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LET Practice Test in Physical Science

LET Practice Test in Physical Science

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Published by Crisencio M. Paner
LET Practice Test in Physical Science
LET Practice Test in Physical Science

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Crisencio M. Paner on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Most cars have ‘’four 
stroke internal combustion engines.” Which of the following gives the
correct sequence of the four strokes?A. Power-compression-intake-exhaustB. Compression-exhaust-power-intakeC. Intake-power-compression-exhaustD. Intake-compression-power-exhaust2. The image in a plane mirror is _______________.A. Inverted, virtual with a magnification of 1B. upright, real with a magnification of 2C. inverted, real with a magnification of ½D. upright, virtual with a magnification of 13. Which of the following wave characteristics remains unchanged when a wave crosses a boundary into a different medium?A. Velocity C. FrequencyB. Amplitude D. Wavelength4. Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has the lowest frequencies?A. Gamma rays C. Ultraviolet raysB. Radio waves D. X-rays5. If something gets a positive electric charge, then follows that something else__________.A. become magnetizedB. becomes equally negatively chargedC. becomes equally positively chargedD. becomes negatively charged, but not necessarily equally negatively charged6. Hydrocarbons which do NOT have maximum number of hydrogen atoms are _______.A. aromatic C. saturatedB. isometric D. unsaturated
7. Metals have been used for making coins and jewelry. Which of the following characteristics istrue of metals?A. Metals are malleable and ductileB. Metals have high tensile strengthC. Metals are good conductors of heat and electricityD. all of the above8. Which of the following is that single force applied at the same point that will produce thesame effect?A. reactant force C. resultant forceB. composite force D. concurrent force9. How many grams of chloral are needed to produce 10.5 g of DDT?A. 10.5 g C. 4.36 gB. 8.72 g D. 13.1 g10. The half-life Carbon- 14 is 6739 years. Suppose a container was found to contain one half asmuch Carbon- 14 as a new basket of the same material. What is the approximate age of the bowl?A. 3716 years C. 2856 yearsB. 1432 years D. 6739 years11. What kind of energy is present whenever a body is at a distance from the ground?A. elastic potential energyB. electric potential energyC. electromagnetic potential energyD. gravitational potential energy12. A lunar eclipse occurs when the ____________.A. moon is between the sun and the earthB. moon, earth and sun form a right angleC. earth is between the moon and sunD. sun is in between moon and earth13. How long does it takes the moon to go through all of its phases?A. 1 year B. 29 ½ days C. 24 hours D. 27 1/3 days14. Which of these minerals is present in seawater with the highest percentage?A. Sodium chloride C. Magnesium chlorideB. Magnesium sulfate D. Calcium sulfate15. What must be the minimum length of a plane mirror in order for you to see a full view o f yourself?A. Your full height C. One-half B. One-forth D. Three-fourths16. At what particular instance will the period and frequency of a wave changed?A. When it travels from one medium to another B. When it is at its equilibrium positionC. When it interferes with another waveD. When it reflects17. What laws states that there is decrease in pressure at the side of a moving stream of fluid?
A. Bernoulli’s Law
C. Archimedes’ Law
B. Pascal’s Law
D. Hooke’s Law
18. Whose discovery involved the production of magnetism by means of electricity?A. Ohm B. Lenz C. Faraday D. Oersted19. In the absence of air friction, what happens when a balls allowed to roll down one hill and upa second hill?A. The ball would lose speed more slowly as it moves up the second hill.B. The ball would travel a longer distance uphill.C. The ball would travel a shorter distance as it moves up.D. The ball would practically reach the same horizontal level from where it started.20. A car travels at 80 km/hr for 0.5 hr, then goes 100 km/hr for 1 hour, and finally 60 km/hr for 0.5 hr. What is the average speed for the 2-hour travel?A. 80 km/hr C. 100 km/hr B. 90 km/hr D. 85 km/hr 
21. In Moh’
s scale, which is the softest and the hardest mineral?A. Talc
Diamond C. Calcite
Feldspar B. Gypsum
Quartz D. Talc
Corundum22. According to the kinetic molecular theory, liquids are similar to solids in that ___________ A. their molecules are arranged in a regular manner.B. the motion of their particles changes with temperature.C. the motion of their particles cannot be determined.D. there is very little space between their molecules.23. When two or more objects collide the quantity that does NOT change is the total __________.A. Momentum of all the objects C. kinetic energy of all the objectsB. kinetic energy of each object D. momentum of each object24. What is the correct formula for finding the efficiency of a machine?A. Efficiency = input force /output force x 100%B. Efficiency = output force/input force x 100%C. Efficiency = output work/input work x 100%D. Efficiency = input work/ output work x 100%25. The energy of a hammer hitting a nail isA. heat C. electricB. chemical D. mechanical
26. Disregarding air resistance, an object falling towards the earth’s surface has an acceleration
that is _____________.A. decreasing C. constantB. increasing
D. depending on object’s weight
 27. If the m
oon’s gravity becomes 1/4 that of Earth, which of the following will apply?
I. The moon will no longer cause tides on the earth’s oceans.
 II. A 65
kilo person on earth will weigh about 18 kilos on the moon.III. It will be easy to lift heavy objects on the moon.IV. The moon will not hold a thick atmosphere of gasses.A. II, III and IV C. I, II and IIIB. I, II and IV D. I, II, III and IV

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