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PRISM/US-984XN Cyber Cointelpro Operations

PRISM/US-984XN Cyber Cointelpro Operations

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Published by BobLevin
Support Whistleblower Patriots and recognize those within the corporatist government who oppose them as the unmasked criminals and traitors destroying America.
Support Whistleblower Patriots and recognize those within the corporatist government who oppose them as the unmasked criminals and traitors destroying America.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: BobLevin on Jun 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bob Levin
TM & 2013
© Bob Levin, Investigative JournalistAll Rights Reserved.
Sunday, June 16, 2013
[Last updated: 07.13.2013, 7:10 AM PST]
Ongoing Illegal Cyber Cointelpro Operations conducted by the Surveillance State andthe global continuing criminal enterprise of the US government; a tentacle of thepsychopathic groupthink orchestrated from the head of a monstrous octopus namedThe World Bank - the Classified NSA PRISM/US-984XN Program operating in parallelwith (TS/SI/NF) FAA 702 Operations, code name "Upstream".
Ref: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/prism-collection-documents/
Thanks to NSA Whistleblower Patriot, Edward Snowden, "We the People" of the 99% rank and file,now know the classified name of the ongoing illegal Cyber Cointelpro operations that haveevolved since the program's inception in 1956. The program name PRISM/US-984XN has alreadybeen changed, but in the same manner as the Cointelpro program officially ending, the
operational methods continue beneath the prostituted mask of the "War on Terror" and againsttargeted individuals as covert and overt acts of terrorism and torture.How interesting that FEDbook's bot technology algorithms are subverting my ability to publishcommentaries containing tripwire buzz words. Last night in the early morning hours and minutesafter checking my email and starting some online research, a pulse of energy destroyed my desklamp causing sparks to fly and the power to shutdown in my office and bedroom. Later in themorning when I checked the new formatting on my YouTube account, they had unsubscribed mefrom Democracy Now and Al Jazeera English..I subscribed again!These are the type of sanctions recognized through their repeated frequencies of occurrences thatare intended to fractionalize the lives of targeted individuals. These acts of ongoing illegal CyberCointelpro operations, are being carried out by the use of a U.S. militarized NSA and their privatecontractor mercenaries. For over thirteen years as an FBI Whistleblower Patriot, myself andothers have named many of these companies and ever citizen should document these events in apersonal log to maintain a record that will demonstrate a pattern and a repeated frequency of occurrence. These military, political and privatized sanctions are illegal, unconstitutional,undemocratic, and the anti-American empirical intrusions that are railroading our nation towardsunbridled tyranny. These crimes by government are covert and overt acts of terrorism, tortureand "no touch" invisible physical torture. Coconspiratorially orchestrated by the NSA andCommander and Chief, these cyber attacks are the tradecraft and operational tactics, techniquesand technologies employed for the resulting harm of systematic systemic genocide for negativeeugenics. They are further applied under the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm and inconjuncture with the evolved fractionalizing methods of McCarthyism and ongoing illegal cyberCointelpro operations under a host of classified program titles.Whistleblower Patriots, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are American Heroes who standfor genuine freedom and liberty against the government criminals and traitors of the corporatistmilitary industrial complex who oppose them, because war for profit is this government'sgenocidal mechanism for perpetuating the corporatist agenda to process the total aggregate of the world into a commodity.Whistleblowers who expose these erosive tools of an outlaw terrorist government anddemonstrate how they are being used under ulterior motives and a medium of perpetualcounterintelligence reverse tactics against the American people and the World of Human Beings.These crimes of government against the American people are supported by the legalizedcriminality of congressional capos who turn tricks of, for and by their corporatist pimps whileclearly demonstrating that our government has been overthrown and cannot be trusted.These actions are the waypoints of an American holocaust that signals, "We the People" mustpurge the criminal actors of government and continue forward with a restorative revolution underthe lawful terms of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the buttressing principles of ourConstitution wherever possible.Obama and the 1% minority cannot tell the truth unless it is to cover-up one LIE with another.When you hear Obama say "we are in this with you", understand that the only thing they have "inyou" is government's nose stuck so far up your behind that it will break-off unless we give turnsignals.The 99% rank and file and constitutional ruling majority, recognizes the human beings, ourcitizens, truth tellers, activists, advocates, writers, journalists, the free press, all targetedindividuals, and whistleblower as patriots and heroes. Whistleblowers are not traitors and thosewithin government who attack whistleblowers with the rhetoric of counterintelligence reversetactics are the unmasked true criminals.
In this life and the next, I stand with the human beings and for the genuine dream and promiseof America, which must not be allowed to continue its conversion into the guarantee of layeredvirtual death camp environment.
(TS/SI/NF) FAA 702 Operations, code name "Upstream", NSA classified programworking in parallel with the PRISM program.
Ref.: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/prism-collection-documents/http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/us-tech-giants-nsa-data
Former FISC judge, the Hon. James Robertson, has broken ranks with government.
[Photo credit: Cliff Owen/AP]

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