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Knapp 36 Flordon

Knapp 36 Flordon

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Published by: Alfredo Juillet Frascara on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Knapp 36. Flordon.
Science Fiction Tale. Written by Alfred F.H. Juillet F.Sunday 7, April 2013 toAge: 5400 to 500 Common Era.Locations: Knapp (Lubina);Characters:Flordon (62) Pilot & Mechanic; Delaya (24) Biochemist; Masrin (60); Borton (40) Medic; Ninara (25)Geneticist; ED (Metallic).Vehicles: Sphere x300; Gusoff Fliers;Chapters1.-Chapter 1.-Knapp.The aerial vehicle landed on the plain, with the black mountains to the East. The city of Lubina was270 kilometers to the south.
“Nice trip! Now we´re ready to hunt!”
- Flordon said.
Biochemist Delaya touched her bag, saying: “I´m ready to collect the samples! I ´m prepared.”
 She was 1.75 mt. tall, slim and very agile, with blonde hair and hazel eyes, she was a nice womanto look upon.
“Good. We
´re in the middle of spring: the weather is good, mild and warm. Perhaps with coldnights- but surely our work will be from seven to fourteen hours. The rest of the day will be for usto choose what to do
… or not do.”
“And a
each six days?”
the time to sleep until late.”
- Flordon said, smiling.They descended to the ground by the ramp. A pair of Otniellos was two hundred meters away,eating from the ferns, forty meters high that were dancing the strong breeze.2Miss Delaya approaches to the beast and when at fifty meters: she fired. The small syringeplunged into the flesh after cutting through the strong cover of scales and takes a small sample.Then it recoils, thanks to the thin steel wire.In a capsule the sample was storage inside a special box (capacity eighty two capsules).
DNA could be fun.”
- Miss Delaya said.That was the mission: to take samples and then, at the RAA (Rebuilding Ancient AnimalLaboratories) reproduce those animals by cloning.
“In older times,
no more than forty times was all the number of times a cloned species could
breed without much physical problems.” –
Miss Delaya said, when returning to the group of persons. Flordon
looked at his wristwatch, saying:”
- We have lots of hours for to hunt. OurAssistants
will take care of the vehicle.”
 The Assistants were five ED (Electric Devices) , metallic men, that could perform every task neededon board the Sphere.
Using personal Fliers, that could take them into the air and travel at a hundred and fifty kilometersper hour, in any direction they wished; they arrive to a river, with big boulders being washed bythe waters .Over the river, Pterodons were flying down waters, searching for fishes.3HUNTING DNA.Flying after one of them, Delaya and Ninara, the geneticist, fired their stings, catching DNA in aquick and simple way: the pteranodones had not scales
only hides. Flordon, Masrin and Bortonwere by the sides, safe warding the ladies from those flying pteranodons.The group turns right and at a clearing on the woods they landed, and after leaving the flyingapparatus on the ground, they rest for a while.
“Two samples in our first hour! It´s a good omen.” Delaya said, looking at the vials.
 Borton, the medic, takes some insects and collected them in plastic bags,
saying: “Most
of theseinsects have strong juices able to make medicines
and colorants and dyes. Here by example, it’s
the bell shaped Formica
ardens, that could provoke strong fever if administrate in strong doses.”
 And the bugs were walking rapidly inside their plastic prison, willing to escape.They heard a b
ellowing and Flordon said: A big one. Let´s go to see it.”
 As the sound was coming from the woods, they left their personal Fliers around a big tree. Flordonwas the fi
rst to see the animal…
 4It was a Emasaur, big quadruped with vegetarian habits- a calf a meter and a half long was runningaround.
“It´s a female and its calf. Wish the male is not in sight.”
- Flordon said.
“Why? They look very harmless.” –
Ninara the geneticist, said.
“Oh! But the males always are on edge! They attack any creature that approaches his female.” –
 Flordon commented.
Delaya aimed her rifle and said:”
- Now beware!
I´ll take a sample!”
- And she shoots.They syringe speeded inside the hide, taking a small piece of flesh, and come back to the rifle, inorder to retrieve the sample that she soon enough store into a vial and a metallic capsule.
“There it is! Among the rest of the samples!”
- She announced, proudly.5They were walking back to the clearing and a sound f wings startled them- two enormous bird-likecreatures (Diatryma) landed just in front of them.
“Carnivores! Run for your lives!”
- Mr. Flordon said, giving the example- he literally jumped headlong into the bushes.Masrin helped Ninara get among the roots of a tree-. The Diatryma walked stiffly but very quick-almost grabbing Mr. Flordon, that now jumped and run, followed by the Diatryma, but his destinywas not to die in that form, so he found a crevice and stepped into it.The Diatryma abandoned the hunt, going after some other specimen.Half an hour later, both Diatryma were still trying to get them. Some others arrives, finding theFlier packs- they pecked on those, ruining the commands.Mr. Masrin was perched on a tree, trying to hide from view, when an object descended, hitting thegournd and scaring the Diatryma with a sudden release of very hot vapour, that scorched theirbeaks, so they run away, screaming loudly.The vapor enveloped the place- the humans saw the Diatryma going away, so they walked outfrom their hiding places.
Several figures went out of that thing that comes from the sky. They were black shadows in themist. At first they were not noticed by Flordon and the rest, but after a short while, the vapor wascarried away by the breeze.
“What are those?”
- Delaya asked, startled by the entities.7There were people inside the bags, floating from under their feet they had another bags, smallerthan a pair of watermelons that dangled near the ground.A voice speaks
and Flordon approaches, saying: “Hello, people!
What are you doing inside that
funny bag?”
 The answer was muffled by the bag- but Flordon realize that the language was unknown to him.
“Strange people!”
Delaya said, adding: “But thanks to them we are freed
from the Diatryma!”
Masrin turned towards her, asking: “Do you really think they come here to save us in purpose?”
“Obviously not. Just a coincidence.”
- Delaya replied.Now the newcomers were milling around. Their bags were translucent with a white bluish tone.
“They are humans
but not of our kind.”
- Borton (the medic) said.
“They seem to float: if not because of their bags, they would go up and away with the breeze.”
-Masrin commented.Some time later, another being went out and with a small bar he produces a higher volume of voice to be heard.
- Flordon said, not understanding the language at all.
“These people come from a place nobody know! They float, they travel in crashing
they are marooned.”
- Said Minara the geneticist.
“Let´s see their ship.”
-. Masrin said, approaching the half buried vehicle- it has a diameter of twenty meters, and now a door was visible- Inside they were bulbs of light.A person appears on the threshold, looking at them. A flash of light and two EDs come from thesky, descending near by.
! Are you in danger?”
- One of the Ed said to them, and he has a ray gun in his hand.
“Not at the moment, but some minutes later we were certainly in dear peril.”
- Borton replied.
“Your flier packs?”
- The ED asked him.
“In a clearing near there… I´m afraid they are busted by the Diatryma.”
- Ninara the geneticistanswered him.
“I´ll call to the ship to
send some other ED to find out.- The first ED said, and he was model Edserial number 2200- the second there present was ED 2540, as shown in a lapel on his arm.They begin searching for some other animals; the EDs found the dangerous Sinosaurus: two of them were immobile near a pathway, waiting for some unaware animal to jump on it.The EDs fired and takes samples out of those, and come back at a trot.
Flordon was fully recovered from the passed impression and said: “Let´s return to the Sphere! ED:go there and fetch some flying packs for us!”
 ED 2200 fly
there with promptitude, and he was back in just fifteen minutes. ED 2540 said:”
- Ialready give
the warning, so the packs will be waiting for his arrival.”
Borton was looking at the aliens, and said:”
- Those alien people are exploring like us, but nottak
ing any sample.”
“They must belong to some planet with a lot lesser gravity , or perhaps they belong to some
satellite of lesser dimension.
“ Ninara said, who was very interested in to investigate the case.
 8But all the intents were unsuccessful: the aliens now were not responding and in general, ignoringthem totally.

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