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National Security, More than Just a Privacy Issue: Restoring Oversight & Democracy (The Industrial Intelligence-Contractors Complex)

National Security, More than Just a Privacy Issue: Restoring Oversight & Democracy (The Industrial Intelligence-Contractors Complex)

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Published by I don't have a name
National Security, More than Just a Privacy Issue: Restoring Oversight & Democracy (The Industrial Intelligence-Contractors Complex)

Angryrantingrealist, No One, Idonthaveaname,
National Security, More than Just a Privacy Issue: Restoring Oversight & Democracy (The Industrial Intelligence-Contractors Complex)

Angryrantingrealist, No One, Idonthaveaname,

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: I don't have a name on Jun 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"National Surveillance"More than Just a Privacy Issue:
Restoring Oversight & Democracy.
(The Industrial Intelligence-Contractors Complex)
written by
 No One(idonthavearealnamelol@gmail.com)
 Final Release Version
(Version 11.5 -- Published
Section 1: Overview and History ("Connecting the Dots") XSection 2: The Problem -- The Future & Today ("1984") XSection 3: Modern Privacy - How To Solve the Problem ("Realist's Perspective") XSection 4: The Players & Modern Tech XSection 5: The Laws & Legal Issues XSection 6: How do we fix all of this? ("Final Notes") XLinks and Resources X
  A lot of people are analyzing this recent PRISM surveillance scandal and speculating on what's going on within our government. It's not a mystery and it's not a shockingrevelation to folks like me who have followed this for some years before the recentrevelations hit the news; in fact, check the dates of publications in the citations to see just how long this has been going on. Edward Snowden only confirmed by name aproblem that existed even before 9/11. A lot of people are construing this to be explicitly a privacy issue, or worse yet, blowing things out of proportion and proliferating false oralarmist information. While I agree that privacy is a fundamental part of a democracy, Iam inclined to disagree that this is the main issue when talking about the holistic stateof our surveillance and intelligence apparatuses. As I will discuss, it is not the just theNSA you should worry about. In fact, for the most part, you need not worry about NSA  when it comes to privacy, but rather the FBI. To me, this is an ethics, monetary, andconstitutional issue. It's not just a matter of principle or emotion, it's a matter of integrity of state. It is a matter of national security at the highest level; stability of ourconstitution and the continuity of our modern democracy. I will be analyzing the holisticstate of affairs from a rather different perspective than most of the media (e.g. privacy only) and breaking down some of the common problems with how these issues are beingportrayed and analyzed today.
Thank you all for reading.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed / donated support to this cause so far!
“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of 
mankind, happiness is bett
Disclaimer / Note From Author
: This document has been released
for publicawareness and educational purposes, because I think it's important. Feel free to share this! Some of  you may disagree with what you read, and I understand that. However, do not discredit facts basedon opinions you don't adhere to. Not everything you read or see is always going to be agreeable, which is largely the reason I've taken the time to write what some may call 'a counter report'.
To read this
report in its entirety will take you a bit over
35 minutes (estimated)
. I recommend you save this as a PDF and take the time to read through every source provided, or at least look atthem when you have more time. There is enough information to keep you busy and educated for theforeseeable future.
Think of this as a 101 college crash course as to what's going on
, how to properly fight back, and how to reframe these problems in a realistic mindset. Be aware each section is totally separate even if they tie together. Think of them as separate papers smashed into one.
Original source to Share:
-- Special thanks to /u/Drumboardist
for his fantastic contribution.
and /u/fourthguard for proof reading andfeed back and the rest of the /r/restorethefourth community who supported this project.
ld agency jokes say 
that NSA means ‘No Such Agency’ or ‘Never Say Anything’.
Untilrecently, very few people had even heard of the NSA, even though today they aremagnitudes larger than the CIA; with a classified budget estimated to be well over 10 billion every year.
Today, NSA employs about 30,000 Americans and holds hundreds of classified contracts with various different security contractors and private enterprisecompanies. For all intents and purposes, they (Department of Defense (DoD) & NSA)can play god should they choose to smite you. They have the resources, the technicalabilities, the funding and support of the entire United States government (even if many insiders don't like it). Today, NSA has become
one of the most powerfulcollective entities on the planet.But how did we get here?On November 4, 1952, the National Security Agency formed. Their HQ, in Fort Meade,Maryland, is one of the most secretive buildings in the entire country and possibly the world.
Directly from Wikipedia, “NSA is a cryptologic intelligence agency of the United
States Department of Defense responsible for the collection and analysis of foreigncommunications and foreign signals intelligence, as well as protecting U.S. governmentcommunications and information systems, which involves information security and
To put it rather bluntly,
NSA is an electronic spy agency.
is the first time we see the predecessor of the NSA (the Armed Forces Security Agency) doing exactly what they're still doing today underarguably the same project, revamped and re-conceptualized for a digital age; analyzingdata of domestic messages by intercepting them without our knowledge or approval.During
, NSA would read and analyze the outgoing telegraphs of domesticcivilians without their knowledge or consent. How did NSA get the telegraphs, you may ask? The same way they gather our information today, through projects like
.They just ask the companies holding them, the post offices and service providersrespectively.Project
continued for 30 years, all the way until 1975. The project was only shut down after public and Congressional scrutiny put an end to it by casting light ontothe flagrantly unconstitutional behavior.
Section 1: Overview & History("Connecting the Dots")
"--John Stockwell(CIA Whistleblower 1978)

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John Cordell Spence added this note
I do have a name and it is well past time to drag the morons who run the NSA in front of a Congressional Committee or three.
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Sup feds!
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