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DuBow Digest Germany Edition June 16, 2013

DuBow Digest Germany Edition June 16, 2013

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Published by Eugene DuBow
An American Jewish - German Information & Opinion Newsletter
An American Jewish - German Information & Opinion Newsletter

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Eugene DuBow on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GERMANY EDITIONJune 18, 2013Dear Friends:While we have had quite a bit of rain here in the New York area and a little bit of localflooding, we have had nothing like what has been going on in Germany. Our hearts goout to you.Mideast peace is never far from Jewish consciousness and so the delay of Secy.Kerry's promised next trip to the area has raised some questions about what he thinkshis chances of succeeding are. Of course, both he and Pres. Obama are deeplyinvolved in thinking about what the U.S. role in the Syrian situation might be now thatthe U.S. has promised weapons to the rebels. Of course, Americans are trying to figureout what our role will be.
No “boots on the ground”. That is certain.
Jews are particularlyinterested in how Israel might be affected. Obviously, at this point there are morequestions than there are answers.The report that the Bundestag passed a resolution committing itself to renewed actionagainst anti-Semitism was warmly received in the American Jewish press. Since theparliament now remains in session only until the summer break, we'll have to wait to seewhat sort of action plan will eventuate from the passage of this important resolution.
Hopefully, we’ll see
one in 2013-2014.No one expects much change from the election in Iran.
 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s
supreme leader, who runs the show, took it upon himself to denounce the U.S. and tosay that the Zionists run the American elections. Ahmadinejad may be gone but I havethe feeling that the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rants will continue. The new President is
supposedly a “moderate”. That word has many meanings. We’ll have to wait and see
what happens.By the way, Germany is about to get a new U.S. Ambassador. Philip D. Murphy will beleaving later this year and John Emerson, a Los Angeles investment managementexecutive who co-
chaired the Obama campaign’s Southern California finance team, will
be nominated as the next U.S. ambassador to Germany. He must be confirmed by theSenate.
The Washington Post 
“In c 
hoosing Emerson to go to Germany, for example,Obama has selected a seasoned financial executive who brings a political background from his work in the Clinton White House, colleagues said.
“John was extremely well 
-respected inside the campaign, both for his political 
experience and its overlay with his understanding of global financial markets,” said 
Wade Randlett, a top Obama campaign fundraiser who served with Emerson on an
advisory committee to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. “It‟s no surpr 
ise tome that the president tapped him for what is obviously one of the most important posts
in global economics.” 
On the subject of the American President, he is going to be making a speech in Berlin
this coming week. We’ll be closely following what he
has to say. If you have anyinteresting reactions let me know(dubowdigest@optonline.net)  So much for what I've got on my mind. Let's get on with the news...IN THIS EDITIONZIONISM
There is a lot of anti-Zionist rhetoric one hears. But, what is Zionism? Howmuch about it do you really know? What does it take to be a Zionist? Find out below! ANGST & BLAME
A noted journalist tackles the question of what goes on in
Germany’s “inner self”.
A Jewishdisgrace needs a lot more self-confrontation
From a Palestinian source
 what might the Middle East look like in the near and long term futures. Are thereimplications for Israel
Palestinian peace?LATRUN
Never heard of it? Another Palestinian roadblock to peace.HOLOCAUST MEMORIALS: AMERICAN STYLE
Not only in New York andWashington.ZIONISMOne of the most bandied about terms is
“Zionism”. In the latter part of the 20
Century it
was “Zionism is Racism”. Many in the Arab world can’t stomach the name “Israel” sothey refer to it as the “Zionist Entity”.
So what is Zionism or being a Zionist? How might one define it?
3The great Israeli novelist A.B. Yehoshua who is (Wikipedia
An ardent, untiring activist in the Israeli Peace Movement, Yehoshua attended the signing of the Geneva Accord and freely airs his political views in essays and interviews. He is a long-standing critic of 
Israeli occupation but also of the Palestinians” 
has tried his hand at a definition.I do not usually reprint long articles. However, the piece below not only spells out adefinition of an important term but it is so clear and beautifully written that I am going toviolate my own rule on article length. If you at all interested in the subject of Zionism you
will find Yehoshua’s article enli
ghtening and easy to understand.In a
article he writes
, ““Zionist” is a concept that‟s basically simple, c 
lear, easy to define and understand, and there should be no difficulty defending its definition. But over the past 20 to 30 years, this simple concept has turned into one of the most confused and complicated notions of identity, and its overuse has made it impossible toagree on what it means.The right likes to use it as a type of whipped cream to improve the taste of dubiousdishes, while the left treats it with fear, as if it were a mine liable to explode in its hands
− which is why it always feels the
need to neutralize it with some strange adjective, as in
“sane Zionism” or “humane Zionism.” In the dispute between the “national camp” and the “peace camp,” Zionism is used as an offensive weapon that is batted from one side
to the other. Abroad, critics of Israel use Zionism as a kind of poisonous potion to exacerbate every 
accusation against the state. Many critics believe that the solution to Israel‟s future lies
in the de-
Zionization of its identity. Among Israel‟s sworn enemies, “Zionist” is a
c epithet, a term of denunciation that replaces the word “Israeli” or “Jew.” Hamas
members speak of the captured Zionist soldier, and Hezbollah and Iran speak of thecriminal Zionist entity, not about Israel.
So it‟s about time that we try to define the word “Zionist” realistically. First of all, we
must remember that from a historical perspective, the concept emerged only at the end 
of the 19th century. It‟s meaningless to try and describe Yehuda Halevi as a Zionist, or 
any other Jew who immigrated to the Holy Land in centuries past. In the same fashion,
we can‟t use the terms “socialism” or “socialist” for periods before the middle of the 19thcentury, and describe Robespierre, for example, as the “socialist” of the French
Revolution, which occurred at the end of the 18th century. These concepts only havesignificance from the time when they emerged in a specific historical context, and tossing them around freely as labels for anything we choose is a clearly anachronistic act.If so, how would we define who is a Zionist, starting from the emergence of the Zionist movement as inspired by Theodor Herzl and his associates? Here is the definition: AZionist is a person who desires or supports the establishment of a Jewish state in theLand of Israel, which in the future will become the state of the Jewish people. This is
based on what Herzl said: “In Basel I founded the Jewish state.” 

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