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NCTQ Teacher Prep Review

NCTQ Teacher Prep Review

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Published by Andrea Gillhoolley
Once the world leader in educational attainment, the United States has slipped well into the middle of the pack. Countries
that were considered little more than educational backwaters just a few years ago have leapt to the forefront of student
Once the world leader in educational attainment, the United States has slipped well into the middle of the pack. Countries
that were considered little more than educational backwaters just a few years ago have leapt to the forefront of student

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Published by: Andrea Gillhoolley on Jun 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Julie Greenberg, Arthur McKee and Kate Walsh
NCTQ Teacher Preparation Studies department, with adroit oversight rom Robert Rickenbrode:Graham Drake, Marisa Goldstein, Katie Moyer, Chase Nordengren, Ruth Oyeyemi, Laura Pomerance,Hannah Putman and Stephanie ZozOther NCTQ sta:Sarah Brody, Susan Douglas, Laura JohnsonExpert consultants:Richard Askey, Andrew Chen, Marcia Davidson, Deborah Glaser, Mikhail Goldenberg,Roger Howe, R. James Milgram, Yoram Sagher and Anne WhitneySubject specialists:Heidi Abraham, Mary Alibrandi, Melissa Brock, Sarah Carlson, Susan Clarke, Aileen Corso,Gordon Gibb, Robert P. Marino, Nancy Nelson-Walker, Felicity Ross, Julie Shirer, Jamie Snyder, Jessica Turturaand Shirley ZongkerAnalysts:
Katherine Abib, Andrew Abruzzese, Paul Aguilar, Cheryl Anderson, Naomi Anisman, Gail Arinzeh,Alex Au, Christian Bentley, Kate Bradley-Ferrall, Tara Canada, Erin Carson, Justin Castle, Alicia Chambers,Theodora Chang, Kimberly Charis, Bridget Choudhary, Hester Darcy, Melissa Donovan, Zachary Elkin, AmyElledge, Michelle Craword-Gleeson, Nikee Gogan, Samantha Greenwald, Whitney Groves, Catherine Guthrie,Sumner Handy, Bess Hanley, Chelsea Harrison, Stephanie Hausladen, Heather Homan, Sean Hutson, AnneKaiser, Kate Kelliher, Maria Khalid, Rebekah King, Susan Klauda, Michael Krenicky, Jay Laughlin, Alicia Lee,Christine Lincke, Michelle Linett, Karen Loeschner, Leslie Mazeska, Shannon McCutchen, Ashley Miller, NatashaEttienne, Rosa Morris, Dina Mukhutdinova, Ashley Nellis, Elizabeth Panarelli, Christina Perucci, Christina Poole,Rebecca Rapoport, Lynn Reddy, Kara Anne Rodenhizer, Emily Rohde, Mary Rohmiller, Kelli Rosen, ShobanaSampath, Carolyn Semedo-Strauss, Julie Shirer, Patrick Sims, Shlon Smith, Sheryl Stephens, Lindsey Surratt,Winnie Tsang, Ben Turner, Laura Updyke, Myra Valenzuela, Patricia Vane, Mariama Vinson, Alexandra Vogt,Paige Wallace, Karin Weber, Jeanette Weisfog, Christine White and Julie WilsonGraduate Fellows and Interns:Amy MacKown, as well as Tom Byrne, Jonathan Caragno, Stephanie Fabro, JoshHenderson, Crystal Moore, Glynis Startz and Derek WuDatabase design, graphic design and technical support:EFA SolutionsCover design:Cricket Design Works
Barbara O’Brien,
, Stacey Boyd, Chester E. Finn, Ira Fishman, Marti Watson Garlett, Henry L. Johnson,Clara M. Lovett, F. Mike Miles, Paul Pastorek, Carol G. Peck, John L. Winn,
Vice Chair 
, and Kate Walsh,
Sir Michael Barber, McKinley Broome, Cynthia G. Brown, David Chard, Andrew Chen, Celine Coggins, Pattie Davis,Michael Feinberg, Elie Gaines, Michael Goldstein, Eric A. Hanushek, Joseph A. Hawkins, Frederick M. Hess, E.D.Hirsch, Michael Johnston, Barry Kauman, Joel I. Klein, Wendy Kopp, James Larson, Tom Lasley, Amy Jo Leonard,Robert H. Pasternack, Michael Podgursky, Steanie Sanord, Daniel Willingham and Suzanne WilsonAdditional materials or
NCTQ’s Teacher Prep Review 
can be retrieved at
.This webpage provides access to a variety o materials, including more detailed ndings by state, by standard andby individual program; resources or program improvement; rationales and scoring methodologies or each standard;and more inormation about outside advisory groups and expert evaluators.
NCTQ Teacher Prep Review
Executive Summary
Once the world leader in educational attainment, the United States has slipped well into the middle o the pack. Countriesthat were considered little more than educational backwaters just a ew years ago have leapt to the oreront o studentachievement.There’s no shortage o actors or America’s educational decline: budget cutbacks, entrenched poverty, crowdedclassrooms, shorter school years, greater diversity o students than in other countries. The list seems endless.NCTQ’s
Teacher Prep Review 
has uncovered another cause, one that ew would suspect: the colleges and universitiesproducing America’s traditionally prepared teachers.Through an exhaustive and unprecedented examination o how these schools operate, the
nds they havebecome an industry o mediocrity, churning out rst-year teachers with classroom management skills and contentknowledge inadequate to thrive in classrooms with ever-increasing ethnic and socioeconomic student diversity.We were able to determine overall ratings based on a set o key standards or 608 institutions. Those ratings can beound on the
U.S. News & World Report 
website, www.usnews.com, as well as our own, www.nctq.org, where thereis additional data on another 522 institutions. Altogether, the
provides data on the 1,130 institutions thatprepare 99 percent o the nation’s traditionally trained new teachers. No small eat.As the product o eight years o development and 10 pilot studies, the standards applied here are derived romstrong research, the practices o high-perorming nations and states, consensus views o experts, the demandso the Common Core State Standards (and other standards or college and career readiness) and occasionally justcommon sense.We strived to apply the standards uniormly to all the nation’s teacher preparation programs as part o our eort tobring as much transparency as possible to the way America’s teachers are prepared. In collecting inormation or thisinitial report, however, we encountered enormous resistance rom leaders o many o the programs we sought toassess. In some cases, we sued or the public inormation they reused to provide. We anticipate greater cooperationor uture editions o the
, which will be published annually, resulting in more ratings or more programs.

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