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Eq Item Guide Revised

Eq Item Guide Revised

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Published by legacyboss
Updated, comprehensive list of items that were nerfed or removed in the classical era of EverQuest.
Updated, comprehensive list of items that were nerfed or removed in the classical era of EverQuest.

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Published by: legacyboss on Jun 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear EQ Classic Development Team,
It is my honor and privilege to present to you a field guide to all the items that once existed in the blessed realmsof Norrath. The items contained herein have either been removed from the game entirely or nerfed in some wayas to spoil their original use. Before you begin to sift through the pages of this brief tome, I must issue severalwarnings.
First, I do not guarantee the accuracy of anything contained within this work. Of all the facets of EverQuest, there is none that is filled with more speculation, misinformation, and myth as that of the history of loot in this game. Even on reputable websites and blogs, there are mounds of incorrect statements and statistics.Instead, what I can guarantee is that this compilation is the most complete listing of all loot that once dropped off the mobs in Norrath. You will not find a more detailed listing and explanation of these items anywhere includ-ing Allakhazam, Castersrealm, or Magelo. I have sifted through defunked websites, patch histories, and ancientscreen shots of the game
 by to provide you with the most accurate and detailed listing of lost items ever puttogether into one work.
Second, always double check your own database before entering anything you find here. In completingthis book, I assumed that you were working with a database that was 2004 or older. If that is correct, you maystill have some of these items in your database. If your DB is newer than that, I may have to go back throughand amend this work. There were several items that were taken out or changed after 2004, but finding whichones they were is a very difficult task. I’m up to it if the need should arise, so please, let me know if your data- base is newer than ’04.
Finally, do not feel compelled to include every item that I have cataloged. While it would be my personal preference that every item possible makes it into the game, some of these items were taken out for good reasons.A few of them caused problems on the server side and could lead, on rare occasions, to a crash. Some of themmight just be rumors handed down year after year. Each item should be looked at individually, and a decisionmade that is best for your project. If needed, I am happy to provide any additional information you may require.
If I could make one suggestion when it comes to these items, it would be to somehow mark them as beingdifferent from the rest of the items that drop in the game. For instance, you might add a tag in the informationlike “Legendary” in a line under the item name when you inspect it. Or, perhaps, you could add “The Legend-ary” in front of the name. So the Box of Abu
Kar would become “The Legendary Box of Abu
Kar.” That mightwork best for distinguishing between nerfed and pre
nefered versions of the same item. Whatever you decide, Iwould just suggest that there be some way to obviously tell the difference between these items and the rest of theitems that drop in Norrath. It will make getting one of them something very special for the players and ensurethat a player who doesn’t spend hours and hours pouring over old webpages won’t get ripped off by someonewho does.
Before I leave you to your reading, let me quickly explain the format I have chosen to present this infor-mation. Items are listed in alphabetical order. That means that “A Glowing Black Stone” ends up being first. Idid this because more than likely, the items will appear that way in your database. Each item has its original in-ventory icon pictured next to its name. I wanted to have its on
screen graphic too, but that just became in impos-sibility. Some items are just too rare to find a screen of. Lastly, I have arranged the vital statistics in the follow-ing bulleted format:
Item Name:
(the item’s name, of course)
(the time period it was introduced: Classic, Kunark, Velious)
(the numerical values of the item)
(the inventory slot where the item could be equipped)
(the races who could equip the item)
(the classes who could equip the item)
Drop Info:
(when possible, the mob that dropped the item and its drop rate)
(the zone or zones where the item was dropped)
Nerf/Removal Info:
(the reasons this item was modified from its original state)
Personal Comment:
(I added my own personal commentary on most items just to give additional background and offer humble suggestions when I though they might be useful)
Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoy what you find between these pages. It’s been a pleasure.
Troy Costisick 

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