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US Colonial Rule in the Philippines

US Colonial Rule in the Philippines

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Published by KMGleason
A high school photo essay presentation comparing US rule in the Philippines with the world.
A high school photo essay presentation comparing US rule in the Philippines with the world.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: KMGleason on Jun 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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America's Colonial Rule inthe Philippines
By Sonia Aggarwal and Sophia Kalogeris 
Overview Summary
The United States imperialize the Philippines during the 1800’s,
 planning to use it as a base to get closer to China, and ended up making amuch bigger impression. Over time, their rule over the Philippines startedto shape the people and land that the US had taken over to become moreAmericanized and modern. This style of ruling, however, was verydifferent from that of other imperialist countries. This style is what made
the United States’ imperial rule so well known to our world today.
 The United States had reasoning behind their imperialist move to thePhilippines, and their plan would be sought through until the end. The USwanted to be close to China so they could explore and access the land.Coincidentally, the Philippines are very close to China and create a great base for making trips to the country whenever needed. On the other hand,Japan decided to Imperialize because they wanted to enhance production,gain nationalism, and get raw materials and resources. This colonization of the US and many other countries created waves with the people there andsometimes did not create the most stable environments.The United Stated did a lot that made the Filipinos angry, and causedthem to revolt. In the Philippines, Filipino's protests were smaller andweaker because of the lack of elites to run the protests.
They wanted a broader voice, however their lack of leadership andorganized rebellion made for many unsuccessful movements. However, in places like Burma, their protests were larger and had more alliances tosustain pressure for independence.Another tactic the United States used to govern the Philippines was their influence on education in the country. The US built in good educationopportunities in the Philippines so they could be more prepared for thework throughout the world. Whereas other countries like the Dutch, sentthe highest class students to school in Europe, and lower class studentscould not go to school. In the Philippines, the US made it so that they couldlearn within their own country which made education convenient andaccessible for everyone.
One way that America’s imperialism in the Philippines differed from that
of other countries is by the way that America gained its imperialism. Toeasily obtain rule over the Philippines, Americans said that the reason theywanted the Philippine Islands was to help and improve the Philippines andthe way of life for the Filipinos whereas in other countries like the Dutch(in Indonesia), British (in Burma), and French (in Vietnam), the imperialistcountry openly ruled for their own benefits such as resources and land.Also, in the Philippines, there was a class of people who did not mind theAmerican rule because of the positive change that they were bringing.

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