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Assemble Your SEC15/20 Circuit Board Kit

Assemble Your SEC15/20 Circuit Board Kit



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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Dr. Ronald R. Stiffler on May 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ronald R. Stiffler11Senior Scientist, Stiffler Scientific, Humble, Texas, USADrStiffler@embarqmail.com
 KIT PARTS LISTCheck your parts and be sure they are all included in you package. Note that some extraparts may be included.1ea. SEC 15-3/20 Circuit BoardThe SEC-015-1 Circuit Board is a quality board manufactured to the highestspecifications and with a specific layout providing the correct inner-lead capacities tosupport proper operation of a wide-band SEC Exciter. The board was not designed ormanufactured to support multiple reworking. In other words multiple replacement of parts or configuration changes are not advised.11ea. (2 extra) 1N4148 Diodes, glass with Red body and Black stripe1ea. 1N4001 Diode, Black body with White stripe2ea. (1 extra) MPSA06 Transistor, 3 leads, Black body10ea. (1 extra) Ultra Bright White LED’s1ea. 10uH Choke, (Brown-Black-Black-Silver) Marking4ea. 22uH Chokes (Red-Red-Black-Silver) Markings1ea. Tunable Coil, L1 with extra tuning slug1ea. 1 ohm Resistor (Brown-Black-Gold-Gold) Marking1ea. 1Meg ohm Resistor (Brown-Black-Green-Gold) Marking
1ea. 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor, large Black unit with polarity marks1ea. 470pF Capacitor, 471 Marking1ea. 0.1uF Capacitor, 104 Marking1ea. 0.01uF Capacitor, 103 Marking2ea. (1 extra) Neon Bulb, Large 1.9mA bulb and one small 600uA unit.Decide which Exciter variation you wish to wire onto the circuit board.The SEC-015-1 Circuit Board is a dual-purpose circuit board. Two different versions of SEC Exciters can be configured on this board; 1) the basic work horse 15-3 Exciter andthe expanded 15-20 Demonstration Exciter.It is suggested that you configure your initial circuit in the most minimum form (SEC 15-3) and Expand to a (SEC 15-20) if and when desired. If you begin with a 15-20, the retrofit to a 15-3 will require board rework and this is not advised as it can jeopardize theintegrity of the board and foil.The 15-20 Exciter is for all practical purposes a research board to demonstrate howExciters can be configured using a single wire while powering multiple stages of circuitry. It is not recommended to initially populate the circuit board as a 15-20 unlessthe primary goal is to study the operation in a research setting.The following image (Fig: 1) shows a SEC 15-3 and it’s parts layout and is to be usedwhen you add components to the board.
 Note: Look at the layout and locate the two jumper wires, labeled #1 and #2. The #1 jumper is included in the parts package with your diodes and transistor. The jumper #2is taken from one of the trimmed diode leads after the diode is soldered into the board. Jumper #2 is only used in a SEC 15-3 and is not present in a 15-20. If you are going to build a complete SEC 15-20, disregard Jumper #2 as it will not be used.
 If you are not familiar with electronic components and the polarity and value markingsthey contain, you should spend some time with one or more basic electronics books toacquaint you with the various components.Take special care in bending the leads on the Chokes, if you improperly bend them sothat they are stressed when inserted or you pressure them into their mounting holes, theycan be damages. These are fragile ceramic components and require care when mounting.The circuit board has band markings for all diodes and the diodes are markedaccordingly, so insure the diode matches the circuit board when mounting. The 1N4148diodes are glass, use care and properly bend the leads before mounting.The transistor has a flat side and the flat side is matched to the flat side of the circuitboard symbol. The transistor is mounted in the left most transistor slot. The right slot isnot used for the SEC 15-3/20 circuits.
The 10uF capacitor is a polarized unit and has markings to match it polarity. Be sure the(+) lead is in the outside hole of the board.
 Note: If you plan on using a basic 15-3 to drive other loads such as capacitors, resistors or electrolyzers, do not install the Neon Bulb, rather install short wire leads that can be used to connect to you external load. Remember the boards are not designed for rework, carefully consider your goals and construct your board with thatin mind so you do not have to un-solder components.
Fig: 1
Once your board is assembled, double check the 1N4001 protection diode for correctpolarity. This diode is to protect against applying a source voltage with a polarity thatcould damage the board components. An incorrect polarity on this diode will cause thefuse trace on the circuit board to burn.

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