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Horoscope From A Nadi Text Part 3

Horoscope From A Nadi Text Part 3

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Published by pblsvraman
Shri R.Santhanam an astrologer of last century has discussed a horoscope from Nadi text
Shri R.Santhanam an astrologer of last century has discussed a horoscope from Nadi text

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Published by: pblsvraman on Jun 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HoroscopeFromA Nadi Text Part 3
Translation & CommentaryByLate R Santhanam
Extracted From: Practical Vedic AstrologySA Volunteer For Scanning: Anil Bhoot, IndiaSA Volunteer For Typing: Senthil Ananth, SingaporeSA Volunteer For Proofing: Aniket Baviskar
Case No 3.
I am giving below a Gemini ascendant horoscope as discussed by Nadi Granthas.
presents the following horoscope to the sages assembled and asks them todiscuss the same.
3. Birth:
The analysis by the sages present in the assembly proceeds thus. This is thehoroscope of a male, born in an east-west spread street. The entry of the house faces the
south. In the north-eastern side of the street, a dilapidated temple of 
Lord Vishnu
Lord Siva's
temple and
Kalika Devi's
temple exist in the north and the east, in that order.The subject will be charming like the moon and be the oldest (read -"the only") issue of aSoodra family of that village.
4. Father:
The native's father was born as the only child to the second wife of his father.His step-mother would have a son who would have two wives, two sons and a daughter.The said stepmother (of the present native's father) would acquire a daughter also, whowould go away from the family (apparently after marriage).
The native's father would stammer in speech, would be dear to many, devoted to
, would have multifarious business activities, be virtuous, would respect elders andbe famous. He would be irascible, would own
, would live in a different city (asagainst place of birth), would have wide business activities, would combat his enemies,be dear to his relatives and would suffer from windy disorders. He would have the linecalled
in his palm.
6. The Native Described:
He will be charming in appearance with a fair-complexionedbody. He will make friends with the king. Highly educated, he will be skilful in two(more) languages. With a sweet tongue, he will be immune to Poverty. His learning willbring him name and fame. He will have servants, will never say "no" to seekers and begood to one and all. He will not enter into unnecessary squabbles, but be helpful tosycophants, will befriend basemen; and will own a horse-drawn cart (i.e. conveyance).Remaining in the king's employ, he will visit many places. He will help people indistress. His way of life will win laurels from others. He will have overlapped teeth, andwill be capable of destroying his enemies. He will resemble
(Hindu God of Beauty, son of Lord Vishnu, later born to Lord Krishna, as Pradyumna when burnt byLord Siva for 'intervening in His penance). Wherever he goes, fame will follow him.
He will amass costly articles and ornaments. He will be ever anxious to commencenew undertakings. He will be attached to women and be devoted to Gods.
8. He will have no co-born:
The presiding deity wants to know the reason for this. Theconducting sage explains: With Mars aspecting the 3rd lord Sun (read "the third house")or Saturn aspecting the 3rd lord Sun, blemish to (birth of) co-born will occur.
Since the Moon is in the 8
from Mercury, the native's mother will die within one year of hisbirth.
Later on a stepmother will feature in his life.She will lose her first 3 children. Her son, born afterwards will be blessed with longevity.So also a daughter.
9.The Native's Mother:
She would be devoid of any cunningness, be virtuous, good-looking, helpful to others, would beget good name and would not involve in squabbles.She was born in the same village (that is she would marry and live in the village of herbirth) and would have no co-born. She would have three mothers (including two stepmothers) and was born to the first of them.
10. Mother's Last Birth: 
She was born in a Brahmin family. Without knowing poverty,she was happily living her life with husband and children. Then, a young female devoteeof Lord Siva came to her for alms, when she showered her anger like a wild lion andasked the ascetic to go to the next door. The distressed devotee cursed the land-lady thus:In the next birth may you go without any co-born, and may you lose your mother earlyand live under (careless) care of your step-mothers. Having said so many other words,the ascetic moved on to the next donor's home.That blemish caught hold of the mother, in the previous birth she lived in distress,became a widow, lived a miserable life and quit the world. Again Lord Brahma ordainedher to be reborn as the native's mother.
In the present context, the native's mother would lose her mother early, would live anunstable life in the initial phase, and be devoid of brothers and sisters.
12. Father's Last Birth:
In a shrine dedicated to
Lord Siva
he was born in a family of traders. He was living with prosperity and progeny. At that time, he compelled avirtuous girl and had outraged her modesty. Apart from this blemish, he had wrongedBrahmins as well as his co-born. Before a king's court, he was a false witness against apoor man who cursed him to have two wives, have no co-born and have no paternalhome to live in. Uttering many other curses, the poor man threw sand on the face of theunscrupulous witness (a curse in ancient days wishing utter destruction).In his last days, the father in the previous birth honored the sages with food comforts andprovided water-sheds for the wayfarers. He turned to devotional path. After that eventfulbirth, he had fathered the present native in the current birth. Like poison, the curses of past birth enmeshed him, he would now have two wives, and would have no co-born.Due to some fear, he would have his business activities in a different place (than that of birth). So said Sage
At this stage,
(i.e. Viswamitra) poses a query. In the previous birth, thenative's father was born in a traders family. Why will his present, birth (as the native'sfather) be in a family of 
devout Jains
that never takes away the life of a living being.?"That is because in the end, he served the sages, was devoted to the Lord, and providedwater to wayfarers
, answers the other
."Will the blemishes of that birth go away, without causing harm?"

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