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June July August Newsletter

June July August Newsletter

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Published by Ken Sheldon
The Barracks June-August Newsletter!

In this issue we discuss Dragon's Maze drafting tips, Tsuro, Chaos Daemons, as well as a bunch of other MTG related topics!

Thanks for playing!
The Barracks June-August Newsletter!

In this issue we discuss Dragon's Maze drafting tips, Tsuro, Chaos Daemons, as well as a bunch of other MTG related topics!

Thanks for playing!

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Published by: Ken Sheldon on Jun 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Barracks
Issue: 2
IN THIS ISSUEHi everyone; thanks for picking up this
month’s issue of the Arsenal. My name is Ken
Sheldon, owner and proprietor of theBarracks LLC, your local friendly game storethat prides itself on customer service and itsfriendly gaming community. We highlightMagic, Warhammer, Warmachine andHordes, and are always looking to expandour community with both new and oldgames.
Personally, I’ve played Magic since Ice Age.I’ve seen it change with its many new setsand rules. I’ve played Warhammer Fantasy
since the days of the Lizardmen andBretonnian starter box, and absolutely loveboth the game aspect, as well as the hobby
aspect. I’ve owned and managed one other
game store, and spent a lot of my work life inretail. I used to blog professionally aboutminiature games, mmos, and other gamerelated topics.Owning and running a successful game storewas always one of my points on my bucket
list. Why? Well, I’ve been to too many game
stores where the guy behind the counter wasnot only rude to their customers, but, alsoinconsiderate about various player ideas. Ifeel that this mentality is all too common,and there is no place for that in a gamingatmosphere. Games are just that, games,and while yes, power gaming exists, andthere is nothing wrong with it; but thatdo
esn’t mean that new ideas are bad ideas.
 Games are ways for people to escape the
everyday reality and have fun. No one’s idea
of how they want to either build an army, orconstruct a deck, is a bad idea as long as theyhave fun. This mentality has spilled over into
our community, and I’m happy to say thatwe’ve got the best group of gamers here, andI wouldn’t trade them for the world.
So, what else is the Barracks? We’re located
in Petersburg, MI, on the corner of Wood St.and E. Center. We currently have a 12 ft x 6 ftwar gaming table, as well as 16 spots for our
regular FNMs. Now, we’re a small store andwe’ve often experienced overflow. This
brings me to our biggest news since we
opened! We’ll be changing locations to a
space that is at least twice our current size!This will give our card flippers more tablespace (around 30 or so spots) and our wargamers more tables (around 6 tables
minimum)! And even better, we’re only
moving across the street!
Now, this wouldn’t have been possible
without the gaming community we have aswell as the local residents of Petersburg.Without all of your support, this dream
wouldn’t have been possible.
 Anyways, enjoy this issue of the Arsenal.Hope to see you at the shop soon!
What is Tsuro?
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New Magic Set (M14)
The new set
is discussed.
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Welcome to the Barracks!
Ken Sheldon
A few months ago, GamesWorkshop released their longawaited update for the realms of Chaos with the Chaos Daemons
Codex for Warhammer 40k. I’ve
had a few chances to play with
my Chaos Daemons force and it’s
left me with a few thoughts onthese guys.
This issue, we’ll touch on some of the Daemon’s HQ.
The immediate top contender is
Skarbrand. He’s big. He’s beefy.
He kills things with authority.
Essentially he’s a Greater
Bloodthirster who was such a jerk; Khorne kicked him out of hisrealm. This guy is a beast when itcomes to close combat. He hitson a 2+, can re-roll misses, andwill instantly kill just about
anything. He’s not invincible
though, and becomes a huge
target when he’s fielded. Enough
shots will ground him, and
eventually you won’t be able to
make your save. So, if you fieldhim, make sure you get him intoclose combat as soon as you canto avoid him becoming a bulletsponge.
Next up is Ku’Gath, Plaguefather.I personally don’t care much for
him; however, I
don’t feel I’ve
utilized him to his full potential.
So, let’s cover what he is. He’s a
high toughness, high woundmodel that uses poison attacks, isa psyker, and has a decent blastranged attack. He is a high pointcost model, however, with hishigh toughness; it will be hard foryour opponents to get a shotthrough. Having him running withEpidemus will only make himtougher as the tally grows. I couldsee his viability in bunkeringdown in cover, holding down animportant objective along withsome Nurglings while tossingplague ridden blast templates at
your opponent’s troops.Remember, he’s a daemon of 
Nurgle, which increases coversaves to a ridiculous 2+.That leads me to Epidemus, the
Tallyman of Nurgle. He’s one of 
the lesser heralds, so that meansthat you can still take 3 moreheralds for 1 HQ choice. Hisability keeps a tally of allwounds inflicted by Nurgleunits. The more wounds youinflict, the more bonuses yougain, including the everamazing Feel No Pain on hightoughness troops. If you runanything Nurgle, you reallyshould take him.The Keeper of Secrets was a hugesurprise for me as I never used torun Slaanesh in my daemonichordes. However, the Keeperseemed too useful to pass up,especially with the high initiativeand weapon skill. While not thestrongest unit in the game, theability to instant wound with nosaves is really nice. I wouldconsider this HQ to be more of anassassin, targeting one of youropponents high point model, and
letting it go to town. I wouldn’t
recommend using it in everymatch, however, when it comestime to knock off a high pointmodel, this may be your unit. Thetricky thing to balance though isthe point cost. I sometimes find ithard to justify a MonstrousCreature as an assassin.
Finally, there’s the mos
tunderrated, and the most costlyHQ unit, Kairos Fateweaver. He
won’t last you in close combat, as
his weapon skill and toughness isawful. But, he really shines in hispsychic abilities along with his
staff. Let’s focus on his psychic
abilities first: he is two level fourpsykers in one. He can essentiallytake four abilities from fourdifferent schools, while alsoknowing the entire school of Change. This offers a lot of choiceand variety to his abilities. His
The DaemonicHordes in theGrim Darkness of the Future
Ken Sheldon
other ability lies in his artifact,which allows for one friendly dicere-roll
 per player turn.
How manytimes have you had a game onthe line where one dice roll stoodbetween you and victory? Well,
this can help change that. It’s any
dice as well, so, if you need topass a save, or to re-roll a charge.
While it’s only one dice, it still can
help turn the tables.Chaos Daemons also have a boatload of lesser heralds they cantake, all of which can be equippedwith some pretty great stuff,which alone can be less thanintimidating, but exploring thecombos that can be done withthese in a squad can really proveto make a death star unit.This force generally seems to rely
heavily on combos. Daemon’salone don’t have a ton of 
stopping power, however, whenyou start complimenting yourunits with bonuses you get fromHQs, you start seeing the powerthat lies within the denizens of the warp.
Next issue, we’ll discuss the Elite
choices within the Chaos Codex.
Magic Forum
By Christopher CannonThis is a section we will featureevery month in which we willanswer any questions or addressany comments received.However, this section will not bepossible without the support of our readers so participation isencouraged.Any questions or comments canbe submitted to either KenSheldon at The Barracks or tomyself, either in writing orthrough the website. Allquestions and comments that wedisplay will be doneanonymously. 

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