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Jesus Reappears to James

Jesus Reappears to James

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Published by glennpease

" Then He appeared to James." i COR. xv. 7.

" Then He appeared to James." i COR. xv. 7.

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Published by: glennpease on Jun 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JESUS REAPPEARS TO JAMESBY T. VICET TYMMS, D.D." Then He appeared to James." i COR. xv. 7.THE four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles,and the Epistle written by James himself, aresilent about this interview; but Paul records it asa central evangelical fact, in his solemn epitomeof the gospel he had preached in Corinth. Itwas supremely desirable that the factions whichwrangled under the names of different apostles,should be convinced that the three great leadersof the Church, Peter, James and Paul, were notat variance among themselves, and this affordeda special reason for re-stating the truth, thatChrist had appeared privately to each of them,thus making them in a pre-eminent degree co-witnesses of His resurrection. But while thisobject made it expedient to mention these inter-views, we may be quite sure that neither for thesupport of an argument, nor for the sake of parading his friendliness with supposed rivals,would Paul have introduced them in such a place,181The Private Relationships of Christhad he not regarded the reappearances of Christto Peter and James and to himself as an integralpart of his gospel to the nations. It will probablybe our own fault, therefore, if we do not findsomething to strengthen and gladden ourhearts in the fact that Jesus showed Himself to James.
The testimony of James was of peculiar valuefor Paul's immediate purpose, because he wasthe head of the Church at Jerusalem, whencemeddlesome persons had gone out to make troublein the Gentile Churches; but our present interestis not in the international jealousy which madethe concord of Paul and James important, but inthe universal and perpetual significance of thefact that, after His resurrection, our Lord granteda private interview to the eldest of His brethren.Before dealing with the subject under thisaspect it may be advisable to glance at some oithe evidence which warrants a belief that the"James," who is not otherwise described, wasactually the brother of Jesus. It is not tooparadoxical to say that the fact that a bare nameis given as an adequate reference, is the strongestevidence we need. The name was very common,and it was borne by no less than three of the182His Reappearance to Jamesprimitive band of Christian leaders. Of thesethe least distinguished was the apostle commonlyknown as "James the Little," probably so calledbecause of his diminutive stature. This apostlenever occupied such a position as would make itnatural for Paul to refer to him as the one indi-vidual certain to be recognised as " James." Hiscareer has no memorial among men, and hiswork, however noble, was done in comparativeobscurity. Greater than he, and far more widelyknown, was James the son of Zebedee and acousin of Jesus ; but when Paul wrote to Corinth,this apostle had been dead for at least thirteen
years, as we learn from Acts xii. 2, where it isstated that Herod " stretched forth his handsto afflict certain of the church. And he killedJames the brother of John with the sword."From that time James, " the brother of ourLord," was the one and only man who would bethought of, either in Judaea or among the GentileChurches, when the name was mentioned toindicate a " pillar" of the Church. umerousreferences make this quite certain. When Peterwalked out of prison through wonderfully openeddoors, he called at Mark's house, and asked thathis escape might be reported to " James and the183The Private Relationships of Christbrethren." Writing to the Galatians, six yearslater, Paul states, "Then after three years I wentup to Jerusalem to visit Cephas, and tarried withhim fifteen days. But other of the apostles sawI none, save James the Lord's brother." WhenPaul went up to Jerusalem to discuss the vexedquestion of circumcision, James was president of the council which assembled, and, speaking asthe mouthpiece of the mother Church, he delivereda judgment which was embodied in a letter whichbecame the great charter of Gentile liberty, andas such made the name of James a householdword among Christians in every foreign citywhere the gospel was preached. When, inviolation of this compact, Judaising teacherswent abroad to subvert the liberty it sanctioned,they announced themselves as messengers "fromJames," and thus speciously endeavoured toauthenticate their doctrine by pleading hissuperiority to Paul. Thus, without relying on

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