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2011 Benefits Open Enrollment Newsletter[1]

2011 Benefits Open Enrollment Newsletter[1]

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Published by Robert Tobler

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Published by: Robert Tobler on Jun 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FALL 2010 Enroll Now for Your 2011 Benets
Jour o
HealtHy living
Dear Serco Colleagues:Welcome to the 2011 Benets Open Enrollment period. Now is the time of year tocarefully consider the benets available to you and make the choices that best reectyour family’s needs over the coming year. Please take this opportunity to consider your personal journey to healthy living and make the choices that will help you committo living well in 2011.There are many changes in this year’s benets reecting the national health carelandscape changes and the addition of more resources to better serve your needsincluding a new online benets advisor. Two major forces have shaped the changessummarized here—Health Care Reform, which became law this past spring, andSerco’s own escalating health care costs. For more information on the 2011 changes,see page 2. As a company, we saw our health care costs rise by about 30 percent in 2010. Thisis signicantly higher than national trends, which averaged about a 10% increase.We’ve made changes to our medical plans to help better manage costs in the future.Now, more than ever, it’s important that you understand your needs and choose theplan that’s right for you.Some of these increased costs could be avoided if every covered family member tookadvantage of their 100% covered preventive care. Preventive care helps to identifyproblems early and prevent higher costs later on. Ultimately, when claims increase,our insurance costs increase. So, the healthier our population, the lower our claims,and the lower costs are for you and Serco. For 2011 we’re putting in place moreincentives for healthy behavior.See next page for details.Our 2011 benets program continues to be attractive and competitive whileencouraging you to:
Choose well
—offering you more choices and the ability to customize a benetsprogram to meet your unique needs
Use well
—giving you new tools and information to help you make better andmore informed choices
Live well
—presenting you with programs and incentives to make it easier for youto take care of yourself and lead a healthier lifeThere are many resources available to help you better understand your benetchoices this year including a call center and a new online advisory tool, which arereferenced and described in this newsletter. I hope you will take full advantageof these resources so that you thoroughly understand your options and can feelcondent that you have made the very best choices for you and your family.Please join me and the entire Serco family in committing ourselves to achieving our  journey to healthy living for all in 2011.
Louis Montgomery
SVP Human Resources
Open Enrollmentfor all Serco employees
Nov. 8, 8 a.m. ET toNov. 19, 8 p.m. ET
Use Serco’s online enrollment system to elect benetsfor 2011.See enrollment instructions on page 25.
Benets InformationWebinars
Nov. 8-18
Serco’s Benets Webinarscan help you learn more about your benet options. And, theWebinars are open for your spouse or domestic partner to participate.See a complete schedule on pages 2-3.
Open Enrollment SolutionsCenter 
Nov. 8-19
Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., ET,weekdays.Within the U.S.: (888) 892-0487 Outside the U.S.: (703) 939-6010 
Incentives for 2011
To begin your journey to healthy living, we’re offering the following incentives in 2011:
Take care of yourself by getting an annual physical and learning your important healthnumbers (e.g., cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
In-network preventive care is covered at 100%
If you enroll in the CIGNA Value Medical Plan, you’ll also receive points (that can later beapplied against the cost of copays or deductibles) when you complete your annual physicaland other recommended preventive tests and treatments
Learn about your health risks by completing your health assessment
Your health assessment is a survey (posted on CIGNA’s website) that helps you identifyyour health risks and actions you should be taking to help mitigate those risks
If you are enrolled in a CIGNA U.S. plan, you must complete thehealth assessment before March 15, 2011 or an additional $15 surcharge will be deductedfrom your paycheck each pay period until your health assessment is completed. Completionstatus will be reviewed and updated quarterly.
If you’re an expectant mother, participate in CIGNA’s Health Pregnancy, Healthy Babiesprogram
Sign up and complete this CIGNA program and you can receive up to $250
impor iformo
Choose Well. Use Well. Live Well.
Open Enrollment offers you choices. While some of the benets and plan features maybe familiar to you, others will be new. Take the time to learn about all of your options andconsider what makes the most sense for you and your family.You may enroll in, drop or make changes tothe plans listed below:
Medical (prescription drug benets areincluded in the medical plan)
Flexible Spending Accounts
Supplemental Life* and AD&DInsurance*
Voluntary Benets (e.g., pre-paid legal,pet insurance, commuter assistance*)
*These benets can be added or changed at any point during the year.
If you are enrolled for 2010 coverage and take no action during Open Enrollment, you willautomatically continue in the same plans for 2011, with the exception of exible spending accounts.You must enroll each year to take advantage of a exible spending account. See page 16 for moreinformation on these plans.
Op erom Dcsos
Jellyvision Benets Advisor 
The new Benets Advisor onlinetool from Jellyvision helps you selectthe benets that best suit your needs. The tool walks you througha condential set of questions. Your answers are then fed into a customalgorithm that determines whichcombination of benet options isright for you. Not only will the toolprovide a recommended plan,but it will explain exactly why theplan is best for you, so you canfeel condent and informed whenmaking your benet decisions. Youwill nd the Jellyvision Benets Advisor on Serco’s portal,https://ourtown.serco-na.com.

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