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KoC Scouting Guide

KoC Scouting Guide

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Published by Noodz-KoC
Detailed guide on how to scout players quickly and effectively using a single method within the "tools" bot
Detailed guide on how to scout players quickly and effectively using a single method within the "tools" bot

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Noodz-KoC on Jun 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hi everyone,this is going to be a DETAILED tutorial on how to scout players effectively,quickly and make sure there are no unnecessary risks taken to compromiseyourself or other alliance members. This is my own guide and all detailsshown here I use myself.Make sure you have a few thousand scouts if you're just starting out. Thereason behind this is that if you proceed to scout a player and they defendyou are likely to lose some due to traps/defending troops and wall defense. The higher in might you go, the more you will need. Remember, researchingEagle Eyes will give you a more detailed scout of a player.For those of you using the KoC tools/bot go into your "Tools" menu. Select the"Player" tab. There you will find "Search for user" and "Search for alliance"Firstly, hit the search for alliance button without imputting any name, this willbring up ALL alliances within the game.Whatever your might may be, you are looking for a whole alliance with justunder your own might OR an alliance with might higher than your own, butwith a decent amount of members. For example: My might is currently 62mill,therefore I would search for an alliance with a combined might of UNDER60mill with 1 or 2 members. OR I would look for an alliance with a combinedmight of 100mill with 10 or more members. Once an alliance has been foundthat meets this criteria [doesn't have to be exact] then we're almost ready toscout.So now you have found an alliance within the correct range, click the"members" button to the right of the alliance name, this will bring up ALL it'smembers. Now you have a few options, you can prioritise your search furtherhere by sorting the members by Might, distance, city level and more. You canalso see the selected players last login if desired.1. Distance - Firstly select the city you wish to attack from using thenumbered buttons just above the members list and select the "Distance"column. This will sort ALL members by distance from specified city.2. Might - Self explanitory, if I need to explain it... well...3. Level - This is the current level of the castle in the city corresponding to it'scoords. [Higher level castle you attack, the more chance you have of receiving a half decent TR item]Heres the more IMPORTANT part so pay attention as there are many factorsyou need to consider before scouting and attacking a player. I've learnt thehard way. The distance from your "attack city" should not be too high, maybe 100-200.

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