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3 Things You'Re Screwing Up

3 Things You'Re Screwing Up

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Published by kyawkyawaung81

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Published by: kyawkyawaung81 on Jun 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3 Things You're Screwing Up (and WhyNobody Tells You)
Sure, you're a great leader and you always ask for feedback. But there are three mistakes you'remaking that nobody has the guts to tell you about.Adie Bush/GettyGiven the ubiquity these days of 360 assessments, rounded feedback, and executive coaching,you'd think that there would be little room for unexposed flaws in a business leader.You'd be wrong.Due to a combination of taboo, sensitivity, and downright fear, there are many things that business leaders screw up regularly, and which they rarely get called on--however open, honestand transparent the company culture.Here are the three subjects which I see business leaders most commonly screw up on, withoutanyone ever telling them:
Whether it's harmless Uncle Joe who has managed the warehouse since timeimmemorial; the brash son-in-low Juan who thinks he's god's gift to sales; the niece Effie who passive-aggressively rules the roost in accounting; or your spouse who has a de facto veto over every and any decision of import: whoever it is, you can bet no-one has told you straight justhow horrendously incompetent your family's contributions to the business are.Of course, this doesn't apply to you, because you know
family members are doing a bang-up job. Which, of course, is why no-one
tell you the truth.

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