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Headmaster Test MCQ

Headmaster Test MCQ

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Published by wariach

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Published by: wariach on Jun 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Headmaster Test MCQ's
Emotional Adjustment of students is effective in-(A) Personality formation(B) Class-teaching(C) Discipline(D) All of the aboveAnswer.D2. Black-board can be included inwhich group/category of teaching-aids ?(A) Audio-aids
(B) Visual•aids
 (C) Audio-visual aids(D) None of the aboveAnswer.B3. Which of the following is relatedwith teaching skill ?(A) Black-board writing(B) Solving questions(C) Asking questions(D) All the aboveAnswer.D4. Students who ask questions inthe class should be-(A) Advised to meet theteacher after the class(B) Encouraged to participatein the discussion in the class(C) Encouraged to continueasking questions(D) Encouraged to searchanswers independentlyAnswer.C5. At authoritarian level teaching
 (A) Teacher centered(B) Child
centered(D) Experience basedAnswer.A6. Who developed the interactionanalysis category system ineducation for increasing theteacher effectiveness(A) Flander(B) Rayon(C) Amidon and Simon(D) Richard OverAnswer.A7. One of the important theory of moral development has beenproposed by
 (A) Laurence Kohlberg(B) Erik Fromm(C) Daniel Coleman(D) Benjamin Bloom
 Answer.A8. Character is developed by-(A) Will-power(B) Conduct and behavior(C) Morality(D) All of the aboveAnswer.D9. Which of the following is not alevel of teaching learning ?(A) Differentiation level(B) Memory level(C) Reflective level(D) Understanding levelAnswer.A10. NUEPA is mainly concernedwith-(A) Educational Supervision(B) Educational Unity(C) Educational Planning(D) Educational EvaluationAnswer.C11. The name of Yashpal CommitteeReport (1993) is-(A) l.C.T. in Teacher education(B) Learning without Burden(C) Learning through Broad-casting(D) None of the aboveAnswer.B12. The Father of Psychoanalysisis-(A) Erik H. Erikson(B) ]ean Piaget(C) Jerorne S. Bruner(D) Sigmund FreudAnswer.D13. ln pedagogy computer is used-(A) To motivate the learner(B) To provide feedback(C) To interact with the learner(D) For all the aboveAnswer.D14. Which of the following is diebrain of the computer ?(A) Prograrnme(B) Central processing unit(C) Memory(D) Hard DiscAnswer.B15. Spare the rod
- spoil the child.This assumption is related tothat type of discipline which hasbeen advocated-(A) By naturalist philosophy(B) By pragmatist philosophy
(C) In Victorian Era(D) ln Democratic EraAnswer.C16. The concept of school complexwas first executed in-(A) Uttar Pradesh(B) Madhya Pradesh(C) Bihar(D) RajasthanAnswer.D17. The proponent of the CognitiveTheory of teaching is-(A) N. L. Gage(B) Shiv Kumar Mitra(C) B. F. Skiner(D) McDonaldAnswer.A18, Instruction medium affects theabsence and escape from classteaching-(A) Agreed(B) Indefinite(C) Disagreed(D) None of the aboveAnswer.A19, The determinant of teachingskill training is-(A) Components(B) Pupil-teacher(C) Supervisor(D)
 Answer.A20. For a good communication
..,…… is requried.
 (A) Clarity of thought(B) Dramatic Presentation(C) Speaking in a mild tone(D) Speaking without pauseAnswer.D21. Which of the following is anapproach to educational planning ? .(A) Man-power approach(B) Social Demand approach(C) Both (A) and (B)(D) None of the aboveAnswer.C22. Institutional planning should bebased on-(A) Aim and needs(B) Time
table(C) Administration(D) NeedAnswer.A23. Teacher behaviour ought tobe-

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