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FREE Think and Grow Rich Chapter 1

FREE Think and Grow Rich Chapter 1

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Published by Joanna Tan
Download the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich Now
Download the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich Now

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Published by: Joanna Tan on May 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This ebook is available :
Teaching, for the first time, the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for money-making, based upon the THIRTEE !R"#E $TE!$ T" RICHE$% "rgani&ed through '( years of research, in collaboration with more than ()) distinguished men of great wealth, who pro*ed by their own achie*ements that this philosophy is practical% This electronic edition published in '))' at www%absolute+%net This book is an ebook reproduction of the first  chapters of the complete and original +./ *ersion of Think and 0row Rich by apoleon Hill, originally published by The Ralston $ociety and now in the public domain%
To get the full *ersion of this ebook, please go to
C"TET$ 4"RE5"R6 !789I$HER:$ !RE4ACE A7TH"R:$ !RE4ACE
CHA!TER + ; ITR"67CTI"CHA!TER ' - 6E$IRE CHA!TER . - 4AITH CHA!TER < - A7T"-$700E$TI" CHA!TER ( - $!ECIA9I=E6 >"59E60E CHA!TER  ; I?A0IATI"
4"RE5"R6 5HAT 6" @"7 5AT ?"$TIs It ?oney, 4ame, !ower, Contentment, !ersonality, !eace of ?ind, Happiness The Thirteen $teps to Riches described in this book offer the shortest dependable philosophy of indi*idual achie*ement e*er presented for the benefit of the man or woman who is searching for a definite goal in life% 8efore beginning the book you will profit greatly if you recogni&e the fact that the book was not written to entertain% @ou cannot digest the contents properly in a week or a month% After reading the book thoroughly, 6r% ?iller Reese Hutchison, nationally known Consulting Engineer and long-time associate of Thomas A% Edison, saidB This is not a no*el% It is a teDtbook on indi*idual achie*ement that came directly from the eDperiences of hundreds of America:s most successful men% It should be studied, digested, and meditated upon% o more than one chapter should be read in a single night% The reader should underline the sentences which impress him most% 9ater, he should go back to these marked lines and read them again% A real student will not merely read this book, he will absorb its contents and make them his own% This book should be adopted by all high schools and no boy or girl should be permitted to graduate without ha*ing satisfactorily passed an eDamination on it% This philosophy will not take the place of the subects taught in schools, but it will enable one to organi&e and apply the knowledge acFuired, and con*ert it into useful ser*ice and adeFuate compensation without waste of time% 6r% Gohn R% Turner, 6ean of the College of The City of ew @ork, after ha*ing read the book, saidB  The *ery best eDample of the soundness of this philosophy is your own son, 8lair, whose dramatic story you ha*e outlined in the chapter on 6esire% 6r% Turner had reference to the author:s son, who, born without normal hearing capacity, not only a*oided

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