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Harry Potter Goes to Forks Chapter 2

Harry Potter Goes to Forks Chapter 2



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Published by Yana
This is chapter 2 of harry potter goes to forks...i hope you enjoy it.
This is chapter 2 of harry potter goes to forks...i hope you enjoy it.

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Published by: Yana on May 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 2
Bella’s P OVHarry was so excited that I swear he could not contain himself. As soon as Iparked my Ferrari he jumped out of it and stood there in front of my door to openit for me. He opened it and said he wanted to speak to me in private.“Hey Bells! I hope you don’t mind but I have a friend coming over. His name isCedric Digory. And oh my god Bells, but he looks just like Edward. So if by anychance some guy who comes in his motorcycle here who looks just like Edwardthat is Cedric.” I just nodded. Renee was right. Harry is definitely a weird cousin.He met everyone and winced at their touch. It was too cold for him. I explainedthat they stay in their rooms with the air conditioner on 24/7 and that is whytheir hands are like ice.Edward left just a few minutes ago to go show Harry our cottage, Alice and Jasperwere out shopping, Rosalie and Emmet were hunting, Carlisle was in his studyand Esme was in their room working on blueprints. I was just about to go look forEdward and Harry when I saw a motorcycle parked in front of the house. Therehe was my angel, my pride and my fortune, Edward. He was leaning on themotorcycle. How strange of him to be doing that. I have never seen him with amotorbike before. When did he buy one? Oh well! It is probably brand new but Idon’t care as long as he was willing to let me ride it.“Hello. You must be Bella.”“Of course, I am silly! How could you not know me?” I said.“I am sorry. You might be mistaken. I am C-” I silenced him with my lips before hecould say anything else.
Alice’s POV
I was out shopping with Jazz when I saw something so disturbing. There were nosales. That wasn’t what was disturbing but it is considered disturbing. Anyways,it was my vision that was really disturbing me. But then it became funny. It wasBella. She was welcoming Cedric Digory, the friend of Harry when she kissedhim. Oh. My. God. Edward will be so pissed. Oh wait he is. He just saw them kiss.I better get back before they start a fight. I tugged on Jasper’s hand which wasintertwined with mine and he looked at me lovingly.“Jazzy,” I said sweetly, “We have to go home. Bells accidentally kisses Harry'sfriend and Edward sees them kiss.” I gave Jasper a quick peck on the lips and rantowards home. I hope I can make it there before they kiss. Oops! Too late. Theyalready kissed and Edward is practically growling so loud as if he was growling inmy ear. How could Bella not hear him? Before I knew it, Edward jumped out frombehind the bush and landed on Cedric.

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i laughed so much it was hilarious yo have to write more that has cedric, edward and bella
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lol wright more
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