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Published by karoolssamara

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Published by: karoolssamara on Jun 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As always, i we can help you in any way, please contact the church here atP.O. Box 68309, Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA.
Copyright © 2003 AllAtHisFeet@cs.com
Copyright laws, as crazy as they are when we are talking aboutGod’s Word, require us to say the ollowing: Tis material is copyrightedand may not be quoted and/or reproduced without its complete context(the entire document) except by the author’s permission. You may, however,reely reproduce this in its entirety. And, o course, this publication is neverto be “sold” or any price (2 Corinthians 2:17, Matthew 10:8).
The Plumb Line
True Foundations
Blow is t list o titls in  10-pt sis o books bot Fondtionl Isss o t Kingdo o God nd t Bid o Cist.
he hammer—Bking Down misconcptions
“‘Is not y wod lik ,’ dcls t LOrD, ‘nd lik  tt bks  ock in pics?’” Ji 23:29
he PLOW—Plnting hop & Vision
“‘T dys  coing,’ dcls t LOrD, ‘wn t p will bovtkn by t plown nd t plnt by t on tding gps.Nw win will dip o t ontins nd ow o ll t ills.’” aos 9:13
he SCaLeS—holding to God’s Stndds
“T LOrD bos disonst scls, bt cct wigts  is dligt.” Povbs 11:1
he CruCIBLe—rning nd mlding rltionsips
“T ccibl o silv nd t nc o gold,bt t LOrD tsts t t.” Povbs 17:3
he SICKLe—Cling t Lnd nd hvsting Cng
“as soon s t gin is ip,  pts t sickl to it,bcs t vst s co.” mk 4:29
he rOWeL—It mtts how W Bild! 
“Tis is wy moss ws wnd wn  ws bot to bild t tbncl: ‘S to it tt  yo k vyting ccoding to t pttn sown yo on t ontin.’” hbws 8:5
he SWOrD—Ctting Tog t Fog 
“‘Do not sppos tt I v co to bing pc to t t.I did not co to bing pc, bt  swod.’” mttw 10:34
he ChISeL—“I Will Bild my Cc…” 
“In bilding t tpl, only blocks dssd t t qy w sd, nd no , cisl o ny ot ion tool ws d t t tpl sit wil it ws bing bilt.” 1 Kings 6:7 
he aNVIL—Foging Ot  Li
“S, it is I wo ctd t blcksit wo ns t colsinto  nd ogs  wpon t o its wok.” Isi 54:16 
he PLumB LINe— Fondtions
“Not by igt no by pow, bt by y Spiit, sys t Lod aligty…Tn  will bing ot t cpston to sots o ‘God Blss it!’…Wo dspiss t dy o sll tings?  mn will joic wn ty s t plb lin in t nd o Zbbbl.” Zci 4
ApostolicFoundations andApostolic Patterns
Spokn in 1987, nscibd in 2002
he nature o the apostolic is, without question, one o the mosttreasured and important topics on the heart o God. But beore weeven begin to delve into the Apostolic o God, one thing must be clearin your mind. I you don’t know anything else, know this:
Everything in the Father’s heart is summed up in His irstborn Son, Jesus Christ.
he Father has chosen to express His nature, all that He is, through theSon. And today, on earth, He is building His Church that will possessall the divine qualities and character o Christ Himsel. he Church, theBody o Christ, is just exactly that: Christ Himsel maniested throughHis People joined together. Just as Jesus is the exact representation o God Himsel, so the Church will be HIS BODY, His representation onthe earth today!While some have neglected this teaching about the Apostolic o God,others have turned it into a doctrine or theology that elevates a “thing”rather than the person o Jesus. In oering the ollowing thoughts,I intend strictly to elevate the Christ (Anointed One) o God and toclariy exactly who Jesus is, expressed in His Church, His present-day Body. “Lampstands” and “Foundations” are nothing more than thenature and substance o the Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”What is heaven but a shadow o the Christ o God…
“Bt I sw no tpl in it, o t Lod God aligty nd t Lb its tpl” (rvltion 21:22).

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