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The Art of Enjoying the Bible

The Art of Enjoying the Bible

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Jun 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE ART OF EJOYIG THE BIBLEBY EDWARD LEIGH PELLRICHMOD VATHE IDEA PUBLISHIG COMPAYCopyrighted byB. F. Johnson Publishing Company.1899.PREFACE.In the following pages I have tried to set down,in language as plain as I could command, an answerin some sort to the one question which comes to myears oftener than any other; namely, "How can Iread the Bible so as to enjoy it ?" 'ot how to readthe Bible — for every one knows how to read it forone purpose or another — for conscience' sake, for ex-ample, or for literary gain, or for texts to support apet theory, or as a religious duty — but how to read itwith that sense of pleasure which we think one oughtto feel in reading such a book as we believe the Bibleto be.COTETS.I. A Question of Pi^easureII. Getting Ready . . .III. Manner of ApproachIV. The Matter of Method .V. Reading the Bibi,e by Books
VI. In Reading Particui^ar BooksVII. Studying the Bibi^e by TopicsVIII. The Topicai, Method Ii,i,ustratedIX. One Way of Studying the Sunday-Schooi.Lesson ....X. Accounting for DifficultiesXI. A Pair of eglected HelpsXII. To Cultivate a Taste for the Bible inLittle ChildrenXIII. When Family Worship is a PleasureXIV. Additional Points ....I.A QUESTIO^ OF PLEASURE.He finds little profit who finds little pleasure inseeking it. The rule holds good in every sphere of activity: in hunting, in fishing, in gold-seeking, inscientific investigation, in searching the Scriptures — in every exacting quest the most valuable "finds" arereserved for those who find most pleasure in toilingfor them. The man who quickly tires of carrying agun brings back little game; the man who finds nodelight in scrambling over the rocks finds little gold ;the man who never reads a chapter in the Bible, with-out first turning the leaf to see how long it is, willnot grow rich in heavenly wisdom. One cannot drawtreasures out of a mine by a yawn.To read the Bible with profit, one must not onlyknow how to read it ; one must know how to read itso as to enjoy it. To enjoy a simple story, one needsonly to have an appetite for it, and to dive into it.To enjoy a book of complex character — a vast store-house of intellectual and spiritual riches — one must[7]
■'?^8 ART OF EJOYIG THE BIBLE.have, besides an appetite for it, some conception of itsvalue ; and one must know how to get at its contents.One reason why many people do not enjoy theBible is that they have never learned that there isanything in it to enjoy. It has not occurred to themthat the Bible has any practical use. They keep it inthe same way and for the same reason that they keepa family relic — because it is sacred, and they feelbetter for handling sacred things; and they expectto be rewarded not by anything that they may get outof it, but as a prize for honoring it.Put a stem- winder in the hands of your boy, and itwill be to him nothing more than a toy, until one dayhe happens to turn the stem and the wheels start off,and it becomes a living watch. Most of us have gotto go on an expedition of discovery through ourBibles before we will learn that the Old Book is not atoy, but a living time-piece that tells off the minutesas they fly, and points to the twelfth hour and to thenight coming when no man can work.The prevailing ignorance of the Bible is not of thenegative sort; the trouble is not the lack of ideasabout the Book, but that the ideas are wrong. Fiveugly blisters need puncturing :1. The Bible is not a chest of relics. Some peo-ple profess to dislike the Book for the same reasonthat they dislike musty odors or dead men's bones.This is mere chaff. The Bible is made of ancientdocuments, but it is not a whit more ancient thanA QUESTIO OF PLEA8VRE. 9the beautiful vase formed to-day out of materials

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