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Ang Bayan

Ang Bayan

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Published by npmanuel
May 7, 2013 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Communist Party of the Philippines
May 7, 2013 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Communist Party of the Philippines

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Published by: npmanuel on Jun 15, 2013
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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng PilipinasPinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
English EditionVol. XLIV No. 9May 7, 2013www.philippinerevolution.net
he Communist Party of the Philippines and all the revolutionarymass organizations under the National Democratic Front of thePhilippines (NDFP) assail the US-Aquino regime's unilateraltermination of the peace negotiations. At the end of April, Malaca-ñang officials declared that the Government of the Republic of thePhilippines (GPH) under Aquino was no longer interested in talkingwith the representatives of the NDFP.
Reply to Aquino's terminationof the peace talks
with the termination taking ef-fect 30 days from receipt of such notice. The GPH has not is-sued any such notice, whetherto the NDFP or the RNG, andunilaterally terminated the talksonly through irresponsiblestatements to the media.In ending the talks, the US-Aquino regime wants to nullifyimportant agreements painstak-ingly forged by the NDFP andprevious governments of the Re-public of the Philippines in thepast 20 years or so. Amongthese critical agreements areThe Hague Joint Declaration of 1992, the JASIG of 1995 and theComprehensive Agreement onRespect for Human Rights andInternational Humanitarian Law
 In this issue...
NDFP celebratesvictorieson 40thanniversary
Team PNoyunravelling
May 1: Dayof protestfor the workingclass
To justify their decision,they claimed that the NDFP'sdemand to release its 14 peacetalks consultants is an unjustand impossible "precondition."The NDFP clarified that this wasnot a "precondition" because itis an obligation on the part of the GPH stipulated un-der the JASIG (JointAgreement on Safetyand Immunity Guaran-tees). The JASIG pro-vides guarantees to thesafety and secu-rity of persons involved in thetalks against arrest, detention,surveillance or prosecution bythe other party.The US-Aquino regime hasterminated the peace talkswithout formality and withouteven giving notice to the NDFPand the Royal Norwegian Gov-ernment (RNG) which serves asthird-party facilitator in the ne-gotiations. The JASIG statesthat a party intending the earlytermination of the talks mustformally inform the other party,
2ANG BAYAN May 7, 2013
(CARHRIHL) of 1998.Since Aquino came to power,he has relentlessly violatedthese agreements. Althoughthere was formal recognition of The Hague Joint Declaration asthe foundation for the talks, itwas held in contempt by the GPHas a document of "perpetual di-vision." The GPH has violatedthe JASIG in arresting and de-taining NDFP consultants. De-spite its "peace and humanrights" rhetoric repeated adnauseam, it has relentlesslybeen violating the provisions of the CARHRIHL.The revolutionary forcesmust assert the continuing va-lidity of these agreements. Theymust continue to demand thatthe Aquino regime release thedetained NDFP consultants onthe basis of the JASIG and allpolitical detainees on the basisof the CARHRIHL. They mustlikewise assert the correctnessof The Hague Joint Declarationas the foundation and frame-work for attaining a just andlasting peace founded on unityon the principles of nationalsovereignty, social justice anddemocracy.By unilaterally ending thepeace negotiations with theNDFP, the US-Aquinoregime has stymiedthe talks on socio-economic reforms.As early as 1998,upon the conclu-sion of the firstagenda on humanrights, the NDFPsubmitted its firstdraft on the Com-prehensive Agree-ment on Socio-Economic Re-forms. But theGPH, including theUS-Aquino regime,has not submitted areply since then.Instead of sub- jecting the draft tonegotiation and de-bate, the US-Aquinoregime has mockedit in the media, claiming that itscontents are passé. In fact, it isthe regime's program of "for-eign debt- and investment-driv-
 Ang Bayan
is published fortnightly by the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of the Philippines
 Ang Bayan
is published in Pilipino,Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligaynon, Waray andEnglish editions.It is available for downloading atthe Philippine Revolution Web Central located at:
 Ang Bayan
welcomes contributionsin the form of articles and news.Readers are likewise enjoined to sendin their comments and suggestions forthe betterment of our publication. Youcan reach us by email at:
Vol. XLIV No. 9 May 7, 2013
: Reply to Aquino’stermination of the peace talks
 NDFP celebrates 40 years of victories
Policies of the people’s goverment
Team PNoy unravelling
2013 election results will be questionable
NPA offensives
Civilians victimized in Catanduanes
Fact-finding missionin Davao
May 1: Day of protest for working class
Condolences to Bangladeshi workers
Technical smuggling
Abandoned OFWs in Saudi
OFW families launch protests
HLI launches Lakbayan
en development" that is worn-out, having been implementedfor more than half a century onthe orders of the US and theIMF-World Bank.In reality, the US-Aquino re-gime has chosen to unilaterallyterminate its talks with theNDFP to eliminate all obstaclesto its enforcement of economicprograms and policies favorableto big foreign and local busi-nessmen. Aquino wants to con-tinue paving the way for theentry of foreign corpora-tions to plunder the Philip-pines' mineral resources,continue pegging andpulling down workers'wages to entice foreigninvestors and go on giv-ing foreign monopoliesfree rein to raise oil pricesand control public infra-structure and services.Since Aquino came topower, he has not shown aniota of interest in using thepeace talks as an instrument toconfront and resolve the issuesthat lie at the roots of the rag-ing civil war in the Philippines.Even during the first discus-sions, it had become clear thatall he wanted was to use thepeace negotiations to convincethe revolutionary forces to havetheir hands tied by agreeing toan indefinite ceasefire.The US-Aquino regime'svery shallow concept of thepeace talks reared its ugly headwhen GPH negotiators said thatthe talks are useless if the warcontinues. Three years after theUS-Aquino regime failed to en-trap the NDFP into agreeing toa ceasefire of indefinite dura-tion, the peace talks lost theirusefulness to Aquino. In termi-nating the talks, Aquino is turn-ing a deaf ear to the people'scry to address the issues thatare at the roots of the intensify-ing civil war in the Philippines.
ANG BAYAN May 7, 20133
As designed by the USgovernment in the "Counter-insurgency Guide of 2009,"for Aquino, the peace negoti-ations are merely an exten-sion of the Oplan Bayanihanwar of suppression beingwaged by his armed forces.Aquino has given his fascisttroops free rein to intensifytheir attacks against the peo-ple.Violations of human rightsand of the rights of children,and soldiers' crimes againstwomen can be expected to in-tensify. Intensifying militari-zation in the countryside willfurther lead to killings, illegalarrests, torture, violations of domicile, theft, and food andeconomic blockades, amongothers.It is the CPP and the en-tire revolutionary move-ment's general policy to re-main open to peace negotia-tions with any reactionarygovernment that is ready totalk seriously, respect pastagreements, comply with itsobligations and address theroots of the armed conflict toattain a just and lastingpeace.The CPP calls on all sec-tors interested in resolvingthe roots of the civil war tounite and assail Aquino's uni-lateral termination of thepeace talks with the NDFP.They must demand the re-sumption of formal talks, therelease of imprisoned NDFPpeace talks consultants andthe continuation of talks onsocio-economic reforms.In this regard, the tasksof the NPA and people's mili-tia to intensify the people'swar, launch tactical offen-sives against the enemyarmed forces and defend thepeople's interests are furtherunderscored.
NDFP celebrates victorieson 40th anniversary
ariano Orosa, president of the National Council of the Na-tional Democratic Front, extended his greetings to theleadership and membership of the NDFP's 17 allied organi-zations on its 40th founding anniversary last April 24. He extendedsimilar greetings to NDFP's allied organizations, compatriots andother international friends and supporters abroad.The NDFP has achieved nu-merous victories since it was es-tablished. It successfully foughtthe brutal attacks of the Marcosdictatorship during the 1970sand 1980s. It succeeded in re-pudiating the erroneous line of insurrectionism, premature ver-ticalization of the people's armyand anti-infiltration hysteriasduring the 1980s. All of its alliedorganizations and the revolu-tionary masses accepted andsupported the Second GreatRectification Movement.The NDFP has establishedorgans of political power in 70provinces and more than 800municipalities. It has carriedout programs of genuine landreform, health, education, andculture, and waged armedstruggle.It has likewise achieved vic-tories in the the internationalfield. In 1980, the PermanentPeoples’ Tribunal (PPT) recog-nized the NDFP as the legiti-mate representative of the Fili-pino people. It recognized thebelligerency status of theNDFP's revolutionary armedstruggle against the Marcos dic-tatorship. As such, the NDFPgained widespread support fromthe international community. Italso managed to establish linkswith many organizations. TheNDFP was able to develop rela-tions with several states andruling parties, which at varioustimes, gave official recognitionand support to the revolution-ary movement.In 1991, the NDFP declaredadherence to Common ArticleIII of the Geneva Conventions,Protocol II and internationalhumanitarian law. This was fur-ther developed in the NDFP Dec-laration of Adherence to the Ge-neva Conventions and ProtocolI in July 1996. Several EuropeanParliament Resolutions in 1997and 1999 recognized the NDFPand endorsed its peace negotia-tions with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines(GRP, now GPH).The Belgian government(1995), the Dutch government(1996) and the Royal NorwegianGovernment (since 2001 up tothe present) served as sponsorsand mediators of the peace talksbetween the NDFP and GPH.In 2012, the InternationalLegal Advisory Team (ILAT) wasestablished to assist the NDFP ininternational legal issues. It iscomposed of more than a dozeninternational lawyers from Belgi-um, the UK, the USA, The Neth-erlands, India and the Philip-pines. They helped the NDFP Na-tional Council in formulating andissuing on 24 April 2012 theNDFP Declaration and Programof Action for the Rights, Protec-tion and Welfare of Children.Organizations such as thePhilippine Solidarity Network of Aotearoa; Revolutionary Organ-ization of Labor, USA; Commu-nist WOrkers Party for Peaceand Socialism (KTP, Finland);

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