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1920-1930 Objective Sheet

1920-1930 Objective Sheet

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Published by lockhartliz

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Published by: lockhartliz on May 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1US History 1920-1930s Study Guide1.Peoplea.Babe Ruth - United States professional baseball player famous for hitting homeruns (1895-1948) – Bambino – 60 Home Runs b.Huey Long – “king fish”. Gov/Sen from Louisiana. “Share our wealth”assassinated in 1935.c.Knute Rockne – Notre Dame Football coach with the highest winning percentage.d.Al Smith - Catholic, thick NY Accent, “wet candidate”e.Thorpe – considered America’s greatest athlete. Most versatile athletes in modernsports, he wonOlympicgold medals in the pentathlonanddecathlon, played American footballat the collegiate and professional levels, and also played professional baseballand basketball. f.Mellon – Harding’s Secretary of Financeg.Capone - gangster who terrorized Chicago during prohibition until arrested for taxevasion (1899-1947)h.C.E. Hughes – Supreme Court Chief Justicei.L. Hughes – Harlem Renaissance Poet j.Garvey - black leader who organized the first important American black nationalist movementk.Fall – teapot dome scandall.Coughlin – Father Charles Coughlin: “radio priest”; Midwest, huge ally early withFDR, then not. Blamed Bankers for Depression, had a huge following.m.Palmer - golfen.FDR – polio – Greatest hero – see FDR The Mano.Eleanor Roosevelti.Distant cousin of FDR ii.FDR’s “Legs”iii.Kept FDR politically activeiv.Minorities + womenv.Lucy Mercer – FDR’s Lover vi.Business marriage p.Francis Townsend: Elderly $200/mo SS Predecessor q.Lou Gareg – 3,000 Straight Games, Yankeer.Groacho Marks + Brothers – mustache + nose thingys.Shirley Temple – celebrity, child sta2.Crime & Trialsa.Scopesi.Clarence Darrow vs. William Jennings Bryanii.Scopes vs Tennesseeiii.Tennessee passed a law that said evolution could not be taughtiv.Scopes was teaching a few kids about evolution (ACLU) Investigatedv.WJB dies 5 days after the trial after being severely emotionally bashed.
2 b.St. Valentine’s Day Massacrei.Whiskey bust1.Morgan Gets out 2 “cops” tell the men to line up. Shoots themdead. 1 guy survives for a bit. 22 holes in them.2.Police turn out to be Capone’s men.ii.Witnesses say cops did it.1.Men ditch uniforms2.Over 300 police officers are questioned, all cleared.iii.No trialiv.Capone later goes to jail for tax evasion1.Alcatraz > treated very wellc.Leopold & Loebi.Graduated from University of Chicago and University of Michigan.ii.Wanted to commit the perfect crime and play an intellectual game.iii.Thrill killiv.Killed 14 year old bobby franksv.Lured the kid into the car and hit him with a chisel.vi.They then poured HCl on his face so he wouldn’t be identified.vii.They then got hot dogs and typed a ransom note for $10,000viii.Investigators find eyeglasses by the body with a unique hinge.1.Only 3 people in Chicago had glasses with that hinge. > Leopoldix.Evidence1.Eyeglasses, defective typewriter, letter, Leopold and loeb were notout picking up chicks, they were gay lovers.x.Clarence Darrow1.Pleaded guilty to eliminate jury, judge was sympathetic, life in prison +2.Leopold tutors and is good and gets out > writes a book 3.Leopold dies in 1971 Loeb in 1936d.Sacco & Vanzettii.Shot 2 Payroll workers and stole payroll checksii.Police find S+V with guns on them, 1 which matched the victims shots.iii.Judge was really racist against Italians.iv.Both men found guilty and executed.v.Sacco writes a letter to his son from jail.vi.Executed 1927.vii.Neither really did it, executed because they were Italian anarchists.e.Lindbergh Babyi.Charles Lindberg – Famous Aviator ii.Baby is kidnapped from 2
floor nurseryiii.Baby found by peeing trucker 4.5 miles from the Lindberg home
3iv.Pays ransom in gold notes (marked), someone tries to use one to buy gas.Tennant is confused, and writes the drivers plate number down.v.Bruno Hauptmanvi.Ladder matches attic floorboardsvii.Found around $13,000 in marked gold.viii.Evidence: Ladder, Mud (footprints), notes.3.Harlem Ren – see poets/ect – “Black literary renaissance” – New negro Movement4.KKK 2
- spread the hatred: Catholics, immigrants, blacks.5.Election of 1920a.Candidates– Harding (Coolidge) R vs Cox (FDR) D b.Results – Harding Wonc.Harding diesi.Coolidge is sworn in in the middle of the night in his dad’s living room.d.Coolidgei.Known for honestyii.Gets rid of falliii.Supports mellon’s policiesiv.“silent cal”v.Prosperity
a.Dark horse – “anything that may be brought against you that may hurt the party?”“no”i.Looks presidentialii.Front Porch Campaigniii.“keep warren at home, don’t let him make any speeches.”iv.Harding had an affair with his neighbor v.Nan Britton – has a child that is hardings.vi.Grace Cross – Hired for looks caught in closet with harding.vii.Secret Service protects him against his wifeviii.Carrie Phillips (sent to Asia on vacation + $2K/mo to be quietix.Over 100 love letters to be released in 2014x.“Harding had negro blood” – WM Chancellor xi.Hobbies: whiskey, tobacco, poker – PROHIBITIONxii.Cabinet:1.H. Hoovea.Sec of Commerce b.Ex Food Adminc.“hands off government2.Andrew Mellona.Sec of $ b.Supports high tariffsc.Cuts taxes for wealthy

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