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The Myth of the Cross

The Myth of the Cross

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Published by mafmdeen

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Published by: mafmdeen on May 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AuthorALHAJ ADELEKE DIRISU AJIJOLA, is a successful Legal Practitioner. He was born to aprominent Muslim Family. He attended Anjuman Muslim School, Jubilee School andVictory College all in Ikare, Western State Nigeria. He attended our Ladies of ApostleCollege, Onitsha. He is a graduate of the King's College, London and a member of the Middle Temple as well. He was once a Commonwealth Scholar in Law.Alhaj A. D. Ajijola practiced extensively both in Lagos and the Northern Statesof Nigeria and he was at a time the Legal Adviser to the banned N.P.C. Now-a-dayshe is working as Senior Law officer in Attorney General's Chamber, Kaduna, Nigeria. The Author is an Executive Member of Akoko Joint Muslim Council, ExecutiveMember of West-Jomo and Chairman of its Publication Committee, ExecutiveMember of Ondo Provincial Joint Muslim Organization and a Member of Nigeria_Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs.He received his education in Christian schools and universities and he livedwith clergymen. Notwithstanding his close contact with Christianity, he is notconvinced of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. The Christian attacks on Islam, especially the address delivered by Rev. S. C.Phillips during the season of Lent in 1944, which was published under the title,"Christ or Mohammad" as contained in the Daily Service (25/10/49), forced AlhajAjijola to resume a special study of the Bible so as to fully understand the doctrinesof Christianity as preached and practiced by Jesus. The Author, as a young man, is convinced that no prophet of God can befounder of a Faith whose teachings and practice would be so different to otherRevealed Faiths as the Christian Missionaries of Nigeria have made one to believe inthe 1940's and 50's. This is a Faith which is being forced on people. Their axiom is, ‘no Christianity-no education.' Yet, many of these educationalinstitutions were built by the general public's effort and financed by the public fund.
In this book, Alhaj A. D. Ajijola offers a clear restatement of fundamental beliefsof the Christians and forceful criticism of Christianity. He describes the difficultieswhich the Christian doctrine raised for us today and he clearly shows that thesedifficulties arise from the fact that Modern Christianity is neither based on theteachings and practice of the Gospels nor on the teachings of the older prophets,but it is based mainly on the superstitious structure propounded by St. Paul, whonever met Prophet Jesus (peace he upon him) alive. The Author thus exposes theMyth of Modern Christian doctrines. This book is of assistance to those who need a comprehensive and coherentexposition of Christian doctrines. It is a valuable book for both Christians and non-Christians alike.
Islam and Christianity are two great religions seeking more and more convertsin Nigeria. The contact between the followers of these religions increases day byday. During the colonial days many Christian religious leaders were hostile to Islamand presented Islam as a religion of the barbarians and some Christians evenprayed and left no stone unturned in order to replace Islam with Christianity. Buttoday, the Muslims and the Christians are trying to understand each other’s religionmore than at any time before and at the same time some vigorous efforts are beingmade by each of them to help each other understand their religion. The humble writer believes that whatever the beliefs of any person may be, herespects them and he does not like them to be ridiculed. Therefore, let us think overour religious beliefs. Let the adherents of each come together with open minds andhearts and search for inner intentions of faith, and they should not be deterred anddiverted by their over-enthusiasm to convert others, which inevitably provokes aclosing of ranks and minds. While studying comparative religions the Christian isbrought up to believe that his is the only true religion, with Judaism as a preparationfor Christianity, and that all other religions are false. He thinks that God has chosenand set apart the children of Israel for the purpose of revealing His messages andsending His prophets. Hence, he believes only in the prophets and religious teachersof Israel and looks upon all other claimants to prophethood as impostors. TheChristian missionaries have all along employed their energies to prove the holyfounders of other religions to be charlatans and sinful men so that they mightestablish the unique claims of Jesus Christ. One has only to read their books aboutthe Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) and his religion to find how theirreligious preconceptions and prejudices have made them incapable of seeing thetruth of others. They have not even hesitated to mistranslate the Holy Qur'an andspread many misstatements about Prophet Muhammad -(peace be on him) to servetheir own purpose. The Muslims on the other hand, believe in the divine origin of all the greetreligions of the world. The sacred book of Islam declares that God has raisedprophets in every nation to guide human beings to the path of truth andrighteousness. Being the loving Creator and Sustainer of all the World, He cannotbecome partial and choose one nation, to the exclusion of all others, for revealingHis messages. A Muslim must believe in the founders of all the great religions. He

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