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13may11 Final Ready for Submission

13may11 Final Ready for Submission

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Anatolie Cuaresma Amper on Jun 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Related and Posted Concerns/ Comments/ ObservationsPosted Suggestions/ Recommendations
1PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Marketing theArchitecture Profession
Public Awareness about the Architecture as a PROFESSION and the Architect as the Professional 
How can RA 9266 gain public support and publicacceptance? Due to lack of continuous publicawareness and educational campaign on RA 9266,there is the resultant lack of public knowledge andpublic support/ acceptance as to what RLAs are about.
How can we convince the general public that RA 9266is here to help address the degrading and continually worsening built-environment and not an added cost ontheir pocket?
How can Architects improve their market share?
Steps on how to start and gain public awareness
TO MANY, THE SERVICE OF AN ARCHITECT ISMERELY OPTIONAL NOT A NECCESITY"... It isbecause many do not understand "WHY and WHEN" itis important to hire an architect.
Level nga bang playing field? In these scenario,How can we neutralize this?
Shamcey Supsup (SS) :With her beauty and brains,she can help doors which even the whole UAPmembership and officers cannot. UAP should comeup with a program or a media strategy with SS at thehelm on how to better serve the interest of the UAP.
Broadcast yourself on YOU TUBE, Newspaper, TV, etc
Be an Active Participant in the
DevelopmentProgram where you live, contribute by givingsuggestions or consultation to their project forarchitectural impact
Voluntarily for those willing and available, conduct a free lecture for public schools, from elementary tohigh school, if this is possible. Share anythingregarding Architecture so they can appreciate andthey’ll know about being an Architect.
Film or Movie documentary about an Architect
To Produce Architects’ CARTOON and SLOGAN
Construction/ JOBSITE Signboard. Putting“Architect’s Perspective” instead of Perspectiveonly
Posting of Project in all Networking Sites or SocialMedia 
More recognizable Civic Works that can portray our
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SM Malls nationwide giving away thousands uponthousands of reams of FREE FLYERS andLEAFLETS which contain Architectural Plans, 3DPerspective and Specifications. While Architectsare PROHIBITED (o
) under the Architect’sCode of Ethics of 2006, under Article III (4.1) ingiving Free Preliminary Sketches to theirprospective or potential clients.
The reason our Chinoy architects are millionaires ismarketing, making it aware to the public whatarchitecture is. Most of them are from Metro Chapter,both old and young alike.
The Architects Code of Ethics have created MOREHARM THAN GOOD to the Profession due to its anti-marketing, anti-competition provision and anti-advertising provision.
Our 2010 Code does not seem to mention or bespecific on our advertising limitations or rights...thelegal doctrine "that which is not disallowed is thereforeallowed" may be applicable...and yes, I agree, havingour advertising "rights" should be best if made blackand white for everyone to clearly understandProfession
To require all RLA’s to maintain 5 sets of uniform withUAP Logo and make it a casual uniform
Make ourselves visible by having exhibits, writingcolumns/ articles more than ever for public consumption,having significant socio-civic projects, projects that havesignificant impact in the community's lives.
Internet Marketing using social media for Architects is amust for local and International Competition.
ASSEMBLING THE MARKETING MIX. Yung paglagayng "Stickers" to address the lack of Public Awarenesson our Vehicle is just one of the many possiblesolutions.
UAP NBOD Resolution recommending to the PRBoA torelax some provisions of the 2006 Code of Ethics tomake it more responsive and business friendly to thetimes.
That is why we should really have more RLAs inGovernment (particularly at the LGU OBO) and moreRLAs doing public sector projects (as privateconsultants). The architectural section of the LGU OBO, which reviews architectural plans, must be headed onlyby RLAs i.e. something we should put in the proposedArchitecture Code of the Philippines (ACP).
The UAP-IAPOA, other than the National Conventionsshall guide the Local Chapters on the Agenda of theirGeneral Monthly Meetings topics to better serve asinputs to RLAs.
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UAP CHAPTERS : The UAP Chapters should takeinitiatives in the promotion of the profession. ConcreteActions: 1. Introduce projects that will promote theprofession and always make them public through media;2. RLAs to get involved in community works; 3. Be amember of LGU committees like the Bids & AwardsCommittee (BAC) under RA 9184, Heritage Committee,Arts & Culture Committee and others that relate to theprofession; 4. Involve in the annual career orientation ofhigh school students by coordinating with the diff.schools in the vicinity; 5. Conduct seminars that mayimprove or increase the competencies of architects, and6. Offer consultancy services, have a MOA if possible, with the LGUs & local church diocese in the construction& renovations of NHI classified historic sites &structures. In these ways we can be very visible andestablished within our community i.e. projecting thevalue of architects.
2ACADEME- Bachelor of Science in Architecture Can we improve it?
Suggestions for a more Effective Curriculum includingconsiderations of confusion encountered with OJTs and  Apprenticeships.
Marketing is the LIFE-BLOOD of any business orprofession. Without Business and Marketing, ourprofession will experience very rough sailing by 2015and 2020. There is URGENT NEED to study these toincorporate the same in our Public/ Private Practicesand especially in the BS Architecture Curriculum.
Are architects in the Philippines trained to beentrepreneurs in the practice of their professionsor just to be employees abroad? How do our
Sa Adamson nung 2001 basic economics, land reform,and taxation lang, walang architectural accounting, alamko ngayon elective sila sa new curriculum. Kaya Ialways consult my mom for BIR things kahit sideline
By the way, before meron subject na TAXATION saCurriculum ng BS ARCH..Ngayon ba walanang Taxationna Subject? These are the basics that an RLA needs.kasama na dyan ang Basic Info sa Government Service.
I think CODHASP must look into our present B.S.
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