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Published by kass_ecs
Trip Coil Supervision Power Systems Relays.
Trip Coil Supervision Power Systems Relays.

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Published by: kass_ecs on Jun 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Trip circuit supervision relay 
Type TCS
ABB a global technology leader
Advantage ABB
120 years of technology and innovation
Unparalleled domain competence
Global experience
Complete solution capabilities
Large installed base
Environment-friendly technologies ABB is a global leader in Power and Automationtechnologies that enable utility and industrycustomers to improve performance while loweringenvironmental impact. The ABB Group of companiesoperates in around 100 countries and employs over1,03,000 people.In India, ABB serves customers with the completerange of power and automation technologies. Thecompany has a vast installed base, extensivemanufacturing facilities and a countrywide marketingand service presence. As a part of its Power Technologies offering, ABBserves electric, gas and water utilities as well asindustrial and commercial customers with a wide rangeof products, systems and services for powergeneration, transmission and distribution. ABB’ssystem offering ranges from Electrical Balance of Plant(EBOP) for power plants, bulk power transmission,turnkey substations and complete electrification toutility automation and power distribution. The product offering covers a wide spectrum of technologies across the entire voltage rangeincluding indoor and outdoor circuit breakers, air andgas insulated switchgear, disconnectors, capacitorbanks, reactive power compensators, powertransformers, distribution transformers, instrumenttransformers, Compact Secondary Substations(CSS) and Ring Main Units (RMU).
 The supervision relay TCS is designed for thesupervision of trip circuits and other importantcontrol and monitoring circuits. Block diagram of therelay is shown in Fig. 1. The supervision function isbased on a low-level (~ 3 mA) current injectionprinciple. The injected current is sensed by twoopto-couplers. The supervision function in threesteady states of circuit breaker-trip circuit can beseen from fig.2, 3 and 4 (page 5). In normalcondition, the indicator LED glows green and outputrelays are in ‘picked-up’ condition. In the event of afault, if the measuring current drops below theoperating value of the relay (0.3 - 0.7 mA) orcompletely stops flowing. The supervision relayoperates (drops-off) after a delay of 0.6 sec and theindicator LED turns red. The supervision relay, for itsfunctioning requires an auxiliary voltage (AC or DC) of rated value to be connected to the terminals ‘a’ and‘b’. This voltage can be the same as that of thesupervised circuit or it could be a separate sourcewith the same magnitude (AC or DC). Should a faultoccur in the auxiliary voltage supply, the LED doesnot glow and the output relay drops off. Relays withdiffering rated voltage for supervision circuit andauxiliary supply can be supplied as a special execution.
Continuous supervision of complete tripcircuit independent of the circuit breakerposition
Detects faults in the supervised circuits,such as loss of voltage, circuit breakage,contact degeneration in connections andresistance increase in wires, contacts andcoils
Low-level measuring current enablesapplication in sensitive or high resistancecircuits
Operation delay to avoid spurious signals,for instance, on circuit breaker operations
Operation indication by a single dual - colourLED
Complete range of rated voltages either ACor DC
Galvanic isolation is possible betweenauxiliary source and supervised circuit
 Very low burden on the auxiliary source
In a protection system the trip circuit of the circuit breaker is crucial. If aninterruption occurs in the trip circuit apossible network fault will not bedisconnected and would have to becleared by another protectionupstream in the power system. Thesupervision function is particularlyimportant when there is only onetripping coil and CB tripping is vital.For instance, for generator circuitbreakers or any other importantcircuit breaker in distributionnetworks. The supervision relay type TCS is intended for a continuoussupervision of circuit breaker tripcircuit and to give an alarm for loss of auxiliary supply, faults on the trip-coilor its wires independent of thebreaker position, faults on the breakerauxiliary contacts and faults in thesupervision relay itself.
Trip circuit supervision relay type TCS
Fig. 1. Block diagram of TCS relay.

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