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Visual Collaboration for Agile Software Development and Scrum

Visual Collaboration for Agile Software Development and Scrum

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Media management and distribution solution provider VBrick was looking to supercharge their Agile software development between offices and among remote employees. The Human Productivity Lab delivered a solution that supercharged every meeting.
Media management and distribution solution provider VBrick was looking to supercharge their Agile software development between offices and among remote employees. The Human Productivity Lab delivered a solution that supercharged every meeting.

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Published by: Human Productivity Lab on Jun 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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visual collaborationfor agile softwaredevelopmentand scrum
512.828.7317 • Info@HumanProductivityLab.com • www.HumanProductivityLab.com
Agile soware development and Scrum are helping companies rapidly deliver useul soware internally and to customers. Te Agile and Scrumprocess, however, suers when the team members are in geographically diverse locations. Tis impediment is compounded when senior sowareproduct management and architects are tasked with managing, in somecases, dozens o simultaneous hardware/soware projects across thosedisparate geographies.VBrick, a leading provider o scalable solutions or the management anddistribution o streaming media aced such issues when they openeda brand new oce and executive briefng center in Herndon, VA. Tecompany had recently hired a new Chie echnology Ocer and Chie Architect who would be located in the Herndon oce but, would bemanaging developers at the company’s Connecticut oce as well asremote employees. Chie Architect, Henry Zektser sums up the issue:“We inherited developers who had traditionally used the waterall so-ware model and put them through Agile-Scrum training to get everyoneon the same page, literally and fguratively. We had multiple locations,remote workers, and lots o projects that needed to be managed.”
 A VBrick ScrumMaster makes changes to his teams VersionOneburn down chart in real time.
and Wallingord, C with multiplegeographically dispersed employees
development between disparate oces
Scrums, Sprint Planning Sessions,and Scrum o Scrums
whiteboard interactively between locations
 Scrum o Scrums
with large ormat display, interactive white-boarding, and annotation to share Agile’s BigVisible Charts
meetings as well
Visual Collaboration for Agile Soware Development & Scrum
Media management and distribution solution provider VBrick was looking to supercharge their Agilesoware development between ofces and amongremote employees. The Human Productivity Labdelivered a solution that supercharged every meeting.
VBrick has over feen years o experienceproviding scalable solutions or the manage-ment and distribution o streaming mediato global enterprises, government agencies,and educational institutions. VBrick providesunique solutions to capture, encode, manage,distribute and display media on any devicerom the cloud and across any network.Whether you are looking or live webcasting,digital signage, corporate learning, salesenablement, customer engagement, surveil-lance or other visual communication capability,VBrick has a solution or you.
consulting frm in telepresence, videocon-
advises frms how to successully deploy visualcollaboration solutions to enhance internal andexternal communications, cut costs, improveorganizational productivity, and increase
-ating solutions that address the human actorso participants to replicate, as closely as possible, in-person experiences.
Daily Scrums, Scrum o Scrums, Sprint Planning Sessions, and End o Cycle Meetings/Reviews are stored on thecompany’s private Youube channel using VBrick’s Mystro.
A Powerful Solution
-nect with its Connecticut oce and remote workers using their existing
-trol panel and custom programming or ease-o-use.
can whiteboard interactively, annotate, and save annotations and/orthe contents o a whiteboarding session to fles that can be e-mailed orworked on at a later time.
been confgured or collaborative work in the room. Te PC has been
combines to create an environment that is equally as productive or localmeetings held in the room as or collaborating with remote locations.
experience that allows anyone to view a session they missed or need toreer back to.
“The Human Productivity Lab’s design supercharged our Scrum sessions and provided tools to improveevery meeting held in that room” — Rick Rumbarger, Vice President

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