schoolwebsite have all evolved over the past severalyears. With all of these new sources, there isno longer a need for a quarterly newsletter. A copy of this final
will be included in thetime capsule to be buried during the last weekof school. I hope you have enjoyed reading
The Owlet 
over the last several years!

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