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Lesson Plan2009.Doc2

Lesson Plan2009.Doc2



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Published by ovita20056461
Hi everyone this is my new plan for 2009. The topic I chose this year is about crime
HOpe you like it
Hi everyone this is my new plan for 2009. The topic I chose this year is about crime
HOpe you like it

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Published by: ovita20056461 on May 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject Methods 2PLANNINGStudent’s name Osvaldo MamminoDate May 2
, 2009……………………………………………………………………………………………Year 2
Level Pre –intermediate Number of students in the class: 15Seating arrangement : In rows of 4 (front faced)Book suggested Ben Wetz (2005) OUP
Adventures pre –intermediate
Lesson Unit 2 “Crime” - 2.a Crazy criminalsAssumed knowledge Present simplePresent continuousAdverbs of manner Personality adjectivesSimple past of be (was /were)Simple past of regular and irregular verbs (with action verbs)Aims of the lesson By the end of the lesson the students will be able to revise the usethe simple past of regular and irregular verbs , as well as vocabulary related to crime.Skills involved: Reading and listeningTEACHER’S ACTIVITYSTUDENT’S EXPECTEDACTIVITYWHY?Warm up: The teacher starsthe class asking thestudents how was their weekend. The studentsanswer some questionsguided by the teacher.The teacher sticks some photographs on the boardrelated to crime. Dividesthe class in three groups of four. Each group has a setof cards with vocabularyrelated to crime. and a photocopy of the differentacts of crime. They have tostick the cards on the photocopy.After that the teacher check the words they have stuck and write them on boardSs answer the questionsorally and individuallyThey look at the cards andstick the cards on the right picture.Then the learners check thewords they stuck and theteacher copies them on the board.To tune them into English(five minutes)To introduce them into thetopic.To make them familiar withnew vocabulary related tocrime(10 minutes)TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENT’S EXPECTED WHY?

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