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He Belongs to Me: Chapter 7 Beneath the Surface

He Belongs to Me: Chapter 7 Beneath the Surface

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Published by Momo Kwon
After years of struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one best friends Park Sandara and Lee Chaerin find their friendship strained as they compete for the heart of their longtime friend Kim Himchan.
After years of struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one best friends Park Sandara and Lee Chaerin find their friendship strained as they compete for the heart of their longtime friend Kim Himchan.

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Published by: Momo Kwon on Jun 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 7: Beneath the Surface
---Chaerin---Time seemed to slow as the front end of the car dipped exposing the view below them, the frozen riverrushed up to meet them.Chaerin closed her eyes tightly and braced herself for impact.The car smashed through the thick layer of ice and stuck half submerged in the frozen river, the girlsinside were unconscious. Chaerin was the first to stir; her nose was bleeding again, her head ached andshe could feel a knot forming but she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind.In the driver's seat was Dara, she was unconscious pinned back against her seat by an airbag. Chaerinstruggled against to push her own airbag aside she managed to grab her purse from which she procureda pocketknife.A gift from her father for her fourteenth birthday 'just in case' he had said; she hadn't known what hemeant then and she doubted he had planned for something like this, but either way she was glad shehad it.She swiftly stabbed at the bags tearing them open as they deflated she felt as though all the air had lefther as well because now she had an unobscured view of the deep shadowed waters that lay beneath herseparated only by a shattered windshield, water trickled through the cracks ominously.Her throat tightened and her whole body was paralyzed with fear but she was unable to look away fromthe darkness below, she felt as though if she moved it would swallow her up.---Himchan---"Dammit all." Himchan sped down the road in the silver Volvo he had just boosted.He hadn't stole a car in long time and he was pretty rusty, it had taken nearly five minutes for him to hot
wire the vehicle. He could almost hear his friend’s low rasping laugh as he struggled just like when he
first taught Himchan how to steal one.He shook his head of those thoughts he couldn't think about that now, he had more important things toworry about like why the love of his life accused him of murdering his best friend.He turned driving down the street he last saw them travel until he hit the intersection, but he had noway of knowing which way the went left was the bridge but right was the way home where Dara hadsaid she was heading.As he was turning right he heard shouting and spotted a kid running down the road trying to flag himdown. He pulled the car up beside the boy and rolled down the window to get a better look at him, the
boy’s face was flushed as he struggled to catch his breath while shouting incoherently at him.
"Hey! Slow down and I can’t understand
you." He stopped and steadied himself before continuing.
 "A car crashed -- ran into the river -- two people inside, girls I think -- friends called an ambulance but
the ice doesn’t look like it'll hold long enough for
-- ""Get in kid!" Himchan flung the door open and the boy clambered in, he floored it down the road untilthe kid told him to stop.A part of him had hoped that by some mischance it was someone else who had run off the bridge itwould be easier to do the smart thing and wait for help like these kids were doing, but he wasn't a kidand the people he cared about were in danger. There was only one option.He hurried past the kids and stepped onto the ice to his relief it was thick and sturdy enough to runacross, right now since he was on the surface it was a good thing, but being beneath it would meancertain death.He slowed when he neared the back end of the car that protruded from the river the back tires restedon the edge of the hole that had been punched into the ice. He wiped the foggy glass and peered inthrough the window tapping on it lightly he saw movement.---Chaerin---The light patter against the window nearly made Chaerin jump out of her skin but she was finally able totear her eyes away from the sight below her. Looking up she saw Himchan staring down at her with ahalf-smile a wave of relief crashed over her; blinking back tears she saw he was gesturing to open thetrunk.Hastily she pulled the keys from the ignition and fumbled with it in her trembling hands before findingthe right button; with the resounding click she released a heavy sigh of relief."Is Dara alright?" She wasn't looking at him but she could hear the anxiety in his voice."Yeah, I think so. She's unconscious though." She looked over at her friend who hung oddly from theseat held in place by her belt."Can you move?" Chaerin took a moment to evaluate herself; aside from the bump on her head andbloody nose which had stopped she didn't have any serious injuries. She was stiff and sore but she couldmove."Yeah. I can move.""Okay, I want you to climb up here to me then I'll climb down--""No! Dara goes first!" Chaerin insisted craning her neck to look at him."I don't want to put too much weight on the car it might sink or break the ice.""I don't care. She is unconscious if anything happens I can get myself out, she can't." She looked at himintently and he knew she wasn't backing down, he nodded.
 Himchan started into the car but as he stepped down onto the back seats the car leaned up straightfloated in the water the windshield creaked menacingly a stream of water gushed from the glass.They were all still and she had a horrible sinking feeling which she realized was not just a feeling theywere actually beginning to sink Chaerin fought back the urge to scream she dug her nails into theupholstery up to the first knuckle."Chaerin I need you to stay calm I am coming down. We have to hurry." His tone was urgent but sheresponded with grunt to let him know she'd heard.Swiftly he moved past the third and second rows of seats and crouched down on the back of the seatsthat held the two of them. He was able to free Dara from and lifted her easily into his arms and beganclimbing up, Chaerin followed suite and followed below after them.Himchan made it out and disappeared above with Dara, Chaerin hand reached the last row of seatswhen she heard it.Loud as a gunshot the windshield cracked the roar of water filled her ears and the car jerked violentlyknocking her backwards. She tried to grip that seats above to climb out only to grab a handful of plasticand fabric.
 'The dresses.' 
 The gowns came down on top of her, blinding her.Freezing water rose rapidly around her, she flung the dresses off of her staggering to her feet."Chaerin!!!"She looked up, "Himchan!!!"He shouted something she didn't hear as the glass beneath her feet gave way sucking her out into theriver the last thing she saw was Himchan's horrified face as she was plunged into the icy waters.---Himchan---"CHAERIN!!!!!NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!" Two men grabbed him and he watched helplessly, as the car wasswallowed up by the icy waters, falling to his knees.When he emerged from the car with Dara paramedics had just made their way across the ice and tookhis fiancé to safety. They were safe he had thought, it was over. He was wrong.
'Help was here.' 
He had told her.Hot tears flowed down his cheeks as he stared spot where she disappeared. "You can't go in there thatwater is below freezing and too dark to see you won't be able to find your way back out."

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