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The Republican's 87th Sandlot Baseball Tournament rules and entry form

The Republican's 87th Sandlot Baseball Tournament rules and entry form

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Published by masslive
The Republican's 87th Sandlot Baseball Tournament rules and entry form
The Republican's 87th Sandlot Baseball Tournament rules and entry form

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Published by: masslive on Jun 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Republican’s 87
Annual Sandlot Tournament2013 Official Entry Form
Team Name: _____________________________________________________________ Regular season league: ________________________________  Head coach: _____________________________________________________________ Cell number: _____________________________________________________________ E-mail address: ___________________________________________________________ Assistant coach: __________________________Cell phone: _____________________ 
I have read the Sandlot Tournament Rules as well as the rules specific to my agegroup
I have provided a roster of my regular season team
I have included a check for $250 made out to “The Republican”
I understand any inappropriate behavior by me or any members of my coaching staff as deemed by the umpires, tournament director or staff member of TheRepublican will result in ejection from the game
Added players: Include name, birth date and regular season league
(names may be submitted at a later date, but before the tournament begins)1. _________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________ 
Added player checklist
I understand I have added no more than two (2) players to my team’s roster 
I understand I will forfeit all games and be disqualified from the tournament for adding three or more players to my roster 
Mail completed entry form and entry fee to:
Russ HeldThe Republican Sandlot Baseball TournamentP.O. Box 1329Springfield, MA 01102-2350
Please direct all questions to Russ Held at rheld@repub.com
The Republican’s 87
Sandlot Tournament
Official rules, 2013
1. Have fun. The tournament is designed for the players, not the adults.2. Coin flip determines home team. Umpire must be present.3. When playing on a City of Springfield field, other than Picknelly, bothteams are responsible for bringing three bases.4. Every team must bring four new baseballs to every game.5. Teams may add up to two players. Those two players must have played allseason in the same age group or younger. A player who plays in an older agegroup is not eligible to be added to a Sandlot team, regardless of birth date.6. Original regular season rosters must be supplied to the tournament withregistration application. For any added players, the coach must supply thedate of birth, regular season league and age group. Teams may only add a player during the tournament when, in the previous game, that team had tofinish with eight players due to injury.7. 12-run mercy rule (12 or more) after five innings (4½ if the home team iswinning; four innings or 3 ½ for 8-10 age group). If the visiting team goesahead by 12 or more runs, the home team does receive its at bat in the bottom of the inning.8. Teams must have nine players to start a game, and can finish with eight.9. In the event a player needs to leave the game due to injury, and allsubstitutes have been used, the player who last left the game must enter for the injured player.10. If a player is listed on the regular season roster of a team participating inthe tournament, that player may not play in the tournament for a differentteam in the same age group. For example, Player A played for Team Bduring the regular season; Team B is in the tournament; Player A may not play for Team C in the same age group.11. Double-roster rule: A player on two rosters is eligible to participate if that player, 1. is playing for the primary team, or 2. played 75-percent or more of his/her regular season games for the secondary team. If a double-roster player did not play 75 percent of the regular season games, that player can be used as an added player.12. All coaches and players must wear helmets on the field.13. Coaches are responsible for their safety of their own players.14. Added players should be designated by an “EP” on the lineup card this is presented to the umpire. A copy must be provided for the opposing coach.15. Added players may not pitch.16. If a player leaves a game, and the coach can’t use a substitute in the player’s place, the player’s spot in the batting order will be skipped. It is notan out.17. All semifinals, if affected by weather, will be suspended, resumed andcompleted at the next available date.18. All championship games must be fully completed.

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