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Natural Paranoia

Natural Paranoia

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Yes there really is such a thing...http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/TheTruthSoldiersClub/message/2786
Yes there really is such a thing...http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/TheTruthSoldiersClub/message/2786

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on May 04, 2009


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Natural Paranoia
By Daniel J Towsey
Do you think you know what that word means?Before I go on, I have to ask you to do something. I ask you to think very seriously and deeply,about. Where and how did you learn the meaning of that word and Who or what put the idea of that word into your mind..Second I ask you if you Have ever looked that word up in a dictionary, to try and get a betterunderstanding if its meaning. That is, from The understanding of the meaning of the word that the dictionaries’ individualauthors have of the word.Now we will try to understand who created the word and why it was created.So here goes. I have in front of me several popular and well known dictionaries and one olderlesser known one.Every dictionary has a claim to copyright of every word and its definitions. Except for the olderdictionary.All new dictionaries attempt to limit and stop the public discussion of any and all of its definitionsof any word that is found in their corporate dictionaries. They Do not allow you to copy, reprint or share anything that is printed in their corporatedictionaries...Does that not make you, should I say it? Paranoid?I have read the definitions of ‘Paranoia’ as listed in;Random House Webster’s College Dictionary 1992Readers Digest Oxford Complete Word finder 1996Collins English Dictionary 1986Webster’s New World Dictionary Second College Edition 1984 Thorndike & Barnhart Comprehensive Desk Dictionary 1954I will now attempt to give you an amazing understanding as to the meaning of all words as we thecommon people perceive and use them. The first thing you can do, is go to your neighborhood public library.Go find as many different English dictionaries as you can. Try to find some very old ones too.Old ones will be very hard or impossible to find. The healthy (paranoid) mind might ask. Why areold word books hard to find?Is it because they are worn out?Will anyway. Lets avoid that train of thought for now.Unfortunately I live in a small town in Nova Scotia Canada and there is no collections of archived
books at my disposal.Now back to those books you just collected at the library. Are the books sitting on the table in frontof you? Good.Now I will ask you to do a very simple and easy thing. It will not take you long.Please sit down and read the definition of the word ‘Paranoia’ as it is defined in each of thedifferent dictionaries. Please look up the most rescent publication dates in each book.Now start reading the books in order from older to newest or newest to oldest..Which ever youprefer.I hope you were able to find some old books. As these old books will be the most enlighteningones.Ok now that you have read all these different books. You have probably noticed that each book has a slightly different interpretation of the meaning of the word.But you should have a healthy dose of ‘Paranoia’ if all the books actually have the same identicaldefinitions. Remember the copyright notice in each book? These copyrights should guarantee thateach dictionary has a differently worded definition of the word. If not then you should begin tohave some normal and natural ‘Paranoia You will now understand that the meaning of any word is subjective to ones point of view.Which Means that a words meaning is dependent on ones point of view of that word and onespreconceived ideas of what the word means.Many years ago when schools actually did good teaching, they encouraged and even forced youngpeople to use dictionaries everyday.But the New World Order discovered a big problem. Students were coming to school with manydifferent books by different publishers. This did not fit in well with the NWO’s new system of teaching, this new world order system ispsychological conditioning. (Brain washing)Meaning that you were only allowed to learn, understand and believe what the NWO was teachingyou and that you were not allowed to do any genuine and free (critical) thinking of your own. The new world order now made all students use the same approved dictionaries. Known as schooldictionaries,collegiate dictionaries,college dictionaries etc. etc.So that none of the students would have more complete and unique understanding of a word. The Nwo wants you to be in a box. The NWO does not want you to be enlightened. The NWO wantsyou to stay in that dark box And never allow you to see the light of day meaning to beenlightened.Very much like a solitary confinement prison cell for your mind. Which is a cruel and evil way totreat any living being.
(By the way. I previously wrote a related article “The Occult” as to the dictionary meaning of the word ‘Occult” that you might enjoy reading)
Will I see your still with me. By now many readers would be convinced that I must be “Paranoid”. That’s so funny. But please read on. You will be very surprised.So do you have the common preconception that anyone who speaks of uncommon occultknowledge as having a mental disorder labeled as ‘Paranoia’Has it ever occurred to you that only those who do not seek truth are actually mentally ill?So now I remind you of what i asked you early on in this article.Have you ever looked up and studied any word that the establishment NWO education system hasgiven you its interpretation of?Here I’ll explain what I mean in easier words.Are you an individual who has developed a health habit of always doing your own independentcritical thinking. Meaning do you question everything so that you will have your own free andunique mind.Have you not realized that everything that anyone has ever taught you should be questioned.Do you not realize that if you do not question things on your own that this makes you a lemming.A lemming is a small animal with a tiny brain that lives in a huge group. All Lemmings in the groupalways blindly follow the leader. Even when the leader jumps off the cliff to its death. All thelemmings in the group will follow and jump off the cliff.Now back to the definition of the word ‘Paranoia”All words in a language are used with other words to form a sentence. This gives each word in thatsentence what is called context.So one always needs to know what the context of a word is in relationship to the sentence in whichit is used. This is how all languages work. So a dictionary is no more then a very simplistic description of any word.I speak French. I taught myself to speak, write and read English. I was never taught English in anyschooling system. This is why I fully understand what words are. In my studying the English language. I came torealize that the English language is the most simple and narrow minded language in the world.I have discovered that in any other languages. Each and every word has allot more context thenin the English language.For example. In the French language every word can be said in unlimited ways to add emotionsand feelings to that word. So that each sentence has allot more emotion in it. Where as the Englishlanguage has almost no emotions in it at all.So here is my definition of ‘Natural paranoia’Natural paranoia is a completely healthy and natural psychological train of thought.

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