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A New Beginning

A New Beginning

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Published by Elaborate Lives
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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Elaborate Lives on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I am so excited to be launching my own massage practice. Massage issomething I have been interested in since around 2003 and to finally bemoving forward
with this dream is amazing. I’ve had wonde
rful supportfrom my friends and family that has helped me push through anaccelerated program and jump head first into my own business. I wantto be able to help people who need bodywork. Being a theatre personand a character performer, I understand the need for bodywork. I alsounderstand finding the time and money to give your body what it needs
is often impossible to do on our schedule and budget. I’m hoping that
with the opening of Elaborate Lives I can help change that in the Disneycommunity and Orlando area. I have tried to establish prices that arecompetitive and fair. By basing my work as a mobile business, I am able
to offer a wider variety of session times. If you need work at 11 o’clock
at night
because that’s when you get off work, I can do that for you. I
A New Beginning
Give your body a break! It is amazing how much stress can be relieved bya receiving a good hand treatment. Paraffin dips not only can helpdecrease stress but also sooth arthritis and other functional ailmentspeople have in their hands.Liquefied paraffin gives a deep heat therapy that encourages yourmuscles to relax. As the heat transfers from the way to your skin itincreases circulation which decreases pain and stiffness in joints andmuscles. This treatment can also open your pores while moisturizing yourskin leaving you feeling smoother and softer.Follow this up with a hand massage the further enhance the effects andyou will feel the stress of your day melting out of your body. Thecombined heat of the paraffin with the muscle manipulation is truly a
A New Beginning
Paraffin Treatments
Price List
Essential Oil: Jasmine
Just relax. Everyonearound you is working too hard 
- Bauvard 
June 2013Volume 1 Issue 1
By John T. Gardner 
Dip Into Relaxation
By John T. Gardner 
Please see
on page 2Please see
on page 3
Elaborate Lives: Massage & Bodywork, 8836 Villa View Circle Apt 107, Orlando, FL 32821www.elaboratelives.com john@elaboratelives.com (407)385-9421
Elaborate Living 
 Page 2A New Beginning
Most of us know everything in the body is connected. What affects onearea of the body can affect many others, especially if the problempersists. Reflexology uses this knowledge and provides some exceptionalresults.In its simplest form, reflexology is the application of pressure along thefoot, hand, or sometimes ear. There are zones in the body, 5 on the leftand 5 on the right, which can be effected when stimulated at either end(the hands or feet). Reflexology allows the therapist to stimulate organfunction and muscle action without having to work directly on that organor area. This can be very helpful with post-surgery and burn victims.Recent studies with brain imaging support the claims of this ancienttechnique. There have been wall paintings from ancient Egypt andtattoos on the skin of members from many indigenous tribes showingbody mapping on the feet at hands. Researchers have taken MRI
photographs of volunteers’ brains while they received reflexology
treatments. Then the area of their foot corresponding to the smallintestine was pressed, the brain lit up not only for the foot sensation, butin the area known to control small intestine function. When the areaassociated with the eyes was pressed, again the MRI showed activity bothin the foot and the area of the brain responsible for vision, and so on.This empirical evidence confirms the zone connection theory.This therapy is suitable for the majority of clients. It will help soothe thenervous system and can be used for general relaxation or to affectspecific areas and ailments. Though it is not used to diagnose or curethese ailments, it is a growing choice of complimentary therapy.also have a new focus on Alternative Medicine. I believe Americans as awhole have become too dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and dealingwith the symptom not the problem. This is why I am offering Reiki alongwith my massage sessions. We need to start look at our bodies as a wholebeing: physical, emotional, and spiritual; and not just a set of symptoms.I hope in the future to expand to a complete wellness center with manymore alternat
ive treatments to enhance each clients’ quality of life and
give some clarity in a fast-paced and confusing world.
Massage therapistslisten with their hands
and their hearts.” 
from page 1
Reflexology: It’s All in the Foot
By John T. Gardner 
 A New BeginningPage 3
DisneyDiscount Pricing OutcallDeep Tissue 30 $35 $40 $45Deep Tissue 60 $60 $75 $85Deep Tissue 90 $75 $90 $105Deep Tissue 120 $95 $115 $130Chair 30 $20 $25 $30Reflexology - Feet 30 $33 $40 $45Reflexology - Feet/Hands 30 $40 $50 $60Stretching ~30* $17 $20 $25Swedish 30 $30 $35 $40Swedish 60 $50 $60 $70Swedish 90 $70 $85 $100Swedish 120 $90 $110 $130Add 15 Minutes 15 $15 $20 $20Reiki Long Treatment ~60* $50 $60 $70Reiki Short Treatment ~30* $30 $40 $50Reiki Chakra Balance ~15* $15 $25 $35*Time may vary on a case by case basis.*Price refelexs the cost of service not a specific length of treatment.

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