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Devotion Week of June 16 2013

Devotion Week of June 16 2013

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Weekly Devotion
Weekly Devotion

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Chain of Lakes Church on Jun 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prayer Requests
Richard Zacher (Jennifer Huehns’ uncle)who was recently diagnosed withLymphoma.
Kevin Van Meter recovery from a stintput in last week. Keep both Kevin &Pam in your prayers.
David Schwartz and family (friend of Dianne & George Black) as David is inhospice now.
Corey Colestock (friend of Lois Peterson)needs a kidney donor with O- blood.
Nikki Karg (schoolmate of JannaFitzgerald) recently diagnosed withleukemia.
Steve Gast (Jennifer & Mike Huehns’college friend) was removed from lungtransplant list due to a blood transfusion.He is currently at home struggling withaffects of cystic fibrosis. Pray forstrength, patience and God’s will.
Bobbie Pearson (friend of Gloria Ivers)who has a new tumor and more cancer.
 John Fagerland (Amy Moore’s dad) as heprepares for hip surgery in late June.
 Joanne Seeman Benick (Jon & JodiBlack’s friend) who has cancer.
Rocci Norcia (Al Norcia’s father) cancerhas returned and is starting chemotreatments.
Continue to pray for Cathy Smith who isstruggling with mental illness.
 Jenna Undersander (Jennifer & MikeHuehns’ neighbor) who has pancreascancer and is receiving chemo.
 Julie Fjeld (Jennifer & Mike Huehnsneighbor) who lives with cancer.
Steven Van Meter (son of Kevin & PamVan Meter) who is serving our country inAfghanistan.
Vern Hermsen (Jerry Hermsen’s brother,and LaVerne Hermsen’s husband) who isin a home for Alzheimer’s.
 Jerry Hermsen was diagnosed withthyroid cancer.
 John Thiessen as he lives with cancer.
Donna McCullen (wife of Ken McCullen)who is suffering from cancer.
In the sermon this past Sunday Pastor Paulshared a response to the “so what”question, which is “So what that God lovesus?”He focused on the reality that Jesus is ourSavior. He showed what a difference inmakes in our lives that we have a Savior. This week in the devotion we have theopportunity to read some passages andstories about what it means to have aSavior. God has intentions for our lives andfor the world. These intentions are sharedin the Scriptures. These intentions start atthe beginning of the Bible and end in thelast story of the Bible. The followingpassages give us a glimpse of what it meansfor us to have a Savior.Enjoy! Comments about the devotion canbe E-mailed topastor@colpres.org
Monday, June 17
Read John 4:27-30, 39-42
 The “so what” impact to this storyhappened at the end. The Samaritans inthis village were interested in Jesus becausethe woman shared her story. Jesus came tostay with them for two days. At the veryend they said this:“It is no longer because of what you saidthat we believe, for we have heard for
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ourselves, and we know that this is truly theSavior of the world.”How amazing that the Samaritans came tosee Jesus as their savior. You and I need a savior. Primarily our needcomes because we can’t save ourselves.Despite all of the ways we try to set upprotection systems for our lives, we are stillvulnerable. Sometimes things happen overwhich we have no control. We can’t saveourselves. Jesus is willing to be our Savior. When weacknowledge Jesus as our Savior we areacknowledging that we can’t saveourselves. As you pray today commit or re-commit yourself to saying that Jesus is yourSavior.
Prayer: Lord Jesus I acknowledge that you are my Savior. I can’t save myself —I need you. Help me to be securethat I have given myself to you.
Tuesday, June 18
Read Genesis 1:26-31
 This story from Genesis shares God’sintentions for our lives and for our world. Atthe end of the day that God created humanshe looked over what had happened anddeclared that everything was very good.“God saw everything that he had made, andindeed, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31God’s intentions are the start of how weunderstand what God wants in the world.God doesn’t want for us to suffer or to be atwar; God has no desire for us to suffer fromanxiety, or for much of the world to wonderwhere they will get their next meal. At thebeginning God looked over the world andsaw that it was very good.We are called to believe that the world isvery good. This is the original state of creation.
Prayer: There is much in the world that can be depressing. Don’t let mefocus on that. Help me to see theworld through the lens of your intentions for it. Help me to see it asgood.
Wednesday, June 19
Read Genesis 3:1-7
God’s good intentions were marred bysinfulness. Adam and Eve were told theycould eat of any fruit of any tree in thegarden except the fruit of the tree in themiddle of the garden. Unfortunately theychose their own way and defied God.One definition of sin is doing what we wantto do no matter what God wants. Webecome the focus of what we do instead of God being the focus. The results of this self-centeredness aredisastrous. Just take a look at the world andwe can see the results.We can take steps towards creating adifferent type of world. Our task isourselves. Can we open ourselves up todoing what God wants with us. Can we sayto God, “not my way but your way. Use mefor what you want.”When we step out of our own self and seewhat God wants we can take steps towardscreating the type of world that God wants.
Prayer: I don’t want to be controlled by sin. Help me live my life accordingto your way and not my way. Use mefor what you want.
Thursday, June 20
Read Exodus 14:26-31
Salvation is not only a New Testament idea. This story from Exodus is a classic story of salvation. God saved the Israelites—theydidn’t create their salvation. God did.One way to think of salvation is when Goddelivers someone or a group of people froma situation that literally seems hopeless. The Israelites were in such a situation in thisstory. The sea was on one side of them andthe rushing armies of Pharaoh were on theother side. There seemed to be no way out.Accept there is always a way out with God.God rescued or delivered the people.God is willing to do the same for us. To saythat we have a Savior is saying that there isalways a way out of any situation that wefind ourselves. God can help us find a wayout.
Prayer:Thank you for alwaysgiving me a way out of any situationthat I find myself. Never let me giveup hope on anything. You are my Savior!
Friday, June 21
Read Amos 5:14-15, 24
Having a Savior is more than a personalrelationship with God. God has intentionsfor our world too. Here in Amos God sharedthe divine intentions for the world. Godwants:“justice [to] roll down like waters, andrighteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”Amos 5:24God wants this justice and righteousness totake place on earth. God executes this justice and righteousness through us.

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