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BUDs Physical Screening Test

BUDs Physical Screening Test

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Published by Manu Gonzalo

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Published by: Manu Gonzalo on Jun 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Overview: The SEAL/SWCC/EOD/DIVER/AIRR PST shall becompleted as a single event. All candidates must meet theminimumscores listed below to receive a contract or to maintaineligibility in their programs. Candidates will complete eachrequired physical event in strict accordance with the standardsoutlined in paragraph 2 and in the follow sequence:a. PST Sequence
500 yard swim
10 minutes rest
Maximumpush-ups in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
Maximumcurl-ups in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
Maximumpull-ups (no time limit)
10 minutes rest
1.5 mile runb.
MinimumScores: All candidates must meet the minimumstandards for their respective programs at each phase of the selection and training pipeline. Minimumscores aresubject to change via this mediumor CNRC, RTC orEnterprise instruction. As soon as feasible new scoreswill be updated in this instruction. It should bestressed that candidates should strive to achievesignificantly more than the minimumstandards listedbelow.i.
SEAL PST minimumstandards:DEP and RTC BUD/sSwim: 12:30 Swim: 12:30Push-ups: 42 Push-ups: 42Curl-ups: 50 Curl-ups: 50Pull-ups: 6 Pull-ups: 6Run: 11:00 Run: 11:30
SWCC PST minimumstandards:Swim: 13:00Push-ups: 42Curl-ups: 50Pull-ups: 6Run: 12:30iii.
EOD/DIVER minimumstandards:Swim: 14:00Push-ups: 42Curl-ups: 50Pull-ups: 6Run: 12:45iv.
Air Rescue minimumstandards:Swim: 13:00Push-ups: 35Curl-ups: 50Pull-ups: 2Run: 12:302. Event standards and test proceduresa. Swimevent(1) The swimis a timed 500 yard (450 meter) swim. Theparticipant must complete the swimas quickly as possible usingthe side-stroke or the breaststroke. Both strokes must beconducted without an overhand recovery, i.e., the swimmers handmust remain below the surface of the water, except for the AIRRescue PST in which students may use the American Crawl. (Redink denotes a difference between this instruction and OPNAVINST6110.1H. See note below for explanation.)(2) Event shall only be conducted in a standard 25 or50 yard/meter swimming pool.(3) The uniformfor the swimportion shall be anyswimsuit.(4) The swimevent shall be conducted as follows:
 (a) Swimmers enter water.(b) Timer shall signal start.(c) Participant will call out lap number as eachlap is completed.(d) Swimmers may push off fromsides with handsand feet after each pool length.(e) Resting is permitted by holding side of poolor treading water. Participant shall not stand on the bottomothe pool.(f) Goggles or facemasks are optional but swimmersmay NOT use swimcaps, ear plugs, fins, snorkels, wet suit,flotation and/or propulsion devices.(g) Upon completion of final lap, participant willcall out “Time,” and the timer will call out the time to thenearest second.(h) Participant then reports time to recorder.(5) Event is ended if participant:(a) Completes the prescribed distance.(b) Receives or requires assistance fromlifeguardor other person.(c) Uses an overhand recovery at any time.(d) Uses the bottomof the pool to stand or rest.b. Push-ups event(1) The Push up event will be conducted in accordancewith OPNAVINST 6110.1H and these pictures will help testersevaluate whether a push up is performed properly. Push-upsexecuted by the candidate using improper formshould not becounted towards the candidates total.

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