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Wiretaps/Surveillance Detection

Wiretaps/Surveillance Detection

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Published by bobbysingersyahoo
For the information of the vigilant citizen. Sources cited in the body of the work.
For the information of the vigilant citizen. Sources cited in the body of the work.

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Published by: bobbysingersyahoo on Jun 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Victims of Wiretaps and Electronic Surveillance
It is illegal and actionable for a third person tointercept or record your private communications,conversations, and stored electronic data. Thiscriminal conduct can range from a wiretap to listen inon phone conversations, interception of emailcommunications, and even programming your cellphone to to act as a "bug" when you are not usingyour cell phone. In this electronic age, one can expectthat illegal surveillance will only increase assurveillance devices become cheaper and morereadily available. But these eavesdroppers can bemade to pay a price.
If your right to privacy has been violated by a wiretapor other unauthorized interception of electronic dataor communications, your rights under the federalWiretap Act, 18 U.S.C. secs. 2510-2522. Do not over-react. Beat them at their own game. Read this pageand call my office. If you question whether you areunder surveillance, read "Am I Under Surveillance?"
Victims of wiretaps and intercepted communicationscan turn the tables on their perpetrators. Federal lawprovides for civil damages starting at a minimum of 
$10,000. Many juries would consider the invasion of privacy alone to be worth more than that.
Wiretaps are illegal unless very stringent warrantprocedures are followed. Wiretap and similar evidence, if illegally obtained, is never admissible inany federal, state or local court. Even the attempt touse such illegally obtained evidence will result in civildamages in favor of the victim.
I see wiretap cases in primarily in divorce andbusiness settings, but they can arise anywhere. In thefield, detecting wiretaps and other methods of intercepting private conversations and data is called"Technical Surveillance Countermeasures," or TSCM.If you believe you may be the victim of a wiretap or other interception of private information, call meimmediately to discuss your options. I will assist youin obtaining an investigator and guide you through theprocess to determine if you have a case.
A leading investigative firm in detection of wiretapsand other surveillance is International Investigators,Inc., providing nationwide TSCM services. Tim Wilcoxis an expert in all aspects of TSCM. Learn more aboutTSCM by clicking International Investigators, Inc.
Inmate or prisoner wiretaps create special issues of consent under the Wiretap Act. If you are incarceratedor phoning someone who is, assume that your conversations are recorded and will be used againstyou. Click here to learn more.
Bari Brandes Corbin, Evan B. Brandes
Divorcing couples and those sparring over childcustody rights are often tempted to
record their spouses (present or former) inconversation. After asking, "Is my husband
calling a paramour the middle of the night?" or, "Is myex-wife badmouthing me to my
kids?', they may decide to record others'conversations.
These recorded discussions, they are sure, will helpthem to obtain a divorce, get a

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