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2013 Public Events Schedule

2013 Public Events Schedule

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Published by Virginia Payson
2013 Public Events Schedule for the Aspen Ideas Festival 2013
2013 Public Events Schedule for the Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

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Published by: Virginia Payson on Jun 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interactive Tours of the Observable Universe
ASPEN INSTITUTE CAMPUS, BUCKMINSTER FULLER DOME, 7:00 PM $10Take an interactive tour through a three-dimensional atlas of the knownuniverse. We will voyage from the solar system to interstellar space, pastnearby galaxies and distant galaxy clusters, and out to the edge of the BigBang itself. Learn about our home and our place in the cosmos.
Ka Chun Yu
America: Online and Off
BELLY UP ASPEN, 7:30 PM $22Two of the nation’s most influential commentators discuss the state ofAmerican society and culture.
Arianna Huffington, Leon Wieseltier
Underwritten by Mount Sinai 
Dancing in Jaffa: A Film and Discussion
PAEPCKE AUDITORIUM, 8:00 PM $22 (See page 8 for description)
Pierre Dulaine, Diane Nabatoff | MODERATOR: Damian Woetzel
Other Earths and the Origins of Life
HOTEL JEROME BALLROOM, 8:30 PM $22New evidence of exoplanets reveals larger than expected occurrences of po-tentially habitable worlds in our galactic neighborhood. What does this tellus about life on other planets? How will we search for signs of life beyondthe solar system?
Dimitar Sasselov
On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned aboutServing the Common Good
LIMELIGHT HOTEL, 7:45 AM $38 (includes breakfast at 7:15 AM)In the midst of contentious national debates on gun control, immigration,budget deficits, and more, this book moves the conversations beyond cur-rent media and political warfare to bring together a divided country. AuthorJim Wallis, a public theologian and frequent commentator on the nexusbetween faith and public life, explores his views regarding how Christianitycan serve the common good, what it takes to sustain a lifelong commitmentto social justice, and how studying the Bible together with culture can shapeour lives for genuine transformation.
Jim Wallis
Changing the World by Changing Behavior
HOTEL JEROME BALLROOM, 12:00 PM $48 (includes lunch at 11:30 AM)If you could change your (or others’) behavior, say, around weight loss,savings plans, the high school dropout dilemma, or worker productivity,how might you do it? Can you? The field of behavioral economics examinespsychology as it evaluates economic decision-making. We’re not always asrational as we think we are. Three of the country’s top experts in the fieldof behavioral economics will get you thinking.
David Laibson, Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir
Uncharted Territory: From Deep Oceans to Deep Space
HOTEL JEROME BALLROOM, 5:30 PM $22Thanks to powerful new technologies—and the good old inborn drive toexplore—human beings are now investigating places once assumed to beinaccessible. We hear from an oceanographer pushing the limits of technolo-gy to explore bizarre “lakes” in the deepest recesses of our oceans; a plan-etary geologist using images from orbiting spacecraft to explore processesshaping the surfaces of planets, such as dunes migrating across the surfaceof Mars; and an astrophysicist trying to solve the mystery of the solar wind bybuilding a probe that will fly right into the blazing atmosphere of our sun.
Maria Banks, David Gallo, Justin Kasper | MODERATOR: Paula Apsell
Liquid Gold: Are We Taking Water for Granted?
ASPEN INSTITUTE CAMPUS, BUCKMINSTER FULLER DOME, 7:00 PM $10We live on the water planet. But consider the global distribution of clean, freshwater. Where is it, and where is it not? Our seven billion cohorts are distribut-ed in patterns that closely follow drinkable water. Projections for aridificationsuggest that changes are coming; indeed, they are already happening. Peopleare moving, land-use patterns are changing, and lifestyles are being impacted.A global perspective allows one to see that strategies for adapting to change—even flourishing amidst change—can be identified and promulgated. Come bepart of the change.
Bob Raynolds
Where Does Obama Go from Here?
BELLY UP ASPEN, 7:30 PM $22The president’s ambitious agenda is laden with complexity, from stagnant jobgrowth to challenges in the Middle East to energy, climate, and education.Top journalists in the know examine the possibilities.
Ronald Brownstein, E. J. Dionne, Chrystia Freeland, Andrew RevkinINTERVIEWER: Rita Braver
Underwritten by Southern Company 
The following programs are open to the public, starting at $10 per event. Space is limited, and the schedule is subject to change.For more information on the Aspen Ideas Festival, visit aspenideas.org. Tickets are available starting June 21, through theWheeler Opera House box office in person, by phone at (970) 920-5770, and online at aspenshowtix.com.
For biographical information on individual speakers visit aspenideas.org.
“Marketplace” Presents: The Consumer Arms Race
DOERR-HOSIER CENTER, MCNULTY ROOM, 8:00 PM $22Get a taste of radio’s irreverent and insightful coverage of money, business,and economic news that influences your life. What is the cost of the consum-er economy in the culture of “more is better”? More and more essentials oflife are for sale…good health, good education, safe neighborhoods. And thatmeans a competition in which people spend more to stay in the same relativeplace. Can we afford our consumer economy? Join “Marketplace” host KaiRyssdal; “Marketplace” reporters Krissy Clark, Adriene Hill, and Scott Tong;along with special guests for an exploration of the intersection betweencommerce, consumption, and competition. It’s an evening of radio on stage,with sound-rich features, interviews, and engaging storytelling.
Sarah Heyward
Nancy F. Koehn
Alexis Ohanian
Scott Tong
Jocelyn Wyatt
MODERATOR: Kai Ryssdal
Underwritten by CH2M HILL
Girl Rising: A Film and Discussion
PAEPCKE AUDITORIUM, 8:00 PM $22 (See page 8 for description)
Shabana Basij-Rasikh, Mona Eltahawy, Pamela Reeves, Richard E. RobbinsINTRODUCTION: Tom Yellin | MODERATOR: Peggy Clark
What Makes Bad Television?
HOTEL JEROME BALLROOM, 9:30 PM $22How does a producer and writer create characters you want to know andstick with? What are the signs that a show’s creators have written themselvesinto a corner and a series will never grow, surprise you, or hold your interest?When has a director made the obvious choice, and how can you tell when adirector has pulled back and allowed actors to bloom? Lawrence O’Donnell,producer and writer of “The West Wing” and creator and executive producerof “Mister Sterling,” gives examples of scenes from series good and bad toshow you why you shouldn’t like as many shows as you do—and make youunderstand what actually makes good TV.
Lawrence O’Donnell
MODERATOR: Corby Kummer
Underwritten by Legacy 
Knowledge Exchange: You, the Worldwide Leader in News
HOTEL JEROME BALLROOM, 7:45 AM $38 (includes breakfast at 7:15 AM)The professional world as we currently know it is in the midst of radical change.Big fundamental shifts rooted in the Digital Revolution and globalization arecreating challenges and opportunities for organizations driving the new econ-omy. New research by Thomson Reuters has uncovered important insights onhow today’s professional is operating in this transformative age. One key changeis the relationship that new professionals have with news—where they’re gettingit, how they’re personalizing it, and how they are, in fact, serving as redistribu-tors of news. This is the rise of individuals functioning as micro news networks,curating their own news feed from a multitude of traditional and nontraditionalsources, and then broadcasting it through their social channels and networks.
Stephen J. Adler
Ezra Klein
Alexis Ohanian
MODERATOR: Steve Clemons
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters
Fear of a Black President?
LIMELIGHT HOTEL, 7:45 AM $38 (includes breakfast at 7:15 AM)A discussion on how race and racism affect the posture and policies ofAmerica’s first black president and how the president, in turn, affectsthose same forces.
Ta-Nehisi Coates | INTERVIEWER: James Bennet
Family Wealth—Is It Really about the Money?
LIMELIGHT HOTEL, 12:00 PM $48 (includes lunch at 11:30 AM)Today’s families are complex, with emotional, lifestyle, and financial needsthat are closely intertwined. The combination of a family’s values, generationalneeds and differences, and goals is likely to require a comprehensive approachto develop a thoughtful, integrated plan to reach those goals. In the end,“family wealth” is about so much more than account balances, investmentschoices, and tax awareness. In fact, family wealth is about people: both rela-tionships and fundamental issues such as mortality and the legacy that eachhopes to leave. Chris Heilmann, chief fiduciary executive at one of the nation’spreeminent wealth management firms, shares his views on the opportunitiesfamilies have today and how these influence their perspectives on wealth.
Chris Heilmann
BBC World Service’s “The Forum”: Peering into the Smallest Corners of Space
HOTEL JEROME BALLROOM, 12:00 PM $55 (includes lunch at 11:30 AM)This special taping of BBC World Service’s “The Forum” is a fascinating dis-cussion on why looking for some of the smaller elements of space might havebig implications for all of us. Former NASA astronaut Ed Lu believes we haveto find all the asteroids in the solar system, even the little ones, before theyfind us. Harvard’s professor of physics Lisa Randall shares her latest researchon dark matter, and Fermilab astrophysicist Craig Hogan is trying to find out ifspace is infinitely divisible or if there is a smallest, fundamental unit.
Craig Hogan
Ed Lu
Lisa Randall
INTERVIEWER: Bridget Kendall
Is TV Programming Getting Better—or Worse?
Today’s TV landscape is a baffling dichotomy, where some of the mostsuccessful and high-minded creative programming of all time coexists withsome of the worst (“Real Housewives,” anyone?). Why? And which end ofthe spectrum will prevail?
Kurt Andersen
Sarah Heyward
Human Space Flight: A Life-Changing Experience
Veteran Space Shuttle Commander Jeff Ashby relates his personal observa-tions of daily life and human behavior in the environment of the InternationalSpace Station. Rather than giving a technical talk, Captain Ashby talks aboutthe human space experience, including observations on how humans adapt toweightlessness, what it feels like to travel to the Space Station, and how a viewof the Earth from 240 miles altitude can be life changing. He will also share hisperspectives on private space tourism and describe what it would be like totake a $200,000 ride into space aboard a sub orbital launch vehicle.
Jeffrey Ashby
The World’s Most Awesome Stargazing Event at 11,212 Feet
SUNDECK, ASPEN MOUNTAIN, 7:00 PM $20 ADULTS, $10 CHILDRENPack your binoculars, a picnic blanket, and your curiosity and board the SilverQueen Gondola for a ride to the top of Aspen Mountain. Astronomy experts willguide this stargazing party and share their scientific research on topics rangingfrom black holes to dark energy to the origins of the universe. Your stargazingexperience will take on new dimensions when these captivating storytellersshare tales about space mythology, what the stars mean in different cultures,and more. Telescope experts will guide you as you peer through outdoor tele-scopes aimed at the night sky, bringing you closer than ever to the Milky Way,shooting stars, and sparkling constellations. Adults and kids of all ages willenjoy “Martian ice cream” made on site with a high-tech, liquid nitrogenprocess. (This event is produced In partnership with the Aspen Science Center.)
Charles Alcock, Maria Banks, Craig Hogan, Dan Hooper,Justin Kasper, Richard Massey, Dimitar Sasselov, Ka Chun Yu
The Science of Prediction
BELLY UP ASPEN, 7:30 PM $22Two of the country’s most agile prognosticators discuss the science behindtheir art, with insights to the changing nature of American society.
Mark Penn, Nate Silver | MODERATOR: Ronald Brownstein
Underwritten by Shell 
Inside the Game: What Can Media Companies Learn from Sports?
DOERR-HOSIER CENTER, MCNULTY ROOM, 8:00 PM $22ESPN president John Skipper discusses the ascendance of the live event,authenticated TV, cross-platform journalism, and the role of sports—andcompetition—in society.
John Skipper | INTERVIEWER: Derek ThompsonASPEN IDEAS FESTIVAL 2013 | 3

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