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The Night & Day Chronicles by Matthew Hohneker

The Night & Day Chronicles by Matthew Hohneker

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Published by nature12boy
This is a story about about a teenager who meets a vampire. And then things go hectic after that. It's a love story with action! (Incomplete)
This is a story about about a teenager who meets a vampire. And then things go hectic after that. It's a love story with action! (Incomplete)

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Published by: nature12boy on May 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Night&DayChronicles:
Book 1 TheBeginning
by: Matthew Hohneker
Chapter 1: Dreams I was dreaming- that much I knew- but what took me by surprise was what the dream was about. It was mymother, Julie Ann Carter, standing in a defensive positionto protect the four people behind her.These people I knew all too well, they were the family Ihave dreamt about since my last birthday. The- in myconscious- Victor family. From left to right I could nameeach face. A tall, dark-haired male named Lucian Mark Victor. Holding his hand, a blonde almost white hairedgirl, Veronica Jessica Victor. Beside her, her brother,Charles James Victor. And, the most beautiful of them all,an extremely black haired girl, Victoria Sarah Victor.They all shared three similarities; all had pale, smooth-looking skin, fierce golden, sometimes black, eyes, andwere all unimaginably beautiful.I have dreamt about this family for exactly a year now.Usually the dreams about them are somewhat comforting,and normal. My dreams are usually only focused on onefamily member at a time, tonight would be a first to seethem all together. I have dreamt about Victoria more thenany other family member, probably because I thought she
was the most beautiful of them all. I have even drawn and painted her. Julie entered my best painting of Victoria intoan art scholarship contest. Of course, I had won because-at least I thought so- she was the most beautiful angelic-looking figure ever imagined.I was astounded by what Julie was protecting themfrom.Me.I saw myself in a crouching position, ready to pounceat any moment, teeth bared, hands in fist. And whathappened next was unexplainable. I threw myself at myown mother...I woke immediately, screaming at the top of my lungs.My mother, who was getting my birthday breakfast-in-bedready, flew up the stairs in an instant.“What’s wrong, Joshua,” she asked.“Nothing, it was just a dream.” More like a nightmareto me.Julie laughed, “Did you get attacked by a monster or something?”I glowered at her, but then I remembered she didn’tknow I dreamt about me nearly killing her. “No, can Ihave my breakfast already? I’m going to be late for school,” I snapped.Julie said nothing more, and went downstairs, stilllaughing, and brought up my breakfast.She was an excellent cook, more like chef I should say, because she can take a simple looking cheese omelet and

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