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Airbus Fast Magazine 50

Airbus Fast Magazine 50

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Published by Rama Renspandy
Airbus Fast Magazine 50
Airbus Fast Magazine 50

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Published by: Rama Renspandy on Jun 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   A   I   R   B   U   S    T   E   C   H   N   I   C   A   L    M   A   G   A   Z   I   N   E   F   A   S   T    5   0
    f    a    s    t   5    0
It’s not so often that we celebratesymbolic milestones of a magazinedealing with ‘serious’ subjects suchas Flight, Airworthiness, Supportand Technology (FAST). So,I thought the 50
 edition would bea good opportunity to do so.The idea for FAST was conceived in 1983 by Arno Stein and Bernard Ziegler - a true Airbus pioneer, at that time respectivelyVice President and Senior VicePresident of Airbus Customer Support. The editor was Alasdair Reynolds, the Technical Director was Gerard Misraï, and thegraphic design was under KnutMarsen assisted by Agnès Massol-Lacombe, who overtook thoseresponsibilities until her ownretirement in 2009.The best way to celebrate thismilestone is to thank all of those whomade this longevity possible.Firstly, thanks to the thousands of readers around the world who haveencouraged us over the years tocontinue publishing technical articleson our Airbus aircraft. Secondly, a big part of the merit goes to Airbuscolleagues from all different areas of activity: Design offices, flight tests,training, maintenance and engineeringsupport, spares and logistics, upgradeservices, to name a few, and alsooccasionally some airline customers’staff, who have contributed in writing suchinteresting articles.Finally, I would like to thank the smallteam of people on the picture, who directlycontributed to the production of thismagazine: The successive editors standingfrom left to right - Denis Dempster, KennethJonhson and the actual one, Lucas Blumenfeld -and for the art design, Agnès Massol-Lacombe.The common point between all the people whomade this FAST adventure possible is the sameand shared passion for aviation.Let’s continue sharing this passion with you,through many more editions of FAST magazine!
FAST magazine publisher 
Publisher: Bruno PIQUETEditor: Lucas BLUMENFELDPage layout: quatcoul
Cver: FAST 50
editinCver design: quatcul Authrisatin fr reprint f FAST Magazine articles shuld be requestedfrm the editr at the FAST Magazine e-mail address given belw
Customer Services Communications
Tel: +33 (0)5 61 93 43 88Fax: +33 (0)5 61 93 47 73e-mail: fast.magazine@airbus.cm
Printer: Amadi
FAST Magazine ma be read n Internethttp://www.airbus.cm/supprt/publicatinsunder ‘
Quick references
ISSN 1293-547
© AIRBUS S.A.S. 2012.
All rights reserved. Proprietary document
B taking deliver f this Magazine (hereafter “Magazine”), u accept n behalff ur cmpan t cmpl with the fllwing. N ther prpert rights are grantedb the deliver f this Magazine than the right t read it, fr the sle purpse finfrmatin. This Magazine, its cntent, illustratins and phts shall nt be mdifiednr reprduced withut prir written cnsent f Airbus S.A.S. This Magazine and thematerials it cntains shall nt, in whle r in part, be sld, rented, r licensed t anthird part subject t pament r nt. This Magazine ma cntain market-sensitiver ther infrmatin that is crrect at the time f ging t press. This infrmatininvlves a number f factrs which culd change ver time, affecting the true publicrepresentatin. Airbus assumes n bligatin t update an infrmatin cntained inthis dcument r with respect t the infrmatin described herein. The statementsmade herein d nt cnstitute an ffer r frm part f an cntract. The are based n Airbus infrmatin and are expressed in gd faith but n warrant r representatinis given as t their accurac. When additinal infrmatin is required, Airbus S.A.Scan be cntacted t prvide further details. Airbus S.A.S shall assume n liabilit fran damage in cnnectin with the use f this Magazine and the materials it cntains,even if Airbus S.A.S has been advised f the likelihd f such damages. This licenceis gverned b French law and exclusive jurisdictin is given t the curts and tribunalsf Tuluse (France) withut prejudice t the right f Airbus t bring prceedings frinfringement f cpright r an ther intellectual prpert right in an ther curt fcmpetent jurisdictin. Airbus, its lg, A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330,A340, A350, A380 and A400M are registered trademarks.
JULy 2007
 AUGUST 2012
Fuel and emissions efficiency
Saving fuel and reducing emissins: A jint undertaking
Airbus Fuel and Flight EfficiencyConsulting Services
Wrking tgether t save n airline csts
The 4D-trajectory management
Flight efficient traffic sequencing basedn aircraft predictins
olivier DE-LA-BURGADEPierre NERISlvain RAyNAUD
Airbus Technical AOG Centre
24 Hurs in AIRTAC
Cabin air quality: The key to a comfortable flight
Hw t make an aircraft breathe
Dr. Andreas BEZoLD
 An innvative cabin ptin fr the A320 Famil
Stefanie vn LINSToW
Passenger comfort
Imprving air qualit in cabins
Customer Services
FAST magazine quiz
Celebrating the 50
Customer Services Worldwide
 Arund the clck... Arund the wrld
   A   I   R   B   U    S    T   E    C   H   N   I    C   A   L    M   A    G   A   Z   I   N   E
    f    a    s    t   5    0
This issue f FAST Magazine has been printedn paper prduced withut using chlrine, t reducewaste and help cnserve natural resurces.
Every little helps! 
Photo copyright Airbus Photo credits: Airbus Photographic Library, Airbus Flight Test Photo Lab, EADS Corporate Heritage, E M Company, Eurocontrol.

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