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Impossible Islands of Dubai

Impossible Islands of Dubai



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Published by harvardguy
Essay on the islands of Dubai I did as a sophomore for Earth-Space Science. Please excuse and grammar and spelling mistakes.

As always, any and all comments are welcomed.
Essay on the islands of Dubai I did as a sophomore for Earth-Space Science. Please excuse and grammar and spelling mistakes.

As always, any and all comments are welcomed.

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Published by: harvardguy on May 04, 2009
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Daniel Clark HillEarth-Space Science10 March 2008Palm Islands of DubaiThe Palm Islands of Dubai are absolutely amazing in anyone’s book. Whether it be theidea of being able to expand your coast line that far or just being able to move that much sand, itis absolutely remarkable feat that I would have never imagined could exist. I personally think that to even think up such a plan would require an unbelievable amount of innovation andcreativity, and even more to build it. I however wouldn’t have even considered the idea of thenegative environmental impact this could have had. I as a member of the BVHS EnvironmentalClub am dedicated to making sure humans leave as small of footprint as possible on this earthand the only way I believe we can do that is taking an individual responsibility for theenvironment. I however was happy to find out that Dubai is doing everything in its power tomake sure that this project is going to be environmental friendly and so in my personal opinion, Ilove the idea of building the Palm Islands. I also remember the video saying that they weredropping in bombers to make an artificial reef for fish. Although I think it is great they aremaking a reef for the fish, I think it should have been made out of concrete because not only is itmore natural and looks better and non-corrosive, it would also attract more tourist to go SCUBAdiving there which could bring in more money to help either Dubai or the palm islands tocontinue to be environmentally friendly. I strongly believe that that would have been a better option considering that the islands were supposed to be made all natural materials. The onlything that still concerns me about the islands environment is the erosion. This could have permanent consequences on the Middle East’s seas. However I can see that Dubai is taking all
environmental precautions to prevent this, and the hotels that might erode away will also makesure that that the depositing of sand will continue as planned. On another note I think that Ishould be the eighth wonder of the world because it has done something that many thought wasimpossible, and it was consider impossible until the built in. In other words, the did theimpossible of the time so therefore it should be the eight wonder. This is simply the modern dayequivalent to the Pyramids of Giza.Statics and figures:Cost of living: Cost of Living in Dubai is about normal for western society and the costof living on the islands is not very more (excluding home prices) because everything inland is just a short drive away.
Price of 2 bedroom apartment: $750,000
"Dubai Guide: Cost of Living, How much does living in Dubai cost? The overall cost of living in Dubai is simila.." Just Landed. Just Landed. 10 Mar 2008<http://www.justlanded.com/english/Dubai/Tools/Just-Landed-Guide/Money/Cost-of-Living>.

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