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Mnaual Juicer

Mnaual Juicer

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Published by Pushpendra Singh
Road side vendor usage juicer....information on that juicer
Road side vendor usage juicer....information on that juicer

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Pushpendra Singh on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 10, Issue 2, Sep 2011
Raghunath D
, Prakash V Unakal
, Gopinath C
1-M.Sc. [Engg.] Student, 2-Professor, 3-
Professor, Department of DesignM.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
 Healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Fruits and vegetables are naturally availableresources and healthy food supplements for human consumption. In developing countries like India, street vendor’s supplies fruit juices for low and middle class people at affordable price. Due to economic growth and changing lifestylethere is an increase in consumption of fruit juice in India. Consequently, there is a need to provide a hygienic street vended fruit juice which satisfies both consumer and hawkers. There is a lot of scope to introduce a manual juicer whichis safe to drink and easy to maintain. Data collection was carried out by various research methods and analyzed. It was seen that there is increase in juice consumption in India as people are more health conscious. Auger type juicer is highly efficient and as highnutritional value from extracted juice when compared to other type of juicer. From user study it was concluded that  periodic cleaning of juicer was of prime importance in maintaining hygiene, as fermentation starts after two hours if  juicer is not used continuously. Due to complex product structure the user hesitates to clean the juicer during the day and it takes long time for cleaning the juicer. Dust and debris are the main contaminants on the collected juice as it is placed in an open environment. From the identified needs QFD was developed and the main priorities should considered aremechanism, material, ergonomics and form. From the QFD, Product Design Specification (PDS) was made. Conceptswere generated by solving issues like cleaning, hygienic, assembly and disassembly. Final concept was selected using Pugh selection method by evaluating all the concepts with datum product. A1:1 mock up model had been made to validate the concept and feedback was collected from users. From simulation, the proposed concept mock- up was found to have saving of over 50% time for cleaning compared to conventional juicer. It isthus surmised that the proposed concept is likely to be a superior substitute for the existing ones in terms of maintenanceand hygienic issues.
Citrus Juicer, Manual Juicer, Commercial Juicer, Hawkers, Citrus Juice, Hygiene
Kg Kilogram weightmm millimeter Length
CAD Computer Aided DesignPC PolycarbonatePDS Product DesignSpecificationsQFD Quality FunctionDeployment
Fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibres. There are vast benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables. Fruit juice cleansesand nourishes our body and also acts as thirst quencher.Juicing is an activity which separates liquid from fibre part of the fruit. History of extracting juice from fruits andvegetables is older than agriculture. In olden days peoplemanually squeeze the fruit with help of hand for extracting juice from fruits. Solid food particle are difficult to digestand absorb by human body when compared to liquid food.Fruit juices provide instant energy to our body. Due tochanging lifestyle, people prefer fruit juice rather than rawfruit as it takes time to peel and chew the fruit.
Citrus Juicer
Citrus fruit can’t efficiently extract juice fromconventional juicer (ordinary juicer). Citrus fruit requiresa dedicated juicing machine as the flesh is soft and outer  peel has bitter taste and contains some indigestiblechemicals. Citrus juicer is special juicer used for extracting juice from fruit like orange, sweet lime, limeand lemon. Solid fruits like apple, pineapple can’t beefficiently extract juice from citrus juicer. Reamer is theconventional manual citrus juicer. The common method of extracting juice from citrus fruit is to cut fruit into half andthen by using a reamer or press for extraction. Due totechnology advancement different types of advancedcitrus juice are available in the market. Juicers arecategorized into two they are household and commercial juicer. As juicing gains popularity in India due to increasein health conscious among people house hold juicers iswell developed in terms of usability, aesthetics andmaintenance. Less attention is paid towards small juicer used by hawkers. Commercial juicers are used in hotel,cafes, restaurant, juice shop, street vendors etc.
Street Vendors
Street vendors are providing juice at affordable priceto most sector of the people in India. They sell fruits, juices, vegetables, snacks, etc and it varies according totraditions of the place. Street vending is popular in urbanand sub urban areas. As India is a developing country,many people afford to consume juice offered by streetvendors. Street vending provides employment opportunityto many people to live their daily life. Citrus juice isselling by street vendor at affordable price. But few peoplehesitate to drink due to lack of facilities and unhygienicconditions
Volume 10, Issue 2, Sep 2011
A systematic design methodology is followed to achievereliable and most suitable solution. It involves thefollowing steps.
Journals and patent research
Market study and user(GEMBA)survey
Bench marking
QFD matrix
Concept generation and selection
Final concept refinement
 physical modeling
and validation
Journal papers and patents explored here are relateddirectly or indirectly to the proposed area of work that isdesign of a
Citrus fruit juicer
. These papers are tosupport and enlighten the whole process of design in thespecific area.
Citrus Fruit Extraction Method
This article focusing on citrus juice extractionmethods, as extraction method is a major area to befocused to make a hygienic and efficient juicer.
Brown Method
In this method the fruit is cut into half and squeeze againstthe reamer to extract the juice. Juice can’t be fullyextracted from the citrus fruit [1].
In line method
In this method, machine has upper and lower cup. Thefruit is fed on to the lower cup and the upper cup movesdown and encloses the fruit for extraction. The upper cuphas finger like structure in order to prevent the fruit from bursting. Upper and lower knife cut the plug to separatethe peel from the inner flesh portion of the fruit. The upper cup starts exerting pressure on the fruit to move the inner flesh portion into the strainer via the bottom plug. Theorifice tube moves upward tends to press the inner portionof the fruit in the strainer tube. Due to the pressure the juice is extracted from the inner portion of the fruit [1].
Extraction Type
Juice from citrus fruit can be extracted by twomethods. Citrus water and total citrus fruit method. Incitrus water, outer skin and white layer is removed whichresults in watery. As white layer is rich in vitamin P, thereis a huge nutrient loss in this method. In total citrus fruit,outer peel is removed and juice is extracted with whitelayer which results in thick and creamier juice. It requirescitrus juicer and can’t extract by conventional juicer [2].
Fig. 1 In line method [1]
Role of Extraction Method
Extraction method plays important role inmaintaining the nutrition content of the juice. To get fullnutrition benefits of juice it must be consumed soon after extracting from the fruit. Vitamin C [ascorbic acid] ismain constituent in citrus fruit and help in maintaining theshelf life of the juice. Ascorbic acid in citrus fruit isunstable and decomposes with heat, light, time andoxygen. After few hours fermentation starts and results in juice turns more acidic and stale taste. Pasteurization is thetechnique followed to increase the shelf life of the juice.[1]
Street Vended Food
Consumption of food from street vendor isincreased in recent years in India and getting popular among educated and rich people. This is due to increase in population. Ensuring food safety is important factor for street vendor. Most of the illnesses are caused due tounhygienic food. Most of the unhygienic conditions aredue to uncovering the prepared food, improper wash area,as people wash their hands next to the cart area, open dust bin which attracts flies, cleaning of plates and glasses inunclean water and water used for preparing the food.Many people are aware of these issues but they consume because of hunger, thirst and economic status. Eventhough some vendor prepare under hygienic conditions,the food get contaminated due to poor handling of food.Availability of good water is main factor for maintaininghygienic condition. Creating awareness among publicregarding hygienic condition through media can increasethe awareness among public and vendors [3].
Ergonomic Aspects of Hand Wheel Turning
This article gives an overview of the ergonomicfactors need to be considered while operating hand wheel.
Volume 10, Issue 2, Sep 2011
Ergonomic Concerns in Design of Hand Wheel
Hand wheel placement – height, orientation
Turning radius – increase in radius reduce the effort
Handles –diameter, length, material and texture
Grip strength – power gripThe result shows that people prefer 8 & 12 inch diameter for low force settings and 16 inch is preferred for highforce [4].
3.6 Citrus Ripening Season
There are different families of sweet lime availablein India and each variety has different harvesting andripening season which makes fruit available throughoutthe year. Orange is a seasonal fruit and it’s produced between September and May. Lime available throughoutthe year, but maximize its availability in June and August[5].
3.7 Structure of Citrus Fruit
Citrus fruit has an outer rind. White pith is inside theouter rind which is rich in vitamin P. After the white pith,fruit segment contain juice sacs and seeds [6].
Fig. 2 Structure of citrus fruit [6]
There are two different types of commercial citrus juicer. They are press type juicer and single auger juicer.These types of juicer are available for both household andcommercial purpose.
4.1 Press Type Juicer
In press type it uses brown method for extracting juice from the fruit. It has a lever mechanismfor pressing the fruit against the reamer for extracting the juice. It is available in various sizes. Advantage are easyto maintain, compact and reliable. Main disadvantage areits less efficient and while extracting juice it extracts peeloil which results in bitter taste.
Fig. 3 Press type juicer [7-10]4.2 Auger Type Juicer
In single auger type juicer it uses total citrusfruit extraction type. It has an auger in which the fruit iscrushed against the wall by rotating the auger screw. It isavailable in various sizes. Advantages are the resultant juice will be creamier and rich in nutritional content. Itcan efficiently extract juice from the fruit and yield morewhen compared to press type juicer. No bitter taste. Asyield is more this type of juicer can be suitable for commercial market. Main disadvantage is difficult tomaintain.
Fig. 4 Single auger juicer [11-13]
Bench Marking
By studying the various available commercial juicers, single auger citrus fruit juicer is suitable for commercial purpose due to its high yield capacity. Kalsi ismost selling juicer brand in this category. This is the best juicer in terms of quality when compared to other brands.So this juicer is chosen as competitive bench marking product. Its specification are listed below
Fig. 5 Bench marked product [9]

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