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Yamantaka Short Sadhana

Yamantaka Short Sadhana

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Published by Monge Dorj

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Published by: Monge Dorj on Jun 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Losang Dragpa Buddhist Society (LDC
No.1, Jalan 17/21F, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: + 603-7968 3278 Fax: + 603-7956 7280Email: ldc2u@yahoo.com Website: www.fpmt-lds@or
TheYamantakaShort SadhanaPractice
ByGeshe Tenzin Zope
Editor’s NotE
Owing to th scrd nd dply symbolic ntr of th prctics ssocitd withInititions of th Vjr Vhicl, books on tntr r dlict mttrs. Withotth rqisit inititions nd th rciving of trnsmissions on Commntris, books on mny spcts of tntr cnnot b rd by non-Initits.In lin with this, this book “Ymntk Short Sdhn Prctic” is intnddonly for thos who hv rcivd th Solitry Ymntk Initition.Th sol motivtion for th pbliction of this book is in tndm with th grtDhrm gnrosity of Gsh Tnzin Zop in giving sch prcios gidncto initits - to nbl thm to do thir dily sdhn prctic corrctly ndin  mningfl wy; to bring prctitionrs closr to th gol of ctlizing
Buddhahood to benet all beings.
In th Tibtn Bddhist trdition, thos rciving tntr tchings of thisntr, wold b rqird to rgrd th Lm giving th tchings s  Grnd to incld tht Lm into on’s Mrit Fild visliztions. I hd soghtGshl’s prmission to llow m to inform rdrs of this. In cstomryhmility, Gshl prssd thr ws no nd for this, s h is mrly “shringinformtion” bt hopd tht rdrs wold prctic sriosly, sincrly ndwith th right motivtion. Notwithstnding Gshl dclining to b rgrdd s Gr on ccont of thtchings hr, from my own sid s  bginnr prctitionr, who constntlystrggls to know wht is right nd do right, I hmbly nd rspctfllyrqst ch rdr of this book - to think throgh crflly nd ppropritlyhonor Gshl who is th Lm giving th tntr tchings hr nd to rpyhis profond kindnss by pholding th Vows wll, prctic s bst s oncn nd nrtr  wrm hrt towrds ll bings – nd pry for ch of s to
 become the fulllment of all our Gurus’ hopes.
CONTeNTS PaGeTh abbrvitd Prctic of thSOLITaRY HeRO YaMaNTaK 4SeLF-GeNeRaTION 14THe exTeNSIVe SeLF-GeNeRaTION 30(Th ctl sdhn prctic)THe STaGeS OF DISSOLuTION DuRING 38THe DeaTH PROCeSSOM SVaBHaVa SHuDDHa SaRVa DHaRMa 41SVaBHaVa SHuDDHO HaMDOING YaMaNTaKa ReTReaT 69HOW TO TReaT DHaRMa BOOKS 75aCKNOWLeDGMeNTS 76

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