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Knapp 14

Knapp 14

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Published by: Alfredo Juillet Frascara on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Knapp 14.“The daughters of Lady Shurvana.“Tale written by Alfredo Juillet Frascara. (September- October 2009).11.128 wordsEpoch: 3770 – 3772 C.E.Places: Knapp planet / Tuberon planetListado de personajes:
Alaida and Minoya, daughters of Shurvana.Lord Marmendor, Decane; Greion, Medic; Mr. Origorgo, Chief Executive at Espari BioLab, together with Mr. Aukfor.Egogar, Synthetic person, Assistant to Miss Minoya.Vertonfeld, Captain of the Spaceship “Marmol”.Goroeinfer, Adm. Of the Mining field At Asteroid AJ 642Doctor Zarbor, Medic, Chief of implants and biological experimentations.Alston Kibbling, Dragonet Axon, Leroy Forkensbrutner, Kraut Hifler, Elsie Voncat,RR50, Juan Dillert, Diego Perez, John Dillbert, Isaac Runsberg, Abrajam Israbing,Jurgen Kurzte, Gacfor Untenostor (house owner).The Rixiabergian (pilot of Orbs).Lokor Fanax, Commander at the Knappian Royal Starfleet.Intelligent Squids or Ghamcounins:634-20 (Crewman at the Orb); Lord Amtuberon, Lady Tentaria, Captain X30.Jovians: Guards at the Spaceship Industries in Tuberon Planet.Chapter 1.The daughters of Lady Shurvana receive their Diplomas from the hands of LordMarmendor, who said to them:’ you are the best students I had in my classes of thisyear! Let’s see you honor your education now, by working for the good of our society!”“Thanks you, Sir! “- Both girls told him, bowing slightly. A teardrop run by Alaida’scheek, as she was remembering her mother was sick and not present to share thismoment of triumph.Afterwards, a dance party was followed by more than two hundred young couples;former students now full professionals in Art and Science, plus parents and guests.“Pity our mother is sick, Alaida! She would have been happy seeing us finishing our careers.”- Minoya said.“We are going to see her and show our Diplomas!”- Alaida said.“Of course. Well, let’s dance now! We must be happy for the time being!” – Minoyasaid, smiling to some young Graduates who were approaching them, at the dance floor.
Soon they were dancing and letting their partners murmur sweet words on them hears - part of the happiness they were seeking for.Later, they were part of a group, who went to have breakfast to Oxiborion, on somestudent’s big Flier vehicle; there, on a table facing the sea, Greion, the muscle-man whoowns the Flier, said:’ I am very happy we all end up with Diplomas and not defeatedthis year! Well, guess I’ll work with my Dad at his Corporation.”“Lucky you! We, poor mortals, must seek for a job from now on.”- Alaida said.“I am sure you’ll get a job as soon as someone needs a Biologist! Same with your sister here, you’re outstanding.”- Greion said, looking at them – they both were very beautifuland clever.“You are such a soft-soap!”- Minoya said, laughing.“In case you didn’t find a job, my father could be of use- he knows every important person in Industry.”- Greion said, sipping his ice cream.“Thas is easy to say! But I rather find a job myself, thanks you.”- Minoya said.“Suit yourself! How about a swim in the ocean, now?”- Greion invited, and soon theywere on the beach, taking the star’s rays with delight.A week later, Alaida was waiting for an interview at the “Ezpari Biologic Laboratories”;she was applying for a job there, and after a brief examination, now it was the time tospeak with the man in charge. She was seated on a fine chair, when a man in his middleage come inside the room, and said:’ Apologies me! I was very busy. Did I keep youwaiting too long?”“Only 20 minutes, Sir.”- Alaida said, standing up; she was as tall as the man, and hesaid:” Well, I’m Oriforgo, from Laboratories. I am sure you understand all of our talkshere, must be kept in private.”And the blue eyes of the man were fixed on her.“Of course, Sir. I learnt about ethics at the University.”- Alaida said.“Very well; take a seat, please.”- Oriforgo said, seating on another one, and said:’ Let’stalk about science.”“My specialty.”- Alaida said, smiling.“The scientific estimates place the origin of the Universe at between 10 and 20 billionyears ago. The theory currently with the most acceptances is the 
, theidea that all matter in the Universe existed in a cosmic egg (smaller than the size of amodern hydrogen atom) that exploded, forming the Universe. Recent discoveries fromthe Space Telescope and other devices suggest this theory may need somemodification.”“Astronomy? I know about that, but my specialty its Biology.”- Alaida said.“Wait a minute! I must say that evidence for the Big Bang includes:
The Red Shift
: when stars/galaxies are moving away from us the energy they emit isshifted to the red side of the visible-light spectrum. Those moving towards us are shiftedto the violet side. The processes of 
 and heat generated by theimpact of planetesimals heated the Earth, which then began to differentiate into a"cooled" outer cooled crust of silicon, oxygen and other relatively light elements andincreasingly hotter inner areas. Impact and the beginnings of volcanism released water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and other gases into a developingatmosphere. Sometime "soon" after this, life on Earth began. “‘Right.”- Alaida said, almost bored.“The idea of panspermia hypothesized that life originated out in space and came toEarth inside a meteorite. Recently, this idea has been revived as Cosmic Ancestry. Theamino acids recovered from meteorites are in a group known as exotics: they do notoccur in the chemical systems of living things. The ET theory is now not considered by
most scientists to be correct, although the discovery of meteorite and its possible fossilshave revived thought of life elsewhere.”- Origorgo said.“Yes; I know that scientist heated crystals of a mineral and discovered that they formedurea when they cooled. The primordial Knapp was a very different place than today,with greater amounts of energy, stronger storms, etc. The oceans were a "soup" of organic compounds that formed by inorganic processes and conditions have existedover 3 billion years ago were such that the spontaneous formation of organicmacromolecules could have taken place. The simple inorganic molecules that Miller  placed into his apparatus produced a variety of complex molecules.”- Alaida said.
“Right. Guess you are qualified; let’s talk about incomes and wages. We aredeploying a branch of our 
“Ezpari Biologic Laboratories” on some other part; I don’tknow if you could leave Oredloro? At zones the salary is increased in half.”Alaida said:” I have problems with that; I have a sister- she was receiving his bachelor on science at the same time as I; and I don’t want to leave her behind.”Origorgo said:” A scientific family?”“She is a Medic.”- Alaida said.“Well, I guess we need young people for our new site; call on her, and tell I’ll bewaiting to interview her.”- Origorgo said.“And this is it? I’m hired?”- Alaida said, incredulous.‘Yes! What, do you want more examinations? I know when I’m in front of a useful person; believe me.”- Origorgo said, standing from his chair and walking to the door,which opened.“Well, thanks you! I’ll tell my sister about this; when I present myself to work?”-Alaida asked.“Let’s wait until your sister’s examination. Then we’ll call on you.”- Origorgo said, andAlaida went out.On the street, she called on Minoya, and said:” I did it! I get the job! And they couldhire you also- only after an interview.”- Alaida said by the cell phone.“All right! I’m happy for you! We’ll talk more at dinner.”- Minoya said, and hung up.That night, on their small apartment, Alaida said:’ and I’m earning half more pay- as Imust be working not in this town.”“And where did they have the job? At Oxiborion?”- Minoya asked her.“I really don’t know, sister. Perhaps Oxiborion! I didn’t ask.”- Alaida said.“I’ll be there tomorrow! You could go there with me, to give me strength.”- Minoyaasked of her.“As you wish! I’m hired, but I must wait until you are approved or not- really, if youdon’t go with me, I’ll quit.”- Alaida said.“Sister! I also will be not leaving your side- ever!”- Minoya said, embracing her sister.At the next day, Origorgo finds her acceptable, after a brief talk, and said:’ I am sureyou both will find your new job exciting and well remunerated.”“Where are we going to be working, Sir?”- Minoya asked him.“Oh, don’t worry about that! You’ll have a nice apartment for each of you; good foodand nice company! “- Origorgo said.“Good food.”- Minoya smiled at him.“Yes! Well, you are ready now to begin- return tomorrow morning- at eight! We’ll havea little chat, and you’ll receive some advanced money- perhaps in your cosmetics andstuff like that- before you are sent to your final destination.”- Origorgo said, andopening the door of his office, the girls went out, smiling.“See? You are hired just like me! Guess we’ll be having fun.”- Alaida said.

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