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Ari Zkari - Author coaching Service promo

Ari Zkari - Author coaching Service promo

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Ari will show you how to sell thousands of books a month!
Ari will show you how to sell thousands of books a month!

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Published by: ExtortionLetterInfo.com on Jun 20, 2013
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We change the way people live.
1+(502) 690-4885 
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(Authors and non authors accepted)
In less than one week:
- Start pre selling a dynamic book in less than one week.- Learn how to get your book on Oprah and in the media!- Learn how to create top selling books all the time.- Start making money in less than one week- For one price you will receive: Book cover, webpage, merchant account,Book consultant, and how to market your book on TV, cable, radio and print.- Quit your job in one month!
We only accept and create nonfiction self help andbusiness authors. Why? The best selling books of all timesare nonfiction books and inspirational books.
About Zkari.com>>
Why every professional must publish abook?
A few examples of successful authors: Thin Thighsin 30 Days has sold over 20 million books and it's only 80pages long. Chicken Soup for the Soul series has sold over144 million. Creating and publishing a dynamic book willincrease your income. Authors can secure millions of dollars of free media exposure. Authors canbook paid speaking engagements, provide consultant services and create workshops. The best partof being a published Author is it provides instant creditability.
How can you help me with my book?
Ariis the owner of Zkari.com. She has published30 booksand expects to sell over two million books next year. Ari and her staff will help you improve or create a top selling nonfiction self helpbook. Her graphic and technical staff will provide you with a dynamic book cover, webpage andmerchant button within 48 hours. Many top authors presale their books. Ari and her staff will assistyou in creating a dynamic and popular book. All authors receive one hour consultation per week forfour weeks. Your book will be completed within two to four weeks.
 The best part about working with Zkari.com is we will help you market your book for FREE!Zkari.com receives 25% of your book sales which motivates us to sell a large number of your books.How do we provide free media? Zkari.com will run 10 to 40 TV and cable commercials weekly invarious markets in the US.
Zkari.com makes life easier.http://living-in-bliss.net/live.your.dreams.htm1 of 710/29/2009 8:46 AM
What to expect:
 Learn how to get on Oprah, TV, cable & radio!Start making money with your book in 48 hours!Create a dynamic book cover and webpage.Learn how to sell 100 plus books weekly in 48 hours.Learn how to sell 100,000 books in 12 months.Learn how to keep all your book profits!
Don't have a book...we will help you create a book!
We will help you create a book from start to finish.Learn how to reach millions daily for FREE!Learn how to get all your books edited for no upfront cost.Learn how to attract millions of dollars of free media.
Start your own publishing company for free and keepall your money.
Learn how to market your book worldwide.Learn how to easily create 2 to 5 explosive top sellingbooks annually.Ari will expose your book to TV, cable, print and radiomedia. Your book will empower millions of homeless street children globallyLearn how Jack Canfield sold over 144 million books, Oh, he was self published.
 A few testimonials
"Hey Ari,Since meeting you my life has changed in a profound way! You have been a blessing in my life inmore words then I can express. Thank you very much. Christopher Duncan |info@knowthyselfpower.com| Review Christopher's new book,Succeed Like The BEST!
For $250 my book was up and being pre sold in 48 hours! I'm still in shock. I've been a writer forten years and have had issues completing my book project. Fast forward, Ari had my bookcover up in 48 hours with a very professional webpage and a buy now button. I'm pre selling mybook, setting up radio interviews and workshops. My book will be done in less than threeweeks. Damn! She makes the entire process effortless. Once you have one book completed,it's much easier to attract new paying projects. In addition, Ari is going to show me how to sell over 100,000books annually. My book is 'Start an Online Spa'. I highly recommend Ari and her staff to make your dreamscome true. Thank you Ari, Kyla
Zkari.com makes life easier.http://living-in-bliss.net/live.your.dreams.htm2 of 710/29/2009 8:46 AM
(Presently working for Zkari.com)
"I have enjoyed working with Ari for the past few months. Her dedication to helping other peoplethrough her books and raising money for organizations is inspirational. I look forward to continuing towork with her in the future." Jessica Hickson| Jessica is a highly talented editor, writer and bookconsultant. Zkari.com highly recommends Jessica for all your publishing needs.
 Jessica has helpedZkari work on three book projects.
Ari's program literally changed my life over night! I think differently and my fears are out thewindow.
Anyway, I'm on track and I'm ready to fly. Stop wasting time and
Stop making dumb excuses and step into yourbliss! I totally recommend Ari! Another professor who thought he knew too much-Richard fromDC"
(Presently working for Zkari.com)
"I found Ari's books to be eye-opening and they stretched and challenged the way I thought aboutmany topics. Ari's positive outlook on life and her desire to help others succeed is refreshing andcontagious."Alice Sullivan| Alice is a superb editor, writer and book consultant. Zkari.com highlyrecommends Alice for all your publishing needs.
Love you Ari!
"Bravo! What a great program and so simple. I give this program 5 stars! I'm sograteful for social networking... my writers group on Ning recommended Ari. I havealready sold over 1500 books and collaborating on a book with Ari! It's great tocreate residual income while empowering people! Love you Ari,Sky from GA.
"I'm totally in shock!
 Just two weeks ago I found Ari in one of my social networks. Two weeks later I'm a publishedauthor who is selling books. My credibility has gone up 1000%. Because of being published I canincrease my coaching rates, easily book paid speaking engagements and workshops and receivetons of free media. Ari is very professional and expeditious. I mean she's fast. Her staff is kind andvery responsive.I took The Masters package for $1650, so, I could partner with Ari. This means she will help me to create adynamic book. It was a blast working with Ari on our new ebiz,Relationship Coach. I'm so excited! I can't wait towork with Ari again in the future. Thanks again, Lilly Taylor
Zkari.com makes life easier.http://living-in-bliss.net/live.your.dreams.htm3 of 710/29/2009 8:46 AM

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