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World Turned Upside Down

World Turned Upside Down

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Published by doolgirl

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Published by: doolgirl on May 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World Turned Upside Down
The courthouse was bustling with activity. It wasn't anything more than the typical day inthe halls of justice, but Anthony Capelli always felt a little hemmed in by the river of harried humanity that swept through the corridors - attorneys, defendants, witnesses -all dressed to the nines in their Sunday best. He stood off to the side this morning, partof an atoll of blue in a sea of silk suits. The knot of uniformed officers listened as anassistant prosecutor reviewed the order of their appearance in court that morning. Capelliwas on the fringes of the group, only half listening, when a file folder, heavy with a sheaf of documents, fell to the floor at his feet. Anthony's training "to serve and protect" kickedin and he reflexively stooped to retrieve the papers for their hapless owner.He was crouched on the marble floor, shuffling papers back into the folder, when a pair of Italian leather pumps stepped into view and stopped near his busy hand. The shoes, heguessed, could cost a good chunk of his monthly salary. Anthony's eyes slid from theexpensive Italian pumps to the slender ankles of the woman wearing them. From there,his gaze moved slowly up a length of shapely, silken calf to that enticing height where thehem of a pricey European suit skirt skimmed a creamy knee.A slow grin crept across Anthony Capelli's full lips. "Why, Miss Davis," he purredseductively, his gaze never rising above the exposed length of her lower leg. "Long time,no see, ma'am."*****Anthony Capelli's smile hadn't faded as he gathered up the last of the errant documentsand stuffed them back into the dropped file folder. He was still eye level with the best setof legs to ever grace the PCPD, but he knew that the owner of those gams was less thanthrilled with him at the moment. Alexis stood with her weight on one stilettoed heel, thetoe of her other pump tapping impatiently as she waited for him to stand to face her. Heguessed - correctly, he realized as he righted himself - that she had one hand firmlyplanted on a curvaceous hip, her face registering her momentary disdain."I hope you don't expect my to be flattered by that rude, objectifying, sexist assumption,officer Capelli," she spoke with an icy air."Never," Capelli grinned in spite of himself and offered her the retrieved file with itsrescued contents."I'm glad you find such piggish behavior so amusing," she replied evenly as she took thefile from his outstretched hand.Capelli shook his head, failing in his attempt to rein in his smile. "Not at all," heanswered. "My mother raised me right enough to be appalled by my sexist piggishness.""Then may I ask what has you so full of yourself at this particular moment?" she pressedhim.The smile broke out on his face again in full force, lighting a twinkle in his dark eyes."Ma'am, I might have been an objectifying sexist pig when I recognized you by yourlegs...but I was right," he drawled smugly.Alexis rolled her eyes, a hint of a grin tugging at her own lips. "Men," she sighed as sheturned on her heel and started down the marbled corridor. "Good day, officer Capelli.""Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...hold up a sec there, counselor." He reached for her
elbow, his fingers barely brushing her skin when Alexis froze mid-step.A sense of déjà vu washed over her as Anthony Capelli uttered words so reminiscent of something Sonny might have said. For a brief, terrifying but exciting moment, Alexisalmost expected to see Sonny's face when she turned her attention back to the man withhis hand on her elbow.Anthony noted the change in her demeanor as her eyes met his. Assuming that it was hispresumptive touch that had triggered her response, he removed his hand quickly fromher arm. "Sorry," he mumbled in apology. "I didn't mean to..."Alexis shrugged off both the feeling of déjà vu and officer Capelli's offered apology. "It'sokay," she whispered with a shake of her head. "Did you want something?"Did he want something? Capelli grinned again, this time more to himself than outwardly.For being such a smart woman, Alexis Davis could sure be dense sometimes. In all themonths that he'd nursed his little crush on her, she'd never once seemed to pick up on hissignals. Of course, her life had been pretty crazy for a long time. But now that she hadher daughter home and her law license reinstated, things were settling down for her andthis might be just the time for a potential suitor to make his interest a little moreobvious."You're not around the cop shop too much anymore, not since you don't have to comedown to spring Sonny Corinthos out of jail." Anthony saw the defensiveness rise up in hereyes and instantly regretted his misstep. Idiot. Of course Corinthos would be a sore spot.She'd taken a lot of grief for representing him. "It...it's not the same without your class inthe joint," he teased, hoping to recover.Alexis relaxed a bit. "I'll assume that's an attempt at offering a compliment, and I acceptit with thanks. Is that all?"She wasn't going to make this easy on him, was she? "Would you like to get a cup of coffee?""With you, or for you?" she asked wryly.Capelli laughed. Touché. He deserved that one. "With me," he answered, hopefully.Alexis shook her head gently. "I don't think so," she answered, her tone softening."Come on," Capelli coaxed. "Wasn't I one of your favorite uniforms? Didn't I always saveyou a jelly doughnut anytime we brought in...anytime I knew you'd be coming?"Alexis smiled warmly. "Capelli...""Anthony.""Anthony, it's not personal. It's just...it's been a long day. I'm on my way over to Kelly'sto pick up a dinner order, and then I'm heading home to my little girl.""Kelly's has coffee," Capelli countered. "Jelly doughnuts, too."Alexis laughed. "Maybe some other time. Okay?" With that, she turned and headed forthe heavy oak doors that led out to the street."I'll hold you to it!" Capelli called after her, eliciting another soft laugh that was music to
his ears.*****Capelli jumped back a step as the red headed youngster blew by him through Kelly'sentrance, calling out the name of some unseen person as he ran past.*****Alexis pulled open the door to Kelly's and stepped into the diner. She made a beeline forthe lunch counter, where her dinner order would be waiting. All she wanted to do was gethome to her daughter, the experience still being so new that the thrill of returning toKristina's excited smiles hadn't diminished in the slightest.Alexis reached the counter and smiled at Penny. That smile faded as the two womenexchanged words. Penny lifted a hand and pointed to a table by the front door. Alexisturned toward the direction the waitress was indicating. When her eyes met his, AnthonyCapelli smiled his most winning smile.The charm appeared lost on Alexis as she approached the table with no hint of humor inher expression. "I believe you have my dinner," she stated flatly.Anthony grinned. "That I do. All bought and paid for, and ready to go. As soon as we'redone with our coffee." He indicated the pot sitting in the middle of the table, two coffeemugs ready to receive the brew."Capelli," Alexis sighed in exasperation."Anthony," he corrected her again.Alexis dug into her purse and pulled out her wallet. She deftly pulled out several bills anddropped them on the table. "Please let me have my dinner." She held out her hand,waiting for him to comply."One cup of coffee. Please.""If you don't give me my food, I'll just place another order and you'll be stuck with thatone," she threatened."You'll have time for coffee while you're waiting for that new order, won't you?" hegrinned up at her.Alexis laughed in spite of herself. "You are the most stubborn, one track, tenacious,infuriating...""How long before you get to 'charming' and 'adorable'?" he cut in."Don't hold your breath," Alexis shot back, a touch of humor in her voice.Capelli turned up the wattage on his smile. "I got you the last one," he crooned, lifting aplate with a single jelly doughnut.*****Alexis sat at the table, sipping coffee opposite the very attractive, very persistent,Anthony Capelli. She wasn't quite sure why she'd agreed, finally."Something wrong?" Capelli asked, noting her wrinkled brow.

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