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Raspberry PI kit

Raspberry PI kit

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Published by S Bera
Easy to use fun filled Raspberry PI kit for people of age group 45+ and Student of age group 10+.

Those who really like fun together with learning, it's for them.
Easy to use fun filled Raspberry PI kit for people of age group 45+ and Student of age group 10+.

Those who really like fun together with learning, it's for them.

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Published by: S Bera on Jun 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Raspberry-Pi Kit
Vision: Making life fun & picking up a third thingAge group1:
45+ have spare time and wants to make life fun filled at the same time learningcomputer as well as electronics at ease also helping find out a third thing of life.
Age group2:
10+ students to take up electronics and computer seriously as career in life.
Third thing:
Knowingly or unknowingly we pick up a hobby or third thing which makes our lifemeaningful and gives a direction through which we channelize our energy. Times passes while our creativity spurts and makes our life fun filled.At 45+ television & Internet steals away a helllot of our time and at the end of the day when we look back, we find it's just reclined in arm chair and adding hours to our already sedentary life. Certainly no doubt the blood sugar , heart disease ison the rise at this bracket of age group. But picking up a third thing and pouring one's heart & mindinto it makes everything different. There are lots of third things available for grab – gardening,traveling, singing, dancing ,painting ,running ,writing. The list is endless and here I'm adding onemore – Electronics with Raspberry-Pi.
If electronics fascinated you ever or you use to be amazed at the computer showrooms where all different computers are on display then it's time now to give it a serious thought totake up a third thing which borders on both electronics and computers - Electronics with Raspberry-Pi.Ever since this credit card sized computer has appeared in the market theelectronics & computer hobbyist around the world are highly enthusiastic about the future possibilities with it. The hobby shop giants – adafruit.com, sparkfun.com, element14.com have beenripping the markets with add on boards / models / projects on Raspberry Pi computer. The UK andEurope markets & institutions are quite charged with the arrival of Raspberry Pi. In India theRaspberry Pi has certainly reached the market but in absence of hobby group or hobby kit it hasfailed to create the much desired uproar. On the other hand it's low cost & hi scalability could havecreated high sparks among computer / electronics savvy minds.In the educational institutions even the computer teachers too are not aware of it, far to talk of experimenting with it. Our Indian education system is the most rotten thing – the word creativity ,experimentation are the words hardly found in their curriculum. In the name of computer educationour students get only few exposures to a certain high level languages – C , C++ , HTML besidesrunning the windows operating system beyond which they know naught.In this completely hopeless situation when I talked to a group of high school students I find they arecompletely disillusioned about computer education . The way they have been educated about thesubject not surprisingly to produce that kind of emotions. The utterly bored students finally findsolace in other non-productive jobs like driving , IPL etc.
Embarking on this void market I find a suitable pi-kit with a good guide book can realignour student group making them curious & techno savvy again. At the same time the middle agedgroup of people who have little spare money but more spare time can pick up a third thing in'Electronics with Raspberry-Pi'. Creativity & curiosity which is strangulating in an unfriendlyatmosphere will soar again in a conducive atmosphere. The pi-kit will consist of a complete kit with everything in a box and a guide book with all step-by-step practical hand-on projects right from basic, simple , difficult upto complex level. Once you

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