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When Anger Burns

When Anger Burns

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Published by arulforyou
When Anger Burns
When Anger Burns

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Published by: arulforyou on Jun 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Tim Jackson
t was 5:05 a.m.Angela was awakened by the cry of her infant son.It was the fifth time that night.Shedidn’t know she could feel so tired.Colic was notsomething she had planned on when she gave birth toCory just 4 months ago.She longed for a peaceful night’ssleep.But it seemed only an elusive dream.Her husbandBill was working the third shift.She was alone. As Angela dragged herself out of bed and stumbledtoward the sound of the crying,she not only felt tired butirritated with her child.“Why is this happening to me?I didn’t ask for this.All I want is a good night’s sleep.Isthat asking too much?”No matter how gentle she was,all her efforts to sootheher hurting son were futile.Cory’s crying intensified. Angela’s irritation escalated.“You have no right to destroymy life by constantly stealing my sleep night after night!Shut up!”she screamed as she shook her son.Her actions frightened her,and Cory too.At thatmoment,she realized just how easy it would be for herto lash out physically at her defenseless son.She felt heranger burning toward this child whom she dearly loves.The inner turmoil terrified her.She slumped to the floorand began to sob.
 When Anger Burns
© RBC Ministries. All rights reserved.
Jill works in a hospitalas an x-ray technician.Shelikes her work.And she’sgood at it.Helping othershas always been satisfyingto her.However,she isfinding it increasinglydifficult to get along withone particular doctor.He is so arrogant andoverbearing.If she offers asuggestion about a series of tests he has ordered for apatient,he treats her asthough she is grosslyincompetent and demeansher.He rudely walks awayfrom her right in the middleof her questions.He refusesto return her phone calls.The last time it happened,Jill hit the ceiling.“Whodoes he think he is anyway?If it weren’t for the fact thathe is the senior orthopedicsurgeon in the hospital andI can’t afford to lose my job,I would give him a piece of my mind! Then maybe I’dget a little of the respect Ideserve!”Then there is Paul.Heand Roxanne were engagedto be married in a month.However,while drivinghome from a date oneFriday night,Paul’s car washit broadside by a drunkdriver.Roxanne was killedinstantly.Paul would neverbe the same.As a reminderof that night,he was leftwith a shattered knee,anddoctors told him he wouldnever regain full use of hisleg.That meant a change inPaul’s profession as aroofing contractor.But Paulwas determined not to takeno for an answer.Five years later,Paulseems to be doing well.Hemet Cindy,a physicaltherapist,during the 18months of rehab for hisknee.They hit it off fromthe start and were married9 months later.Paul’stherapy paid off,and he has90 percent function of hisknee.While all seems tohave healed well,things are
© RBC Ministries. All rights reserved.
not what they appear to be.Cindy is complainingof Paul’s lack of closeness.Whenever she confrontshim about somethinghe’s done to upset her,he retreats into coolindifference.“It’s like he isso far away that I can’t getto him no matter how hardI try.It’s a frozen barrier of icy silence that I don’t knowwhat to do with.I can’t livelike this anymore.I wantsomeone who wants to bewith me.”What do Angela,Jill,andPaul have in common? Theyare all battling with one of the most powerful emotionsknown to man—anger. Angela’s anger mushroomedto the point of her becomingabusive to her child.Jillfelt rage toward herco-worker but kept itinside.Paul pushed hisanger underground anddecided the best course of action was to bury it andhope it would go away. Anger.A day rarelygoes by that we all don’tfeel some form of anger.That’s why it’s important totalk about our anger—whatit is,what it does for us,where it comes from,andhow we can learn to handleit in constructive instead of destructive ways.Onlywhen the roots of our angerare exposed can we defuseits explosive potential.
 What Is Anger?
 A  A 
nger is one of themost basic humanemotions.Everyonegets angry.It’s a feeling of being against someone orsomething.It’s a hostileemotion that sets peopleagainst each other,or evenagainst themselves.By itsnature,anger involvesantagonism. Anger,however,issimpler to define than itis to identify.Emotions of antagonism can take ona wide variety of faces.
© RBC Ministries. All rights reserved.

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