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Sleepover (copy)

Sleepover (copy)

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Published by tone_is_everything
Cumbersmut. Rated E [explicit]. Mostly PWP (porn without plot) between Benedict (essentially his character from Fortysomething) and an unnamed female narrator. Told in second person ("you") and present tense. Lots of teasing, buildup, and mild "taboo"-related kinks.
Cumbersmut. Rated E [explicit]. Mostly PWP (porn without plot) between Benedict (essentially his character from Fortysomething) and an unnamed female narrator. Told in second person ("you") and present tense. Lots of teasing, buildup, and mild "taboo"-related kinks.

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Published by: tone_is_everything on Jun 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You're not sure how you're going to handle this. You're insanely attracted to him, and now you'll be sleeping in the same bed.You're pretty sure he feels the same way: you two have been subtly flirting over the last fewdays. "Subtly" because he is still with Laura (even if they're on the rocks), and you've beenaround his parents. You don't want to seem like the tart who heavily flirts with an attached man.And that was rather difficult for you, because Benedict is... well... quite possibly the sexiest thingalive.He doesn't know it, either, which makes him even sexier. He's a touch insecure, a bit shy, andextremely smart. As well as kind, gentle, decent, sensual, and breathtakingly beautiful. The lastcouple days, you've caught yourself staring at him and imagining slamming him into the nearestwall, biting at his neck and lips (god, those lips!), sliding your tongue into his mouth while yougrab his hair and grope at his lean body... And then you snap back to attention, wondering if youwere actively drooling or even moaning.You're friends with the family, but only recently you've grown (quite) close to Benedict. Becauseyour holiday plans fell through, the kind Slippery family invited you along to theirs. The firstfew days have been great fun, but your main focus has been on the eldest son. Fresh out of university, and though officially an adult, he's still brimming with naive charm and excitement.There's an undertone about him of wanting his innocence stripped away, and that has only fueledyour fantasies about aggressively
him.This flirtation is not just in your head. You're well aware he's flirting back, and he's also awarehe can't do it openly. He stands next to you whenever he can, and it's a bit closer than casual. Hishand brushes against yours regularly, and oftentimes neither of you pull away. He smiles atyou... a lot. Much more than he smiles at anyone or anything else. There's that touch of slyness tohis smiles, like the two of you are sharing a private joke, that makes your heart flutter andwarmth spread through your stomach. His eyes linger on yours a couple heartbeats too long. Andyou've caught him staring, much more than once.God, you just want to rip off his clothes. You want to pull him into an alley and suck him dry.You want to
that gorgeous mouth and feel his long, dexterous fingers up your skirt. Youwant to see his face when he comes.And now... because of a booking mistake, you and the family are short one room at the hotel...and Benedict casually offered to let you stay in his room.His brothers are relieved, clearly not wanting a
to stay with them (one they're not attractedto, anyway), and their parents are clearly hoping to finally shack up tonight. Each small roomonly has one bed at this quaint hotel. Of course you accepted, and now you're overwhelmed witha mixture of flirty excitement and dread... because, let's face it, how on earth are you going to getthrough this without doing something taboo?As Benedict and you haul your luggage into his room, you notice you can hear his brothers doingthe same through the wall. Hmm, thin walls...
 You claim the far side of the bed, closest to the window. As you unload your belongings in asemblance of order, you feel his eyes on your back. Your heart is beating so loud you can barelyhear.You straighten up and turn around, intending on bringing your toiletries to the bathroom counter -- and Benedict is standing right behind you. You both start slightly, then both smile shyly. "Oh,sorry," he murmurs, running a hand through his dark ginger hair. "I was just... going to..." hegestures vaguely past you. He trails off, and you both just stare at each other. You feel yourself heating up, and his gaze grows more and more intense as the silence (and desire) stretches out between you two. Your libido is screaming at you to grab him and kiss him. Your lips struggle toobey, and you feel yourself parting your lips slightly, and now you're quietly panting throughyour mouth. He mirrors your movement and licks his bottom lip as his lips slowly part. He takesa long, slow inhale...And you both suddenly break the moment at the same time, realizing that if it continued anylonger, something would happen."I was just--" you begin as you gesture towards the bathroom with your toiletries kit."I needed to get to the--" he gestures towards the armoire behind you with the dress trousers andnice jacket on a hanger in his hands.You both stop talking, not wanting to talk over the other. And then you laugh, quickly moving past him, trying to affect an air of nonchalance. As soon as he can't see your face, you grimaceand chide yourself.
 He's unavailable. And his parents are right through the wall. But dear lord, he is insanely sexy...
 Without intending to, you glance over your shoulder at him as you reach the bathroom counter.He's fumbling with the armoire but looking at you. He smiles, shy but flirtatious, when you meeteyes. You return the smile.Your fantasies take over again and you imagine ripping open his button-up shirt as you bite hislower lip (that full, sensual mouth) and then shove him backwards onto the bed. He'd look up atyou, stunned but not protesting, as you straddle his hips and--You see on his face -- slight confusion and intrigue -- that your thoughts must have changed your expression. In what manner, you don't know, and you don't want to know. You blush a little andreturn to unpacking, once more scolding yourself for your obvious attraction to him.After a moment, you inwardly sigh. How on earth are you going to make it through an entirenight next to him, in the same bed? Your panties are already damp just from being around himall day.
Suddenly, your realize that you both won't be wearing a whole lot. You usually sleep in acamisole (with no bra on) and men's boxer shorts with skimpy panties underneath. And you hadthe (incredible) pleasure of seeing Benedict stumble out of his room the other morning -- youwere there at the Slippery's house early on the morning you were all going to leave, and all the boys slept in. He was headed to the bathroom, and he was only wearing his boxer-briefs. Yourealized in retrospect that you must have looked stunned, because... well, you were. His long,lean body was beautifully housed in that pale, almost translucent skin... you wanted to run your hands over his slim, corded muscles, through his dusting of ginger hair on his chest, arms, andlegs, and lick those pale pink nipples. God, and his arse in those tight boxer-briefs! Such afantastic arse, unexpectedly full and muscular on his slim frame...He saw you and immediately snapped fully awake, apologized, and hurried into the bathroom,looking clearly flustered. Later, when he was dressed and the family was loading up their car, hewouldn't meet your eyes for awhile. His embarrassment was endearing, especially because youwere far from uncomfortable in seeing him so scantily-clad. Now, standing at the hotel room's bathroom counter (separate from the toilet and shower, whichwere behind a closed door), you watch his reflection in the mirror, remembering what he wearsto bed. All those long limbs in bed, right next to you, under the sheets...You groan inwardly. There is no way you're going to make it through the night. You already areconsidering taking a shower now just so you can rub yourself and come before you have to liedown next to him. But it's very difficult for you to be quiet when you come, and you'd bemortified if he heard you masturbating in the shower right before you lie down in bed with him.You both finish unpacking, and he glances around the room a lot, avoiding your gaze. "Well, it's pretty late, and we had a long day today... I suppose we'd better just pack it in." He meets your eyes as he says the last few words, then stiffens and blushes when he realizes the unintentionalinnuendo.You pretend you didn't notice it, though a spike of heat stabbed into your abdomen just now.You nod. "Yeah, that's fine. I'm pretty tired."There is a moment of silence and stillness as both of you are unsure how to proceed: do you startshedding clothes in front of each other? Or each take a trip to the toilet to change?It occurs to you that you could pretend to be more confident about this than you are. He's soawkward and shy about this (whatever "this" is); you could pretend none of it is sexual, and it'sall normal. That would probably help dispel your mutual discomfort over your impotent desire.Decisively, you sit on the bed and strip off your shoes and socks. After a few seconds, he followssuit. As he sits on the bed, you stand and rifle through your suitcase for your sleepwear.Suddenly, a thought occurs to you: what if you could make it
idea for you to wear your usual(revealing) pajamas? Then you won't feel weird about stripping down so much, and hopefully,neither will he.

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