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Make My Trip Com

Make My Trip Com

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Published by Gaurav Kumar

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Published by: Gaurav Kumar on Apr 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A company that pioneered the online travel industryin India, MakeMyTrip.com was launched in 2000, tocater to the booming “USA to India” travel market.It empowered non-resident Indians (NRIs) with theunmatched convenience of a 24x7 online travel portaland travel consultancy support. A niche-focused com-pany, MakeMyTrip.com launched its India operations inSeptember 2005, after six successful years in real-timebooking of flights, hotels, holidays and car rentals inthe US. Today, MakeMyTrip.com is the premier travelwebsite in the “US to India” market, commanding a fourpercent share of the 4,500 crore (US$ 1 billion) NRIbusiness.MakeMyTrip.com crossed Rs. 562 crore (US$ 125 mil-lion) in revenues in the current fiscal year (2006-2007),a jump of 180 percent over its revenues in the previousyear. It also acquired one million customers in 2007.The projected turnover for the 2007–2008 fiscal year isexpected to be around Rs. 1260 crore (US$ 280 mil-lion), representing a revenue growth of 124 percent.
Challenge: Meeting the stringent 24x7criteria
When the company first began operations in 2005, theonline travel market in India had barely commenced andcustomers needed a strong value proposition from onlinetravel companies.MakeMyTrip.com realized early in the game that a robustconverged communications infrastructure would berequired to fuel a 24x7 business that is centred on an“always on, always available” service model.The company was facing issues with the hardware andservices provided by its existing vendor, an Avaya com-petitor. Growing its business, centred on the sale ofcompetitive airline tickets through the online platform,would be a challenging task.
MakeMyTrip.com achieves 99.99% uptimewith Avaya’s Contact Centre Solution
MakeMyTrip.com wanted to expand its 25-seat ContactCentre to 250 seats. Its key challenge was to find a solu-tion that would keep its online business running 24x7and deliver a complete customer experience. MakeMyTrip.com needed a reliable, robust and expandable solution tosupport its growth while still remaining cost effective andprofitable.At least four key solutions formed the pillars of the AvayaIntelligent Communications strategy for MakeMyTrip.com.These included the Avaya Call Management System (CMS),a recording platform, a Wall Board to provide a completeview of the centre and agent availability and a standards-based, resilient and modular IP telephony offering.
Value Created
•OptimizetheefficiencyandproductivityofitsContactCentrebyallowingittoincreasecallvolumeswithoutaddingstaff,thuskeepingaclosecontroloncosts •Enhancedcustomerexperienceandincreasedcustomersatisfactionwithsystemavailabilityof99.99%•Improvestaffing,callflowandservicelevels,therebywinningcustomerloyalty•Fasterdecisionmakingwithregardstoredistributingresourcestocalls •Leveragehistoricaldatatodevelopnewandimprovedproceduresthathelpincreaseperformanceandminimizecosts 
Solution: Multi-dimensional offeringsfor varied needs
MakeMyTrip.com decided on an Avaya Contact Centresolution deployed by Avaya GlobalConnect (AGCL). Forthe 25-seat domestic facility, the company went in fora Prologix model, the lowest scalable product avail-able within the AGCL show window. Despite this mod-est beginning, the company’s operations began to growsteadily, adding around 10-15 seats every quarter fromthe year the system was first implemented.Its ever-expanding operations prompted MakeMyTrip.com to decide on upgrading its system and enhancingits functionality in 2006. The Company’s operationshad expanded by then and it needed to upgrade fromPrologix to the most scalable and superior ContactCentre Product, the Avaya S8720 server.
commented KetanShah, BU Head- Contact Center, AGCL.MakeMyTrip.com was invited to AGCL’s customerStudio in Mumbai, to gain first hand experience ofthe solution it was looking for. The Avaya team at theCustomer Studio analyzed the business requirements ofMakeMyTrip.com and designed a solution incorporatingnumerous components from Avaya and its technologypartners.As a business enhancing solutions provider, AGCLundertook a detailed study of the MakeMyTrip.com envi-ronment, before suggesting a complete and integratedIntelligent Communications solution for the company’s250-seat Contact Center.
“Tobeginwith,AGCLofferedustheAvayaCallManagementSystem(CMS),anoperationaleffectivenesssolutionforintegratedanalysisandreporting.TheaimwastohelpuskeepintouchwithvirtuallyeverythinggoingonwithinourContactCentre,evaluatetheperformanceofanagent,agroupofagents,asinglecontactcentreormultiplelocationsaroundtheworld.Itprovideduswithrobust,real- timemonitoringandhistoricalreportingcapabilities,includingcustomreporting,taskscheduling,exceptionnotification,amongothers,” 
informed Sachin Bhatia, COOand co-founder of MakeMyTrip.com
added Ketan Shah.The call recording solution gave MakeMyTrip.com theability to undertake recordings on demand and savingthese records in files that can be sent across via email.The call recording and quality monitoring solution alsoallowed the customer to track and analyze specific calls.Among the support functions included were totalrecording for compliance and interaction analyticspurposes, selective recording of identified calls andrecording on demand for quality monitoring.
Ketan Shahsaid.Additionally, MakeMyTrip invested in a display solutionfrom Avaya, a Wall Board, to provide the completestatus of the call centre such as calls in queue, numberof engaged agents, and number of free agents. The WallBoard is currently also being used by the company topop up special messages and greetings for itsemployees.Finally, MakeMyTrip.com implemented IP telephony inits Contact Centre to build a converged voice/datafoundation that was reliable, efficient and able tosupport the new communications capabilities to driveinnovation and profitability. The goal was also toembrace a platform that would enable the company togo multi-location, with just the addition of the IP phonesand no major expenditure on infrastructure investment.
The Benefits: Higher efficiency,productivity and profitability
The Avaya solutions for MakeMyTrip.com have broughtthe company a host of benefits. For instance, the CMSsolution has helped to optimize the efficiency and
productivity of its call centre by enabling it to increasecall volumes without adding staff, thus keeping costsunder control.MakeMyTrip.com’s Contact Centre has also delivered anenhanced experience for its customers through fasterresponse time, higher service levels and a 99.99%uptime. With the Avaya solution, it is now possibleto route calls to specifically skilled agents, who haveexpertise in areas such as ticketing, travel packages,hotels, etc. Having agents that are always available totake customer calls and can respond quickly to customerdemands has led to increased customer loyalty.Additionally, the operational effectiveness of the CMSsolution has given MakeMyTrip.com the ability tomonitor and analyze key performance indicators inthe Contact Canter, from wait times to average answerspeeds and percentage of abandon calls.
said MakeMyTrip.com’s Sachin Bhatia.The IP solution has improved productivity and efficiencyfor MakeMyTrip.com.
“WithourIPsolutionandsimpleintuitiveGUI,userscanaccessawiderangeofapplica- tions,initiaterecordingondemandforcompliance,riskmanagement,qualityassuranceandbestpracticesfromanyAvayaIPtelephone.Theycaninsertvaluablebusinessdata(suchasrequeststoopennewaccounts)directlyfromthephoneduringacallandplaybacklastrecordedcalls.Itisalsopossibletosendrecordedcallsbyemailtosupervisors,complianceofficersorsecurityunits,andkeepordeletespecificcallsfrombeginningtoend,” 
Ketan Shah added.The business improvements seen by MakeMyTrip.comhad resulted in the company being able to recruit andretain top agents in the field, thus supporting businesscontinuity. Within the company itself, the reportingplatform has created a great system which helpsmonitor the quality of the agents, assesses theirperformance and sets the benchmarks they mustaspire to.The Avaya portfolio of solutions has helped MakeMyTrip.com strengthen its number one position in the onlinetravel services marketplace and retain its edge in thearea of Customer Responsiveness.
To begin with, AGCL offered us the Avaya Call Management System (CMS), anoperational effectiveness solution for integrated analysis and reporting. The aimwas to help us keep in touch with virtually everything going on within our ContactCentre, evaluate the performance of an agent, a group of agents, a single contactcentre or multiple locations around the world. It provided us with robust, real-timemonitoring and historical reporting capabilities, including custom reporting, taskscheduling, exception notification, among others.

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